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How “Self-Discipline” works

by Paul Scheele

Our new Self-Discipline Paraliminal enables you to create the life you choose through joyful, effective self-discipline.

In the past you may have thought that self-discipline was a process of working with grim determination to correct weaknesses in performance or plough through tasks. But true self-discipline is actually positive, powerful,playful, and consistent with a healthy life. True self-discipline flows naturally from the strength of your clear purpose and living in alignment with your values. You tap into your inner resources as you increasingly recognize the power of your determination, the steadfastness of your perseverance, and the gentle guidance of your patience.

The design of this Paraliminal is based on a different format from most, one that was first used in my Natural Brilliance personal learning course. Known as the “Natural Brilliance Protocol,” the session takes you through a series of progressively more immersive stages. At times there will be just one voice in the center of your listening field. At other times  there will be three voices located to your left, right, and center, then shifting to two voices, and then back to one in the center again.

During this Paraliminal experience, you will hear questions as well as statements. Each evocative question invites your brain to access specific inner resources that you already possess. The questions gently connect you with your own creative and powerful ways to stay on track to achieving your success.

The positive, affirmative statements support the purpose of your listening: to demonstrate high-degree self-discipline in areas of your life where you need it.

Use the Self-Discipline Paraliminal daily for the first week. Then, one to three times a week for a period long enough to recognize changes in your self-discipline behaviors. Two to three weeks should be sufficient. You may want to revisit this Paraliminal in the future if life circumstances affect your self-discipline.

Fulfill Your Passions

Self-discipline is as natural as a child shooting baskets until it’s too dark to see the ball. Or, a group of kids working on a video creation till they get it just right. Or, an aspiring blues guitarist spending hour after hour listening to the masters and imitating their sound.

The Self-Discipline Paraliminal will unlock the energy you need to follow your passions. Listen to this Paraliminal before practicing any discipline as a prelude that makes your actions more effective, efficient, and enjoyable.

Practice Joyfully

Being self-disciplined doesn’t have to be burdensome or taxing, and it doesn’t mean you can’t be free-spirited. Self-discipline means you can immediately find the reward in any task so you can follow-through with as little resistance as possible.

This Paraliminal session helps you enter the flow of a joyful, rewarding practice. Look to great examples in people around you.

Notice someone practicing joyful self-discipline in an activity or area of life who you want to emulate. Observe them at this form of play. Notice the particulars—when, where, and what are they doing? How are they doing what they do? What aspects of their approach appeal to you? What might be something you could adopt in your life to make your self-discipline more enjoyable and effective?
When you have identified the behaviors, attitudes, strategies, or habits you want to strengthen or adopt, listen to this session.

Increase Your Mastery

Research has shown that the path to success in any endeavor lies in practice far more than any in-born talent. Mastery comes as a result of hundreds, even thousands, of hours spent in activities focused on a future you truly desire to create.

According to the Rule of 10,000, a phrase coined by sociologist Malcolm Gladwell in his book Outliers: The Story of Success, it takes 10,000 hours of practice to become an expert in a given skill or field. That’s 20 hours a week for 10 years.

A study of violinists at Berlin’s Academy of Music found that while all students started playing at an early age, the best violinists practiced much more than the least successful players, attaining 10,000 of practice by the age of 20. Psychologist K. Anders Ericsson found similar results among pianists.

Gladwell says the rule applies across the board from athletes to mathematicians to scientists. The good news is that expertise, mastery, and success are possible for everyone when we harness our self-discipline. To build strengthen your inner drive to excel at what you do, listen to this session periodically.


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