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Which courses have Paraliminals?

by Pete Bissonette

Paraliminals are part of most of our personal learning courses. They help you resolve common issues and integrate what you learn on a deeper level so that the benefits show up in your daily life.

When we create a Paraliminal specifically for a course, we ask over and over, “What can we do to increase satisfaction with the course? What are the common blocks that we need to help students overcome? How can we help the student thoroughly learn and use the material? 

And when one of the regular Paraliminals might not do the trick, we create one specially for the course.

Here is a listing of the Paraliminals that are in our courses. As new courses come out, we’ll keep an updated copy of this list in our Paraliminal FAQ.


Abundance for Life, Prelude – CD 4: “The Fourth Path” Paraliminal
Abundance for Life, Main – CD 3: “Know Your Truth” Paraliminal
Abundance for Life, Main – CD 5: “Labyrinth Experience” Paraliminal
Abundance for Life, Main – CD 8: “Unlimited Abundance” Paraliminal
Boundless Renewal – CD 6: “Boundless Renewal” Paraliminal
Diamond Dowsing – “Diamond Dowsing” Paraliminal
Diamond Feng Shui, Level 1 – CD 8: “Level 1” Paraliminal�
Diamond Feng Shui, Level 2 – CD 6: “Level 2” Paraliminal
EasyLearn Languages – “EasyLearn Languages” Paraliminal
Effortless Success, Course 1 – CD 5: “Asking” Paraliminal
Effortless Success, Course 2 – CD 5: “Believing” Paraliminal
Effortless Success, Course 3 – CD 6: “Receiving” Paraliminal
Euphoria! – CD 1: “Euphoria!” Paraliminal
Four Powers for Greatness – CD 6: “Get Around to It” Paraliminal
Genius Code – CD 6: “Dream Play” Paraliminal
Genius Code – CD 8: “Genius Code” Paraliminal
Happy for No Reason – CD 1: “Happy for No Reason” Paraliminal
Memory Optimizer, Main – CD 11: “Memory Optimizer” Paraliminal
Million Dollar Vocabulary – Session 6: “Million Dollar Vocabulary” Paraliminal
Natural Brilliance – CD 2: “Release” Paraliminal
Natural Brilliance – CD 3: “Notice” Paraliminal
Natural Brilliance – CD 4: “Respond” Paraliminal
Natural Brilliance – CD 5: “Witness” Paraliminal
Natural Brilliance – CD 6: “Natural Brilliance Generator” Paraliminal
No Matter What! – “No Matter What!” Paraliminal
PhotoReading, Main Course – “Memory Supercharger” Paraliminal
PhotoReading, Deluxe Course – “PhotoReading Activator” Paraliminal
Resiliency – CD 3: “Level-Two” Paraliminal
Resiliency – CD 5: “Level-Four” Paraliminal
Resiliency – CD 6: “Level-Four” Paraliminal
Resiliency – CD 8: “Level-Five” Paraliminal
Spring Forest Qigong – “Faith & Confidence” Paraliminal
Spring Forest Qigong – “Consistent Practice” Paraliminal
(The Spring Forest Qigong Paraliminals are sold separately.)