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Nighttime dreams

by Pete Bissonette

Last month I dreamed I woke from my sleep in the middle of the night and realized I was dying. I was surprised that I didn’t feel panicky or anxious. It was a very comfortable experience. Warm, peaceful, perhaps even joyful. I felt ready, willing, and allowing.

(I don’t remember noticing any spirits or angels, which in retrospect I would have hoped to have noticed.)

Later in that dream, or in another dream, I was walking on a path and walked by my dead self lying in bed. It took me aback. I stopped and looked at my body. It appeared so serene and peaceful. I wondered who I was who was walking by.

I thought of the dreams periodically through the morning and talked about them to folks here at the office. We thought that perhaps I was experiencing some sort of transformation where a part of me was dying.

Then a few days later my Dad died.

Peacefully, unexpectedly, in his sleep.

I wrote about his death in another post.

Around the same time of my dream, one of my nephews dreamed he was at a funeral. He thought it was my Mom’s, who had died 11 years earlier. But as he looked around the church, he noticed Mom and Dad sitting in the last pew together, and he wondered what that was about.

I’ve always known dreams were powerful, and I’ve had countless examples of how they prepared me for something coming up, helped me sort out what has happened, helped me solved problems, and even translated material in books that I had PhotoRead into something relevant to my life.

Since my Dad’s death I’ve been journaling my dreams. When I wake each morning I write notes about my dreams. As I write, I remember more and more. I haven’t gone back to review them to see if they’ve have been trying to tell me something, but I will.

I am reminded of my trip deep into the Amazon rainforest over New Years earlier this year. Jeddah Mali, myself, and a handful of others visited the Achuar tribe.

The Achuar is a dreaming culture. Every morning they arise at 4:00 to the mellow sound of someone blowing a conch-like shell. They gather to talk about their dreams and plan their day based on their dreams. No decision is made without reviewing their dreams with the shaman.

All of my other dreaming experiences, coupled with the dream about my dying and my experience with the Achuar, have me looking seriously into the power and usefulness of dreams. I’ll write about my insights if anything startling comes up.

I know that many people say they don’t dream. Everyone dreams, but they are simply not aware of them. If you’d like to stimulate your dreams, try one of these two methods:

* Listen to a Paraliminal just before bed. That should stimulate interesting and vivid dreams. The Dream Play Paraliminal is specifically designed to help you program your dreams. I’ll write more about it next week.

* PhotoRead a book just before bed. Depending on what kind of dreams you’d like, PhotoRead either a juicy roman novel or a suspense thriller. Both of them will create an interesting night!


P.S. – Next week I’ll post the email I sent to my friends after my trip to the rainforest. I think you will enjoy reading it and seeing the pictures.