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Heighten your intuitive awareness

by Paul Scheele

The Intuition Amplifier Paraliminal is particularly useful when you are heading into situations that require a heightened level of awareness. When you are traveling, especially to destinations new to you, listen to this session for several days before your departure to heighten your level of vigilance so you can navigate your new environment with confidence and ease.

If you are a teacher, you may find you are more aware of and better able to interpret the individual needs of a classroom full of students. If you are a healer or healthcare practitioner, listen to this session the night before a day scheduled full with clients or patients. You may notice you are more sensitive to messages and cues that give you a more holistic understanding of your clients’ issues.

When you want to connect deeply with your romantic partner or resolve a difficult issue with a coworker, listening can help you better distinguish between what is truly in your best interest and the concerns, worries, or hopes you are consciously bringing to the relationship.


P.S. – This summer we released four brand new Paraliminals: Abundant Money Mindset, Intuition Amplifier, Sleep Deeply/Wake Refreshed, and Self-Discipline. We set up a special page where you can order all four for the price of three. Look for them here.