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Inviting your brain to seek positive outcomes and solutions

by Paul Scheele

You are only limited by the messages you send yourself. You are not a victim of the world you see. You have a choice in determining exactly how you feel about a given situation—whether it be a conversation with a loved one or an issue at work.

Study in the field of human cognition has revealed that the brain is infinitely more powerful than the world’s largest supercomputer system. While you are making a statement, your brain is searching its vast network and the world around to validate what you are saying. Your brain searches whether the statement is true or not. For example, asking the question “How did things go so wrong?” or “Why does this always happen to me?” will automatically cause your brain to search for and find validation based on your limiting beliefs. Playing victim is a no-win scenario, because your brain will come up with many ways to support your belief of being a victim.

The key is to ask questions and make statements that invite the tremendous power of your brain to seek positive outcomes and solutions. Here are questions you can use any time you wish to further support your journey.

Who would I be without this (self-limiting) belief?

What is good about this situation?

What have I learned about this situation?

What is funny about this situation?

How can I improve upon the present situation quickly and have fun doing it?

In what ways have I already demonstrated possession of my desired reality?

After reading the questions, place them in a highly visible spot in your home or workplace. Consistent reminders will result in a noticeable shift in focus—from negative to positive.