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Follow Rules or Passion?

by Pete Bissonette

Following rules gets you the greater success in schools. But following your passion gets you the greatest success in life. They are at opposite ends of the spectrum.

Schools reward perfection. They require playing it safe and following rules.

Careers reward courage. They require taking risks and following passion.

If you want more success, play with letting go of any perfectionist tendencies. Get outside of your comfort zone and be open to new possibilities—that’s being courageous.

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Be an American Idol

by Pete Bissonette

A few years ago I heard from two of our clients who called us the “American Idol” of transformation.

At first I thought it was because we find extraordinary mentors who create breakthrough programs with us.

But that’s not it.

It’s because we help make your dreams come true. Just like on the American Idol TV series, which I absolutely love.  (There is something about people stepping out for what they want that really gets me excited.)

We all have dreams of who we want to be in our lives, what we want to do, what we want to get, and all we want to have. It’s the being, doing, getting, and having of our ideal lives.

What keeps us from living our dreams? Sometimes it is a belief or a misplaced emotion or an unrefined skill or some resistance somewhere. But we keep moving forward. I know that has been the case these past 30 years for Paul Scheele and me since we introduced the first Paraliminal.

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Erasing Guilt, Shame, and Regret

by Pete Bissonette


A client confided in me about the guilt, shame, and regret that haunted him from his teenage years.

It related to extreme dysfunction in his family and poor choices he made.

I suggested the New History Generator, Session A, because it would loosen the binds. It would help him release unresolved emotional issues.

About a year later he called back saying the New History Generator had profound effects on his emotional life. He completely shifted how he felt about the past.

And, there were two unexpected consequences.

First, he began eating better and lost a lot of weight.

Second, his allergies completely disappeared.

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Fall Back on Healthy Habits

by Pete Bissonette

Mindless behavior can sometimes have damaging effects. But it also could be a key player in reaching your goals this year.  A study by the American Psychological Association showed we are just as likely to default to positive habits as we are to negative habits—even in times of stress.

“When we try to change our behavior, we strategize about our motivation and self-control. But what we should be thinking about instead is how to create new habits. Habits persist even when we are tired and don’t have the energy to exert self-control,” said Wendy Wood, professor of Psychology and Business at the University of Southern California.

In one experiment, Wood followed university students for a semester. During the time leading up to exams, when students were most stressed, they were most likely to fall back on old habits, good or bad. Those who routinely ate junk food were more likely to stick to this pattern, while those who ate healthfully continued their routine.

Similarly, students who routinely read the newspaper in the morning were even more likely to read the paper under stress. Gym regulars were more likely to go to the gym—even with limited time. Woods observed it was as if the students lacked the energy to do something new.

“Habits don’t require much willpower and thought and deliberating,” says Woods. “So the real question for behavior change effects should be, how can you form healthy, productive habits?”

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Are You Boring?

by Pete Bissonette

The easiest way to NOT be boring is to be magnetic.

The shortcut to being magnetic is the Instantaneous Personal Magnetism Paraliminal.

All you have to do is listen to that Paraliminal within a couple of hours of seeing someone who you feel is magnetic and zip/zap you take on their magnetism.

How could that be?

You already know that every cell of your body contains a dynamic movement of electric and magnetic forces. In most people, this potential energy is seldom used to any great advantage.

A magnetic personality focuses that available energy to create dynamic personal characteristics.

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