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Intuition versus Random Thoughts

by Paul Scheele

To develop your ability to distinguish between the messages from your intuition and random thoughts, consider asking clear questions of your inner intelligence using any of several Yes-No response techniques and tools such as muscle testing, a pendulum, and dowsing rods.

These techniques can be used to decide the best time for a vacation, determine whether a relationship is good for you, detect blockages and imbalances in the body, discover the energy of your environment, even decide if a particular food is what your body needs or a specific book will satisfy your interests. The applications are limitless.

Pendulum Technique

A pendulum can help you get an accurate reading on your subtle muscle movements.

Tie any small object to a string or chain that you can dangle. Wrap the string over your hand and drape it over your index finger so the pendulum hangs down and swings freely. Then say, “Between questions I would like to see this circle in a clockwise fashion.” Then watch as it circles clockwise.

Then say, “Show me a Yes response.” The pendulum will move in one direction: either forward and back, away from you and toward you; or back and forth, left and right of your midline. Then say, “Show me a No response.” It will move in the opposite direction from the Yes response.

Now that you know what a Yes and a No response look like, you can ask questions. The subtle muscles of your shoulder, arm, and hand will cause the pendulum to swing as the nonconscious mind directs the subtle muscles to make a shift.

Dowsing Rods

In our Diamond Dowsing program, Marie Diamond shows you how to use the ancient practice of dowsing to detect and improve the energy in your environment. Because the dowsing rods are sensitive to your own energy and intention, you can use them to ask the nonconscious mind questions that lead to a Yes or No response.

If you do not have the L-shaped dowsing rods, you can make your own out of a coat hanger or any metal rods.

Hold the rods in front of you at heart level and parallel to the ground or slightly pointed down.  As you ask questions, your subtle energy will move the two rods apart or together. The rods will swing apart to indicate a Yes response. They will close or cross tips to indicate a No response.

Muscle Testing

Muscle testing, also known as applied kinesiology, tests the strength and weakness of muscles and is used by many alternative medical practitioners, including chiropractors, naturopaths, nutritionists, and massage therapists. Use this technique by yourself to answer any Yes-No questions.

Press your thumb and index finger (or thumb and middle finger) together on one hand. With your other hand, make a hook with your index finger, and pull your other thumb and finger apart. Feel how hard it is to break that circle. Next, say, “Show me a strong response.” Then try to break the circle. You probably will not be successful. Then say, “Show me a weak response.” Try again to break the circle and see how your body goes weak.

Say, “Show me a Yes response” and feel how it goes strong. Say, “Show me a No response” and feel how it goes weak.

Your capacity to accurately interpret the signals you are getting will improve with practice. Your intuitive abilities are limitless. The more you trust in them, the better they will serve you, guiding you to a happier, healthier, and more successful life.

All of these techniques are complement by my Intuition Amplifier Paraliminal.

Paul Scheele

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