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Paraliminals that can help in a job search

by Pete Bissonette

Paul Scheele conducted a three-part teleseminar series with job-search expert Sue Morem to help people get a new job. You can listen to the recordings free on this page.

Part 1: What you need to know about finding a job during this recession
Part 2: How to think like a job-search entrepreneur
Part 3: How to package yourself for success

During the teleseminar Paul mentioned a handful of Paraliminal sessions that can help with your job search. They are listed below.

How do you know which ones to use? Read each description, and note the ones that you feel would have the greatest impact. When in doubt, follow your intuition.

If you are on a budget, pick the one that stands out the most and go for it. Consider purchasing three so that you can get the fourth for free—we always have that “buy three and get one free” available on our website.

When you have any questions, please leave a comment here, post your question on our Paraliminal discussion forum, or call one our coaches at the office during business hours.

The Paraliminals, created by Paul, use a unique blend of music, words, and technology to stimulate and guide your nonconscious mind. There are no exercises. Nothing to practice. No homework. Just listen with stereo headphones and relax as you gently activate your inner mind to make your life better and better.

Reduce uncomfortable feelings of fear, finding a new job, meeting new people, and being rejected. Channel your energies in ways that motivate and guide success. Confront self-defeating behaviors. Project strength. Confidently find a new job and make your dreams come true.

Automatic Pilot
Automatically function at peak efficiency without internal interference. Stop excess mind chatter. Eliminate negative, self-fulfilling prophecies that sabotage your results. Use the power of your mind to work for you, not against you, and improve performance in any endeavor.

Wisk away limiting habits of mind that keep you from enjoying success. Install new, positive beliefs that create a lifetime of “Yes I Can” possibilities. Understand on a very deep level that you are capable of accomplishing greatness in your life. Bring forth your best in all that you do.”

Get Around To It
Break free from restraints that have held you back. Focus on what needs to be done, create a burning desire from within, and get to it now. Eliminate procrastination and hesitation that derail good intentions. Finish big projects in less time with better results and greater ease.

Happy For No Reason
Develop habits that spontaneously bring you a greater experience of happiness in every areas of your life. Build a strong home for happiness with this fresh and innovative approach for discovering your true natural state of peace within. Learn to recognize your body’s signals that support your well-being, and nurture thoughts and actions that increase your joy.

Instantaneous Personal Magnetism
Automatically create personality traits of successful people. Capture boundless energy, and hold it within as personal magnetic charisma. Release unwanted idiosyncrasies and the unnecessary waste of vital energy. Project yourself exactly as you want.

Living the Law of Attraction
Harness the power of the Law of Attraction to create the life of your dreams. Allow the universe to help you attract everything you need. Experience the joy of living your dreams and celebrating each moment. Discover the satisfaction of a life filled with gratitude, abundance, and vitality.

New Behavior Generator
Neutralize unwanted behaviors and take on new behaviors. Bypass limitations and launch into action with charisma and drive. Quickly break out of old habits. Install the successful behaviors of other you admire. Achieve more by bringing out your full inner resources. This program can help you become a better interviewer.

New History Generator
Release negative events from the past, and envision the future you desire. Start feeling fully self-confident. Translate good thoughts and creative ideas into action and tangible results. Take stock of the results you produce so you can spend more time engaged in activities that work for you.

New Option Generator
Resolve issues with new solutions and choices. Respond creatively to challenges that stopped you in the past. Discover the past of least resistance to success. Translate insights into high level performance. Take consistent actions fearlessly. Make progress toward your goals. Generate a lasting future of success.

Peak Performance
Incite deep motivation from within to unlock your performance in any area of life. Get recognized, admired, and sought out by those around you. Become financially secure and debt-free so you can do what you want to do. Achieve a healthy, fit, strong body at your ideal weight, and enjoy greatly increased energy. Create a loving, supportive, and healthy family dynamic. Attain peak athletic performance and break through to greatness.

Use the immense power of the mind to attract exactly what you choose. Find a new job, make more contacts, find openings, expand your wardrobe, improve your intuition, and much more. Fade unwanted beliefs, and develop a positive mental attitude. Open to the unlimited abundance flowing to your right now.

Sales Leap
Rehearse for an upcoming presentation on a deep, inner level. Project ease and confidence. Appear knowledgeable. Be resilient to rejections. Be mentally prepared for your interviews. Perform magnificently at whatever you do and whenever you are in the presence of others.

Self-Esteem Supercharger
Face life’s challenges with a strong belief in yourself. Improve willpower, determination, and stamina. Build self-assuredness. Remove the negative influences of other people, situations, and your own self-talk. Discover pleasant feelings of peacefulness as you build positive expectancy for your imminent success.

Talking to Win
Increase confidence and ease while talking in all settings. Tune in and establish rapport, and express ideas and feelings clearly. Make a point, and have it understood. Influence with integrity. Avoid common presentations mistakes. Educate, empower, and entertain your audience. Become a masterful presenter.