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How “Abundant Money Mindset” Paraliminal works

by Paul Scheele

My new Abundance Money Mindset Paraliminal helps you eliminate discomfort you have around money and create a solid foundation from which to recognize your own value and worthiness to receive.

While listening to the Paraliminal you learn how to reframe your past and current ways of thinking to serve you more successfully.

You first acknowledge your history surrounding money, from the wounds of poverty and experiences with scarcity to the negative ideas heard from parents, teachers, bosses, and friends. These form the limiting attitudes and beliefs about yourself that can become deeply embedded in your neurophysiology.

But you can’t create a new money mindset if you’re living in an old one. You can’t project your history onto the future and expect to create an outcome different than what you have created up until now. So in this session you are invited to release your old stories.

You then consider your current stories—the internal dialogue you have with yourself and your conversations with others. These can arise as fears and doubts and show in your life as resistance, hesitation, and self-sabotage. They reflect your level of confidence in your ability to earn, save, and grow your financial resources and share them with others.

You are invited to release these competing stories and then make a volitional change in your mindset by creating an image of the self you wish to be in your ideal money world. As you hold this image, you are guided on a metaphorical journey that helps you recognize and master your rich internal resources.

With your expanded money consciousness, you step into your life more authentically, enjoying the freedom to choose how you build your finances. You more easily and confidently navigate through life each day, knowing how good it is to be captain of your financial abundance.

Best Ways to Use

Listen daily for the first week, and periodically thereafter as you need support.

Given all of the blocks people have to money, you might conclude money was foul, evil, or infectious. And given how many people chase it, you would think it were the source of life and unending happiness. What a dysfunctional combination!

Money is none of that. It is a powerful and useful tool to make life easier and more interesting.

In its most basic sense, money is a storage mechanism for value and a transmission mechanism for the expression of appreciation. In today’s economic system, paper money serves as a placeholder of agreed upon value. For example, it’s agreed that a $100 bill holds more value than a $1 bill.

We show our appreciation by exchanging money for products and services. Essentially, we vote with our dollars. You tip your wait staff well to show your appreciation for the good service they provide. You willingly pay for a product you value and want.

Abundant Money Mindset acknowledges that. It helps you release blocks you have to money, whether cultural, familial, or self-imposed. As you release these thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that have served you poorly in the past, you tap the full range of your abundant creativity and talent to create value and attract the money you deserve.

Paul Scheele

P.S. – This summer we released four brand new Paraliminals: Abundant Money Mindset, Intuition Amplifier, Sleep Deeply/Wake Refreshed, and Self-Discipline.  We set up a special page where you can order all four for the price of three. Look for them here.