Receiving Bliss: Sacred Visualization and the Healing Frequencies of Sound and Color with Deirdre Hade

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Use sound and color to open your intuitive heart, access the song of your soul, and find calm

by Pete Bissonette

Most of us on the “spiritual path” want more illumination and Oneness in our lives with less pull from disruptive circumstances.

This spring a friend had problems with his air conditioning just months after the warranty ran out. Even though he had the funds to fix the problem, a stream of “woe is me” stories ran through his head. He complained to everyone.

“Everything is made to fail when the warranty expires.”

“Just my luck. If there is a chance for something to fail, it will.”

“I don’t have time to deal with this now. Why did it have to happen to me?”

How about you? How would you have responded?

I’m asking because the Receiving Bliss programs make it easier for you NOT to be a stream of “woe is me” stories.

Receiving Bliss makes it easier to experience illumination and Oneness. To see the God, the Universe, perfection in everything. Even when the air conditioning goes out.

So many people in these turbulent times have become focused on what is wrong, what isn’t working, what we “should” be afraid of. The more they do this, the more stuck they become and the more real that perceived reality seems. They’ve forgotten who they are without the stories they are buying into.

That can change for you through Receiving Bliss.

With a “let it be” attitude you can more easily deal with problems while remaining happy and calm.

And you’ll be doing this by exploring how to use Sound and Color with Divine Intention and Sacred Visualization.

Your mentor, Deirdre Hade, will bring you through experiences of receiving bliss and letting it flow into your day-to-day life. This is about learning to live your life in the most ideal way possible.

Your Receiving Bliss Recordings

Your 4-session experience will last somewhere between one and two hours per session.

You can purchase the video recordings right now for 5 monthly payments for $30.

Receiving Bliss: Sacred Visualization and the Healing Frequencies of Sound and Color (Digital)
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Receiving Bliss comes with a 30-day, money-back, satisfaction guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with the experience, you may request a refund within 30 days after purchasing the program.

What is Receiving Bliss?

Deirdre Receiving Bliss is a 4-session experience designed to open a heart space and reveal the highest expression of who you are.

This means resistance will drop, it will be easier to live on purpose, and bliss will find its way into your daily life…even with the distress and challenges of the day.

Your mentor Deirdre Hade has been leading Receiving Bliss programs for us since early 2020. Each one is a standalone program, and each one helps you go deeper and deeper.

Receiving Bliss a perfect way to use your inner self to create a better outer self.

It helps you create a world around you without inner turmoil, without outer drama, without stress and anxiety…and…

Create a world flowing with happiness, joy, peace, contentment, and gratitude. With love, kindness, and forgiveness. With light, expansion, and harmony.

Those are not just words. They are representations of the qualities of living when you are fully expressed as you truly are. Deirdre calls it bliss, and hence the name, Receiving Bliss.

In each Receiving Bliss program, Deirdre uses different themes to guide you through the truths of the universe, and in this December's program that just concluded, you will explore Sacred Visualization and the Healing Frequencies of Sound and Color.

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Receiving Bliss: Sacred Visualization and the Healing Frequencies of Sound and Color (Digital)
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Experiences of past participants

Here are a few comments from the June Receiving Bliss on the “Healing Flowers of the Angelic Realm.”

“Deirdre helped me see the divine in nature. It’s a different experience going out for a walk now. It’s almost like God is talking to me everywhere. I was not expecting it, but I am so happy for it.”
— Tom

“I had a huge throat healing. And every time I experience the ‘Garden,’ it becomes more beautiful and more real for me. It was lovely, eye-opening, and very healing, on the basic level of Nature herself. Thank you, Deirdre, for another beautiful course!”
— Amy Sillers from Belpre, Ohio

“Thanks to Deirdre for helping us experience the non-physical foundations of our beings with more confidence and authority.”
— June 2022 participant

“This virtual retreat has expanded the way that I work with the flower essences and I am very protective of my plants even more as I sense their energy even greater now. I have more peace and calmness generally.”
— S. Hart from England

“I was surprised about my new appreciation for flowers and the natural world after the course. I am glad to have it.”
— June 2022 participant

“I had been gently activating my chakras daily prior to this training, but Deirdre taught me to envision them as flowers. It is so easy, memorable, and more powerful. Since the program I’ve been focusing on activating my heart energy more. I love it!”
— June 2022 participant

“I have always felt a connection to nature especially trees and flowers, so this course was fun getting to know what the flower's ‘jobs’ were. The time spent just felt good, like ‘home.’”
— Katie from North Aurora

“Deirdre’s shared wisdom, guided experiences, and how to bring the practices into my daily life was perfection!”
— Ellen Ruth from California

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Receiving Bliss: Sacred Visualization and the Healing Frequencies of Sound and Color (Digital)
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It's Risk Free!