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Good-bye Self-Sabotage

by Pete Bissonette

I’ve heard clients say again and again, “I do not set out to deliberately obstruct achieving a goal, but something I do or do not do always gets in the way.”

If you recognize yourself in that picture, know you can get to the other side of it by making the Automatic Pilot Paraliminal your friend.

Session A helps you clearly establish a goal, which cuts negative self-talk. It helps you realize the benefits you will receive when you achieve it. It asks you to commit to do whatever it takes for as long as it takes.

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How to Focus for Success

by Pete Bissonette

Focusing your thoughts, feelings, and action is required for success. Nothing new there.

But how do you do it in the first place? And how do you make it second nature?

The Focus & Concentration Paraliminal helps you direct your focus and strengthen your concentration so you can achieve your goals faster and easier.

Remember, when you want something strongly enough and are willing to persist long enough, nothing can stop you from achieving it. In fact, everything in the known universe will help you make it happen.

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How to Increase Your Memory Web

by Pete Bissonette

If you meet an old friend for lunch, your brain will likely create a memory forever linking that friend to the restaurant you dine in.

For the first time, researchers at the University of Leicester and the University of California Los Angeles could see this association being created, according to a study published in Neuron. When your brain associates a person with a place, neurons in one area of the brain change behavior and a link is formed, the authors claim.

Years ago, scientists discovered a response in the medial temporal lobe that responds only to a specific place or person.

The research shows these neurons will respond to two people—but only if they are connected somehow. “A neuron that was responding to Jennifer Aniston was also responding to pictures of Lisa Kudrow,” another actress on the TV program Friends, explains Matias Ison, one of the study’s authors. The actresses were often on-screen together, so it makes sense the brain would create a link.

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Take Off the Blinders

by Pete Bissonette

Have you ever missed something that could have made you a million dollars?

Did someone else see an opportunity that was right before YOUR eyes, but you missed it?

Do you feel oblivious to what’s going on around you?

The easy way to rip off the blinders is to use the Seeing the Unseen Paraliminal.

This trains your nonconscious mind to perceive more of what is around you and nudge you when there is something you need to pay attention to.

You can develop Sherlock Holmes’s remarkable proficiencies of observation and logical reasoning.

Paul Scheele, who created our Paraliminals, has said again and again: you have remarkable capacities of perception waiting to be tapped.

Every image and sound can be observed and acted upon.

Using Seeing the Unseen turns on your powers of observation so your brain recognizes patterns and makes important connections.

We live in a crazy world where we all need all the help we can possibly get, and the Paraliminals are remarkable tools to make sure your mind supports you in every way possible.

It’s time for you to catch what others miss.

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Calming Anxiety

by Pete Bissonette

Anxiety reminds us that we are human. It’s a natural, anchoring response we all have but don’t want.

Just writing about it gives me the willies.

Listening to any Paraliminal often calms anxiety right away, but the best, by far, is Anxiety-Free.

This Paraliminal has two sessions. Listening to Session A calms anxiety by transforming it into positive energy.

Session B handles fears about objects or impending events. Objects could be a juicy spider. Impending events could involve losing your job, a faltering relationship, giving a speech, illness, or what have you. It doesn’t matter, because…

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