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Recognize the Value of Your Memories

by Paul Scheele

Memories—good and bad—guide us throughout our lives, often because they remain unresolved.

When revisiting Paris 46 years after my first adventure in that glorious city, I stood in the presence of things I’d seen as a child.

I wondered at the magnificent Eiffel Tower, enjoyed the Louvre’s bronze sculpture of Hercules fighting the serpent, and gazed in awe at the Arc de Triomphe commemorating Napoleon’s imperial victories.

What was so amazing is that there I was suddenly having a physical realization of my youthful experience, remembering it all from my child’s mind, but as an adult. That mindful awareness gave me a sense of complete resolve and a wonderful feeling of peace and perspective.

You can achieve that same sense of calm and completion even when you stand in witness to troubling childhood memories.

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Giving a Presentation with Ease

by Pete Bissonette

You have the capacity to speak with ease and effectiveness, no matter the situation.

Don’t believe me? Here’s how:

When you need to express your ideas clearly and confidently, you just have to get your nonconscious resources online.

Use the Talking to Win Paraliminal. It can help you with giving a speech, making a presentation, delivering a eulogy, doing a performance review, or confronting someone during a difficult conversation.

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Learn Faster with Sleep

by Pete Bissonette

Want to rev up your brain’s processing speeds?

Give it a reboot between study sessions.

Alternating sleep with studying may increase the speed and efficiency in which we learn, suggests a study from the Association for Psychological Science.

A research team led by psychological scientist Stephanie Mazza presented 16 French-Swahili word pairings to 40 French adults assigned to either a “sleep” group or a “wake” group. During two rounds of testing, participants typed French translations to the Swahili words. Incorrect translations were presented in subsequent trials until all pairings were correctly translated.

The sleep group completed their first test in the evening, slept, and tested a second time in the morning, 12 hours later. The wake group first tested in the morning, went about their day, and retested 12 hours later in the evening.

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Does Your Life Feel Flat?

by Pete Bissonette

Does your life feel flat?

Does something not seem right? Do you feel off? Empty?

That’s when you want to listen to the Fresh Start Paraliminal, preferably just before bed so you can get a good night’s sleep or first thing in the morning to fend off that feeling.

Listening dissipates flat feelings as it helps you find immediate feelings of joy and acceptance.

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Creativity on Demand

by Pete Bissonette

How can some people be instantly creative while others have to wait for the muse to strike?

How can some people have streams of original ideas while others draw blanks?

Using his immense expertise in neuro-linguistic programming and how the brain works, Dr. Paul Scheele, who himself is brilliantly creative, figured it out. He put this powerful inner-mind strategy in the Creativity Supercharger Paraliminal for you.

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