Learning Strategies Blog

The Masquerade Ball

by Pete Bissonette

At a masquerade ball in New Orleans last weekend, I snapped these photos that I thought you would enjoy. We had a blast!


Here’s Paul Scheele, co-founder of Learning Strategies, and the brains behind our bestselling programs including PhotoReading, the Paraliminals, Genius Code, Abundance for Life, and Natural Brilliance.


Chunyi Lin, creator of Spring Forest Qigong.


Jeddah Mali, creator of Seeds of Enlightenment. Jeddah did a live stream Sunday evening from New Orleans answering the question “who are you?”. I encourage you to take advantage of our live streams whenever they are offered. You’ll learn a lot and have the opportunity to ask questions, live!


Shannon Mell (on our staff) and Marci Shimoff. Marci is creator of our Happy for No Reason personal learning course. She is also in the top five bestselling nonfiction female authors of all time. Her latest bestselling book is Love for No Reason.


Lisa Nichols, creator of No Matter What personal learning course and You Deserve It Paraliminal. Lisa, and everyone else in these photos are part of our year long teleseminar program called Super Powers / Super You.


Mark McKergow’s work on Solutions Focus is part of our Abundance for Life course.


Stewart Emery and me! Stewart created the Success Built to Last Paraliminal.