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How “Sleep Deeply/Wake Refreshed” works

by Paul Scheele

Our new Sleep Deeply/Wake Refreshed Paraliminal has two sessions: “Sleep Deeply” and “Wake Refreshed.” For technical reasons, they are on your CD in reverse order.

How “Sleep Deeply” works

Listen to this session before bed.

Sleep involves two different modes: dreaming sleep and the deeper state of dreamless sleep. We naturally move from one to the other several times in the course of normal sleep. Both modes play unique and important roles, providing valuable physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual benefits.

Eliminating inner conflict about sleep is important. For example, we know it feels good to experience the relaxed, refreshing benefits of sleep, and yet we often sacrifice sleep believing the additional waking hours will make us more productive. Then we worry about not getting enough sleep, which can program the mind for negative effects.

The “Sleep Deeply” Paraliminal session removes conflict by providing a positive mindset of thoughts and feelings that ensure you receive the highest possible value from your sleep. It helps you set the right conditions for sleep.

Think of the North wind. From where does it blow? It doesn’t. There’s a high pressure system in the North, a low pressure system in the South, and the wind moves from one body to the other. It is drawn from the North to the South. When you create the proper environment for sleep, you are naturally drawn into that state. That’s the paradoxical nature of sleep. You don’t really go to sleep. Sleep comes to you when you allow it to happen.

As you listen to this Paraliminal session, you begin to sense the true power of creating a place within you for the desired state of sleep to exist. This state is naturally drawn into your experience as the smooth rhythm of your breathing blends with the rhythm of the words, sounds, and music of this session.

From this place of tranquility you begin to notice all the ways your reserves of energy are replenished. As sleep carries you beyond the dreaming mind into a deep interior space of expansive peace, inner healing naturally occurs while the many systems of your body and mind reset themselves, finding the perfect point of balance in their cycles.

How “Wake Refreshed” works

Listen to this session first thing in the morning.

Sometimes you might be so tired when you wake that all you want to do is to crawl back into bed, although that generally will not happen when you listen to any Paraliminal before falling asleep. If you fall asleep rested and balanced, you will wake up rested and balanced.

Sometimes the bed feels so deliciously good in the morning you want to linger in the relaxed, comfortable state a little longer before getting up.

The “Wake Refreshed” session is the perfect listening session during these moments of expanding awareness of your physical being, thoughts, and inner senses. As you remain in a restful state, even when very drowsy, you can energize for the day ahead and fully prepare your mind, body, and emotions to have a spectacular day. At the same time, you are integrating new, more successful strategies for transitioning into wakefulness for the days to come.

Maximizing Your Dreams

Reflect on your dreams to gain insights for your day. As you awaken, and before listening to this Paraliminal session, quietly observe the stillness for a few moments, reviewing the messages from your dream state. Notice the feelings in your body and the insights and connections you are making.

Notice images from dreams with an open, curious mind. Is there symbolic meaning for you? The meaning may be clear to you and easily integrated into your waking consciousness. Or, the symbolism may be more subtle, and you may not understand its significance for you until later in the day. Such intuitive insights help access the vast brilliance within you.

Consider writing your insights in a journal, especially when you have had dreams that stick with you but do not immediately provide insight. You may find the real value of the dreams will be revealed in the days or weeks to come.

When you awake before morning, consider jotting notes about dreams in your journal before drifting back to sleep. You will better remember the dreams in the morning when you have the journal to jog your memory.

Expressing Your Gratitude

Use the “Wake Refreshed” Paraliminal session to appreciate the abundant riches of life. Before you listen, express gratitude for someone or something in your life, your health, the world around you, or simply the opportunity to experience a new day.

You can use an affirmation such as, “I am grateful for this day and all that is available to me. I will live a fully expressed and inspired day and let my magnificence shine.” As you express your gratitude in its fullest form, your energy integrates with the energy of the world around you. Your internal rhythms merge with the rhythms of life as you rise to meet each day with gladness in your heart.


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