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Calming Anxiety

by Pete Bissonette

Anxiety reminds us that we are human. It’s a natural, anchoring response we all have but don’t want.

Just writing about it gives me the willies.

Listening to any Paraliminal often calms anxiety right away, but the best, by far, is Anxiety-Free.

This Paraliminal has two sessions. Listening to Session A calms anxiety by transforming it into positive energy.

Session B handles fears about objects or impending events. Objects could be a juicy spider. Impending events could involve losing your job, a faltering relationship, giving a speech, illness, or what have you. It doesn’t matter, because…

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Any Emotion Can Lead to Happiness

by Pete Bissonette

Do you ever wish you could feel more empathy toward a peer than you do? Or that you could feel less attraction toward a toxic person in your life? Or that you should be more excited for an upcoming vacation?

Whether the emotion you desire is pleasant or unpleasant, your ability to feel the emotions you think you should feel could be impacting your happiness and well-being, suggests research from the American Psychological Association.

Researchers surveyed 2,324 students from eight countries on 1) the emotions they desired to feel, 2) the emotions they actually felt, and 3) their levels of life satisfaction and depressive symptoms.

Across cultures, participants who experienced the emotions they desired—both pleasant and unpleasant—were happier overall, reporting greater well-being and fewer depressive symptoms.

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For Health’s Sake, Be Grateful

by Pete Bissonette

What makes you beam with gratitude?

A grandchild, a puppy, success in your career, or a shiny new pair of sneakers? No matter what tops your list, consider sharing an extra smile, making a quick “thank you” call, or offering a warm hug.

Expressing your gratitude has numerous health benefits, claim Stephen M. Yoshimura, Ph.D., and Kassandra Berzins of the University of Montana in an article published in the National Communication Association’s Review of Communication.

“Gratitude consistently associates with many positive social, psychological, and health states, such as an increased likelihood of helping others, optimism, exercise, and reduced reports of physical symptoms,” the authors stated, referencing recent research.

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High-Potential Mental State

by Pete Bissonette

When your brain requires a high-potential mental state, reach for the Personal Genius Paraliminal.

It is 18 minutes long and kicks in immediately.

It is especially potent for getting into the optimal state for learning … or writing … or anytime you need the juices flowing.

* Your mental performance is best in a relaxed state of alertness.

* It is the worst when distracted, negative, suspicious, or agitated. That simply shuts off your brain’s full potential.

Use Personal Genius regularly, and you will soon find yourself entering this flow state instantly and immediately by simply imagining the feeling you get when listening.

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Do You Feel Overcommitted?

by Pete Bissonette

Are you being stretched? Too many commitments? Things moving too quickly?

Speed and chaos may be the new norm of the world, but it does not have to be your norm.


And listen to the Simplicity Paraliminal. It’s a Paraliminal exhale.

As you begin listening, think of where you feel burdened or pressured, and then let go. Go with the flow and the rhythm of the voices. Allow new perspectives to arise and gently guide you.

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