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Overcoming discomfort and fear about money

by Paul Scheele

People can have a certain level of identity of who they are in relation to money. Some may get anxiety just seeing a stack of crisp $100 bills. Others may watch in wonder as an expensive sports car pulls up beside them at a red light and think, “How does that happen, how does someone afford that?” Since financial abundance is not part of their current experience, they start to question their own sense of self-worth.

If you are uncomfortable with money or you get anxious or embarrassed when discussing it, the Abundant Money Mindset Paraliminal session can help you become more open to receiving it in good times as well as bad. In times of economic uncertainty, especially, when steady incomes are lost, retirement accounts diminish, and home mortgages go underwater, more and more people doubt their ability to make money, save it, and grow it.

Listening to this session guides your mind to focus on the rich horizon of possibilities available to you in your ideal money life. In your deeply relaxed state of expansive awareness, notice what you see, what you hear, and how it feels. Experience this session with all of your inner senses.

As you immerse yourself in the pure imaginative details in your mind, you bring these empowering images and rich feelings into even greater clarity and develop a growing appreciation for your new emerging reality.

You may think you already have a fairly healthy money mindset and then find yourself freaking out over a hefty tax bill or home repair. An old negative program may have resurfaced that needs to be replaced with a positive habit of thinking about money independent of your circumstances. More money alone won’t solve your problem, because your negative program is a result of your current money consciousness. Listen to Abundance Money Mindset to change it.

Paul Scheele

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