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Introducing 4 brand new Paraliminals

by Pete Bissonette

As you know, no self-help tool is easier to use or gets better results than a relaxing Paraliminal. They take just minutes to use, yet the results are often instant and quite long-lasting. That’s why over one million are in circulation.

Our #1 goal is to help you get better at living life.

Last year we asked “What are you struggling with most?” and “What do you want to improve most in your life?” and “How can your life be enriched?”

We took answers from thousands of our clients and created four, brand new, straight-to-the-benefit Paraliminals, ready for you from the guy who created this phenomenon in the first place, Paul Scheele.

These Paraliminals can be real difference-makers in your life. All you need to do is listen with stereo headphones, close your eyes, and relax for twenty or so minutes. Paul will guide you inner mind to make powerful changes.

Let’s get to them:

New Paraliminal #1

“Abundant Money Mindset”
Move beyond limits and build financial strength

This Paraliminal is about money. Cash. Financial support. It helps clear away any blocks, fears, and hang-ups you have about money, giving you the freedom to make your life easier, more interesting, and extraordinarily fulfilling. Period. Plain and simple.

1) Abundant Money Mindset will help deal with your old stories about money—these are the ones you grew up with from the wounds of poverty and scarcity to the negative ideas heard from parents, teachers, bosses, and friends. These form the limiting attitudes and beliefs about yourself that can become deeply embedded in your neurophysiology. You can’t create a new money mindset if you’re trapped by an old one.

2) Abundant Money Mindset will also help you deal with your current story about money—those competing thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that may prevent you from fully realizing buckets of cash. These can arise as fears and doubts and show in your life as resistance, hesitation, and self-sabotage. They reflect your level of confidence in your ability to earn, save, and grow your financial resources.

3) And, your new Abundant Money Mindset Paraliminal will help you create a new ideal money story.

It is time to eliminate any discomfort you have around money and create a solid foundation from which to recognize your own value and worthiness to receive. It’s time to reframe your past and current ways of thinking to serve you more successfully.

Given all of the blocks people have to money, you might conclude money is foul, evil, or infectious. And given how many people chase it, you would think it was the source of life and unending happiness. What a dysfunctional combination!

Money is none of that. It is a powerful and useful tool to make life easier and more interesting.

Your new Abundant Money Mindset will help you:

* Earn more money, build financial strength, and use money in ways that serve you.
* Release thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that limit you.
* Adopt new choices and habits that expand your abundant money mindset.
* Capitalize on your innate creativity and brilliance to build your financial security.
* Bring more passion and joy to what you do.
* Create more value for everyone you serve.
* Profit from the infinite possibilities available to you.
* Feel and experience your expanding gratitude for your own abilities.
* Trust in your worthiness to receive from an infinite universe.
* Become a masterful steward of your riches for the benefit of your world and generations to come.

New Paraliminal #2

“Intuition Amplifier”
Bring clarity, trust, and power to your inner knowing

Intuition is more than a hunch. It’s a powerful, useful, natural gift that can lead you to better decisions, healthier living, richer experiences, and more fulfilling relationships. (Pretty much everything.)

If you want to open the channels to your inner knowing with great clarity and trust, allowing it to guide your choices and actions, Paul’s new Paraliminal is absolutely for you.

Intuition Amplifier helps you use the vast amount of information and perceptions hidden from your everyday awareness, even if you think you have never had an intuitive thought, feeling, or insight in your life.

When you live on the intuitive edge, you will:

* Trust your instincts.
* Find it easier to make decisions.
* Know the difference between intuitive insights and internal noise.
* Bring clarity and guidance to uncertainty.
* Find creative solutions to problems.
* Achieve your goals with greater purpose, power, and passion.
* Enjoy fulfilling and joyful interactions with friends, loved ones, and colleagues.
* Refine your powers of perception and heighten your awareness.

BIG BONUSES come your way when you amplify your intuition:

* If you have PhotoReading, you will be able to activate PhotoRead material with confidence.
* If you have Spring Forest Qigong, your ability to detect energy blockages will increase.
* If you have Diamond Feng Shui or any of Marie Diamond’s courses, you’ll be better attuned to the energy of your space.
* If you have Seeds of Enlightenment or any of Jeddah Mali’s courses, you’ll find it easier to navigate the “sea of awareness.”

Of all four new Paraliminals, I am most excited about Intuition Amplifer, because it holds the power to transform all of our lives…especially yours…in infinite ways. Get it now and start using it. I personally recommend you listen to it daily for a couple of weeks and then periodically thereafter and whenever you feel a need for a boost!

Again, all you have to do is put on a Paraliminal, push play, and listen to Paul guiding your inner mind. It’s truly easy and effortless.

New Paraliminal #3

Follow through with consistency and determination

Who couldn’t use more self-discipline?

* To floss your teeth every day
* To eat healthy foods
* To practice Spring Forest Qigong or meditation consistently
* To keep your financial affairs up-to-date
* To get things done in a timely manner so you don’t have to rush at the last minute
* To maintain your car, furnace, and other things that require periodic attention
* To review your goals, say affirmations, and ________________.

…not to mention exercise and all of those other tasks and disciplines that can make your life better.

The new Self-Discipline Paraliminal is here to help you!

With it you can hardwire your inner drive and determination to take action and follow through on the things you need and should be doing…with unwavering consistency.

Self-Discipline helps you access a source of inner power and commitment to effectively accomplish your tasks and goals in the most efficient ways possible.

But here’s the kicker: in the past you may have thought that self-discipline was a process of working with grim determination to correct weaknesses in performance or plough through tasks. Not at all!

You see, those who have it naturally—and I’m sure you know people like that—find that true self-discipline is actually positive, powerful, playful, and consistent with a healthy life.   No dread. No self-guilt.

True self-discipline flows naturally from the strength of a clear purpose and living in alignment with your values. That’s where the Self-Discipline Paraliminal comes in. It helps you tap into powerful inner resources to increasingly recognize the power of your determination, the steadfastness of your perseverance, and the gentle guidance of your patience.

Yes, self-discipline is more than self-control. It is a process of channeling your intentions, values, actions, and habits to create the life you choose to live.

Your new Paraliminal will help you:

* Follow-through on what you need.
* Do the right things in the most efficient way possible.
* Eliminate unnecessary tasks that waste your time and energy.
* Access inner resources, trusting your knowledge and intuition to guide your actions. (Yes, it works hand-in-hand with the Intuition Amplifer!)
* Become more fully aware of what serves your purpose.
* Deepen trust and confidence in your ability to achieve your goals.
* Initiate new projects easily and joyfully.
* Complete tasks with as little resistance as possible.
* Align your motivation with the results you commit to.
* Adopt necessary tools that make you more effective and efficient.
* Integrate your desires, goals, and actions to create the life you want.

‘Nuff said. Order it now.

New Paraliminal #4

“Sleep Deeply/Wake Refreshed”
Gain rest, healing, creativity, and energy

There’s too much stress in your life, and you don’t get enough sound, restorative sleep. Am I right?

Paul’s fourth new Paraliminal, Sleep Deeply/Wake Refreshed will help you fall asleep easily, sleep soundly, reconnect with the source of tremendous healing, balance, and well-being, and then awake refreshed and energized, ready for your new day.

It’s better than getting a new pillow and mattress – and A LOT cheaper too!

This Paraliminal comes with two sessions on the CD (or digital download package).

One session, “Sleep Deeply,” helps you easily and pleasantly fall asleep. This Paraliminal session helps you program your mind and body to benefit from deep, healing sleep and the rich resources of your dreams.

The vast amounts of energy you expend each day can be renewed during sleep. Your dreams help your body, brain, and mind integrate the experiences of your day, organizing those that serve you and releasing those that do not.

This session will also help you eliminate inner conflict about sleep. For example, we like to sleep and yet we often sacrifice sleep believing the additional waking hours will make us more productive. Then we worry about not getting enough sleep, which can program the mind for negative effects.

This Paraliminal session removes conflict by providing a positive mindset of thoughts and feelings that ensure you receive the highest possible value from your sleep. It helps you set the right conditions for sleep.

The “Sleep Deeply” session will help you:

* Let go of the day and its challenges.
* Enjoy more success tomorrow.
* Program your dreaming mind to support your wakeful endeavors.
* Quickly and easily fall asleep.
* Sleep restfully.
* Allow deep healing and restoration of your body.
* Transform the experiences and learnings from your day into long-term memories.
* Connect with your passions and the creative possibilities of your brilliance.
* Restore your inner rhythms to perfect working order balancing your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual existence.

The other session, “Wake Refreshed,” helps you awake gently and purposefully so that you remain connected to your rich internal resources you accessed while sleeping.

The “Wake Refreshed” session will help you:

* Awaken feeling well rested and ready for the day.
* Draw on renewed physical, emotional, and mental energy throughout your day.
* Connect to the central purpose of your life.
* Tap the deep intuitive insights from dreamtime to creatively solve problems.
* Build self-trust and confidence.
* Anticipate new adventures and learnings to fuel your passions.
* Create greater abundance and success in your life.
* Use your energy wisely each day to have abundant reserves.

If you desire to sleep soundly—all through the night, and wake-up ready for your day, order the new Sleep Deeply/Wake Refreshed Paraliminal today.

Enhanced bonus booklets of fascinating, beneficial information

With these four new titles, you now get more support than with any of the previous Paraliminals. Each of the Paraliminals come with a 20- or 24-page booklet chocked full of helpful information that relates to the Paraliminal. For example, here are the topics covered with Sleep Deeply/Wake Refreshed:

* “Replenish Your Energy”
* “Waking in the Night”
* “90-minute Sleep Cycle” 
* “Difficulty Falling Asleep”
* “Waking Up Tired”
* “Sleeping in the Moon”
* “Sleeptime Feng Shui”
* “Calm Your Restless Mind”
* “Program Your Sleep”

Superb content to support your life!

You can’t get this kind of quality anywhere else

You are not going to find programs of higher production value than those we produce for you. Our team here at Learning Strategies is dedicated to bring you the best of the best. It begins with our intimate knowledge about how the mind works and continues through the studio sessions and into the beautifully packaged CDs you receive in the mail.

But it doesn’t stop there. We answer our ordering line 24-hours a day. Our customer service lines are answered by real people during business hours. And we have a staff of success coaches willing to walk you through any issues you might have with the Paraliminals—and this service is free.

We know you have a lot of choices in how you spend your money. We strive to give you your money’s worth, even exceeding your expectations. But more importantly, we are here to help you experience your potential. To get great at living life. And this is priceless.

Risk-Free 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Try these four new Paraliminals today absolutely risk-free! If for any reason you are not satisfied with your new Paraliminals, feel free to return them within a month for a refund of your purchase price. No questions asked.

Yes, these Paraliminals have Holosync!

Bill Harris of Centerpointe Research gave us special permission to add Holosync tones to these Paraliminals to increase your ability to benefit and learn. If you listen carefully, you might hear a hum in the background of one of these Paraliminal, which tells you Holosync is working.

Centerpointe’s Holosync audio technology creates the electrical brain wave patterns of many desirable states. These states include deep meditation, increased creativity, focus and concentration, and accelerated learning ability.

Using Holosync creates new neural pathways between the left and right brain hemispheres, balancing the brain, enhancing mental/emotional health, improving mental functioning and self-awareness, and healing unresolved emotional problems.

When you combine the powerful Paraliminal technology and Holosync and add the expertise of the masters who created these new Paraliminals, you truly have an unbeatable system to achieving whatever you want to achieve in life. That’s why we say, “Truly, there is nothing better than a Paraliminal.”

Place your order right now – Your new Paraliminals are waiting for you!

Paraliminals are regularly $29.95, which is a huge value considering how much benefit you’ll get from each CD. But you can order the four new ones right now, today for just $89.95. That’s $22.46 each. It’s like getting one for free. And as always, you get free success coaching, access to our online discussion forums, and a risk-free money-back satisfaction guarantee. You owe it to yourself to try them.

To order, you can call us toll-free 1-866-292-1861 or order right here on our website.

I know you are going to love Abundance Money Mindset, Intuition Amplifier, Self-Discipline, and Sleep Soundly/Wake Refreshed.  They are of topics of immense interest. Paul’s new Paraliminals will help give you the benefits you need to enjoy life all of the more.

Thank you for putting your faith and confidence in Learning Strategies, our staff, and the programs we create for you. You have no idea how grateful we are that you are in our lives. Call or write with any questions and let us know how these new titles have improved your life.


(Posted on June 7, 2011)