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The Sleep Prescription

by Pete Bissonette

The longer days of summer can mean an uptick in energy for many, along with increased levels of activity. The result: more work and play—and less rest.

But don’t let that extra daylight rob you of your sleep!

Adequate sleep is essential for optimal mental, emotional, and physical health—not to mention your happiness, according to Marci Shimoff, co-creator of our Happy for No Reason Paraliminal.

One study published in the journal Science found that the quality of our sleep has a greater influence on our ability to enjoy our day than our income or our marital status. Yet, we remain a sleep-deprived culture.

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Triggered by Nasty People?

by Pete Bissonette

When what other people say or do bugs you or triggers equally nasty thoughts or behaviors in you, reach for the New Option Generator Paraliminal.

It will give your brain a new way to respond—whether it’s an internet troll, misguided politician, self-centered family member, or lazy co-worker. I’m sure someone immediately comes to mind from that small list.

Never ever let what someone else says or does keep you from enjoying a happy and joyous life. Never let someone cause contraction within you. Keep your personal power.

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Hacking the Law of Attraction

by Pete Bissonette

1) Think of what you want to attract. What is your goal?

2) Which category of energy best covers it?

Physical energy including greater health, well-being, and using your body.

Emotional energy including greater peace, joy, and love along with supportive and balanced emotions.

Mental energy including mental prowess, success, wisdom, and spiritual growth.

3) Think of a person who models the energetic vibration you would like to experience. Choose someone who has a higher level of energetic vibration than you currently experience.

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Getting What You Want

by Pete Bissonette

How can you get your nonconscious mind working to get you what you want?

Maybe you want a better job, new car, updated wardrobe, a healthy relationship, to get rid of a cold, or most anything else. Do you have something in mind?

The best Paraliminal to use, believe it or not, is Prosperity.

You see, this Paraliminal 1) helps your mind stay focused on what you want, and 2) keeps your antenna always on the lookout and drawing it to you.

Decades ago Earl Nightingale said, “You become what you think about.” The problem is that today’s fragmented and fast-paced world makes it challenging to stay focused on something. That’s where the Prosperity Paraliminal comes in.

It keeps a part of you—your powerful nonconscious mind—focused on what you want.

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Peak Performance

by Pete Bissonette

On a scale of 1 through 10, where are you on this continuum when it comes to one of your goals?:

1 =Complete Lack of Motivation 10 = Peak Performance

What number would you select for yourself as it relates to that goal?

Now the big question: Why did you choose a number so high and not lower?

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