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Obsessing over someone or something?

by Pete Bissonette

When you are obsessing over someone or some situation, you have no finer friend than the New Option Generator Paraliminal.

That’s right. The Paraliminal that is a must-use when you are trapped by a dilemma is ideal for helping your mind generate new options for responding to that person or situation.

We’ve all been there. A soured relationship, something that someone did or said, a perceived injustice… There are many things that can get the normal person obsessing. Seldom does much good come from this kind of fixation, and it seems impossible to let it go.

Here’s what you do: before retiring for the evening, listen to Session A. It will take 17 minutes. Then get up, stretch, and get ready for bed. Keep yourself busy for about 20 minutes. Then listen to Session B—15 minutes. Then go to bed.

You’ll not only wake up refreshed, but free.