Learning Strategies Blog

Creating Value and Financial Abundance

by Paul Scheele

To build and grow your financial abundance, it’s important to understand the strong correlation between the reception of money and the degree to which you are in service creating value for others.

Akio Morita, former CEO and Chairman of Sony Corporation, said it best with these words: “The only and everlasting source of profit is the creation of value.”

Morita’s words form the underlying golden thread of Learning Strategies. There was a time we even included them on our company checks as a reminder that we are here to bring the full range of our gifts and talents into the world to create value and service to others.

As business owners and employees, we are here to express ourselves as fully as possible. When we serve you with programs that provide outcomes you want, you show your appreciation to us in the form of money.

You might imagine financial wealth from the spiritual dimension of the symbolic cup brimming over with integrity and truth. The pursuit of truth, goodness, and beauty represent the highest vibrations of the value we create in the world. It’s easy to see the spiritual disconnect of a company absent those values. In 2001 the Enron Corporation became a symbol of the pursuit of financial wealth without the integrity needed to make it all work.

What kind of value are you creating in your world? For yourself, your family, your employer, your community, and humanity?

As you consider how you choose to fully express yourself in the world, the new Abundant Money Mindset Paraliminal will help you connect to the creative insights and brilliance of your abundant imagination. Listen to this session daily when you need to gain clarity about your career, business, or other means of value and contribution you make to others. Then listen periodically to strengthen the golden thread that runs through your life.

-Paul Scheele