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How “Intuition Amplifier” Paraliminal works

by Paul Scheele

Intuition is the conscious communication of nonconscious perceptions. These perceptions exist as billions of bits of information that arise from the vast database that lies below your everyday awareness (below the squiggly line in the adjacent Levels of Consciousness diagram).

Levels of Consciousness diagram

The more attuned you are to these nonconscious resources and perceptions the greater your ability to use your unique talents to make your life better in every way.

My new Intuition Amplifier Paraliminal helps you make full use of your intuitive abilities. You learn to more easily recognize the hunches, déjà vu’s, gut feelings, and flashes of insight—the inner knowing that occurs to you seemingly without having processed it through your “normal” thinking at a conscious level of awareness.

The first step that I guide your inner mind through is to attend to what is happening, to what comes up to peripheral awareness and into primary consciousness from the nonconscious. This includes those things currently in your awareness—the feeling of the clothes on your skin, the sound of your breathing, and the internal dialogue you are having in your mind—as well as the insights, images, and whisperings of an inner guide.

The second step is to distinguish the intuitive messages coming through your authentic source of inner knowing from the distracting noise and random thoughts of the conscious mind. As you quiet your mind and body, you learn to discern the finer sensory distinctions that increase your awareness dramatically. You can sense inner feelings, see internal images, hear inner sounds and the still quiet voice within. You are able to sort the information and determine the value it offers.

The next step is to trust this inner wisdom. Intuitive insights are firm yet gentle connections to your inner knowing, and you gain confidence and trust with each and every insight you receive.

The final step is to respond appropriately, taking action or not, based on the guidance given. As you notice what is emerging from your intuition, you can make reflective decisions in every area of your life with greater clarity and certainty.

“What we know determines how we think, decide, and act,” Philip Goldberg wrote in his notable book, The Intuitive Edge. “It does not seem unreasonable to assert that the quality of life is directly proportional to how well we go about knowing.”

I recommend that you listen to the Intuition Amplifier daily for the first week, and periodically thereafter when you need to count on your intuition.

Paul Scheele

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