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Notice what emerges in your intuition

by Paul Scheele

Intuition is a sensory ability often marginalized in the modern culture that insists on a rational, conscious, and defensible explanation for the way we experience the world. It’s often discounted by many and termed extrasensory or even psychic by some. Yet, experiences of intuition and heighted awareness are common.

Perhaps you have had the experience of knowing exactly what a person was going to say before they said it or thinking about someone seconds before they phoned you. Tom, a volunteer firefighter and seminar participant, began noticing more intuitive events in his life after learning to PhotoRead. He recounted an incident of awakening to an alarm, getting dressed, and dashing off to the fire station. As he stood waiting for the other firefighters to arrive, the alarm suddenly sounded. He had responded to the alarm ten minutes before it went off.

We often attribute such uncanny experiences to coincidence, yet these are examples of how the finely tuned sensory systems of the body-mind can receive information and communicate it in a purposeful way.

Our sensory systems receive and respond to a tremendous amount of information of an intensity level far below the threshold necessary to reach your conscious awareness. You do not necessarily know what the information means because you are trained to experience the world through the sensory systems of your eyes, ears, feelings, touch, smell, and taste.

All information comes in energetic waves your brain works to objectify. When you look at something, for example, you visually perceive light a wave. Look at a pair of jeans and you see the color blue. You don’t sense that the cloth is absorbing every light other than blue and reflecting only the narrow spectrum of light frequencies known as blue.

If you go within to the part of you that perceives the energy, you will be in direct contact with the full spectrum of information. The transmission of the true energy form is always happening right in front of you. This remarkable sensitivity is lost on a daily basis, buried deep where the conscious mind can’t find it, doesn’t know where to look, or how.

Listening to my new Intuition Amplifier Paraliminal will help you tap into the information that normally resides outside your conscious awareness. Notice what is emerging during your day and in your interactions with others. Pay particular attention to any sudden ahas, insights, and unusual sensations.

Paul Scheele

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