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Support your career with intuition

by Paul Scheele

In The Intuitive Edge, Philip Goldberg explained how most chief executive officers use a tremendous amount of intuition in their decision-making and then engage in a rational process to explain how they made the decisions.

In recent years, studies have even shown that unconscious activity in the brain can predict the outcome of a decision several seconds before the decision is made consciously. This might be called an evolutionary impulse that arises in consciousness leading someone to act.

Listen to my new Intuition Amplifier Paraliminal anytime to enhance your intuitive abilities and help your career. If you work in the financial markets, for instance, you might notice how listening increases your clarity about the investment decisions you make.

If you are a manager, listen before starting a new project to help you better understand and steer your team and gain creative insights for meeting the challenges ahead.

Paul Scheele

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