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by Pete Bissonette

Taking on a new project can bring up a wide array of emotions and anxieties that for many people make it challenging to move forward.

Going to College – Getting Married – Writing a Book – Building a Home – Starting a Business – Dating – Giving a Speech – Changing Jobs – Rock Climbing – Skydiving – Confronting a Colleague

Some people get stopped by self-doubt, some people just deal with it, and some people use it to fuel their motivation and excitement for the project.

I love Dr. Paul Scheele’s new Fearlessness Paraliminal because it works with your inner mind to vanquish self-doubt and live courageously.

It helps you become an unshakeable being who can maintain peace of mind in the midst of uncertainty. It helps you open up to your vast potential within. It helps you live your best life.

Paul recommends using Session A before bed and Session B first thing in the morning and following this pattern for a week or so. You’ll immediately feel any fear, anxiety, and apprehension slip away as you become fearless and your dream becomes a reality.

The feeling is immensely freeing, and you truly feel anything is possible.

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Enough to Retire?

by Pete Bissonette

I’m surprised at the number of people I know personally in their 60s, 70s, and 80s who did not save enough to retire.

For whatever reason, their earlier spending and saving were inconsistent, if not detrimental, with being able to retire.

Perhaps it was pie-in-the-sky thinking … head-in-the-sand non-thinking … relying on the universe without proper energetic underpinnings … ignorance … willful procrastination … whatever… It does not matter. They are there, and they have to deal with it.

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Do You Yell at Yourself?

by Pete Bissonette

A friend accidentally deleted a file he had not backed up. He screamed at himself, “That was so dumb. Why do I always do this? Why didn’t I save it first?”

A couple of days later in a parking lot at a grocery store, I saw someone dramatically slam his car door yelling, “You idiot. Why did you leave the [expletive] shopping list at home?

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Can’t Sleep?

by Pete Bissonette

I sleep so well at night. I think it is because for years and years I would listen to a Paraliminal just before bed.

I literally trained my brain to expect that all stress would drain from my day before I fell asleep. I finished every day putting positive and expansive messages into my brain. And boy does that set you up for a great night’s sleep.

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Establish a Deep Commitment

by Pete Bissonette

A deep commitment to perform at the very best each day means freedom, fulfillment, and, of course, success.

The Focus & Concentration Paraliminal is perhaps your best ally, because it helps concentrate your mind, feelings, and actions on what you need to do.

It works with your nonconscious to create your vision of the future. It magnetizes yourself to attract what you need.

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