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Dear Friend

Jean Ketcham got it all.

  • Brand new BMW
  • 34-foot yacht
  • Expensive art collection
  • Spectacular apartment in downtown Minneapolis
  • Million-Dollar condo in Naples, Florida
  • A business with over 70,000 Facebook followers

"I credit it all to the Unlimited Futures course," she told me when I visited her in her brand-new apartment overlooking downtown Minneapolis.

Here’s Jean with one of her art pieces. "I always wanted expensive art, and Unlimited Futures gave me the path to make it a reality," she said.

Jean with artwork

The first time she used the Unlimited Futures process she manifested a brand-new BMW.

She revisits the process often, because, as she says, "It works, so I keep using it. A 34-foot yacht came from one of those times. I would not have gotten the yacht without the process."

Here it is:

Do you have dreams? Is there stuff, or experiences, or qualities of life you’d like to manifest?

Manifest means to take an idea or something from the imagination and make it real, allowing it to show in the physical, day-to-day world.

Would you like to know how Jean manifested everything in her life?

Please register today for the Learning Strategies FREE Unlimited Futures Mindfest starting Monday November 11th.

Unlimited Futures brings you through 7 steps in a systematic and immersive way that will change your life.

During the six days of the FREE event you will:

Heal and strengthen your nervous system, which, believe it or not is crucial for manifestation. And you will dive into life-changing processes to help you live a life of ease and abundance, success and happiness… on your own terms.

Just like Jean. And just like thousands of others who have been through the Unlimited Futures program.

Meet Bobbie Stevens

Bobbie Stevens, Ph.D.Unlimited Futures is not about working harder, and it is not about working smarter. It's about rethinking everything. And that's what Bobbie Stevens, Ph.D. did for you.

Bobbie made a remarkable discovery that totally changed her life, the results of which inspired her to create Unlimited Futures for the development of the unlimited potential we all have within ourselves.

Bobbie's process helps you discover who you are, how you function, your purpose, and how to accomplish it.

You unwrap the process in a brilliantly simple, perfectly methodical online course that evokes a feeling of wisdom rather than appealing to your intellect.

What you get

In the Unlimited Futures Mindfest, you will work with all areas of body, mind, emotions, and spirit simultaneously. It is fully wholistic, which can put your mind at ease when manifesting possessions.

As you go through the week, you release stress and refine the energy of the mind/body system. That frees you to discover and activate potent right brain abilities within yourself.

You will begin to understand laws of nature and how they work to create your experiences every single day.  Old beliefs will disappear as new insights take their place.

You will naturally begin to live in harmony with the laws of nature, right from within yourself, and right into your everyday activities.

You will automatically start making better choices as you develop an uncanny ability to see everything from a totally different perspective.

You will be handed tools for creating whatever you want your life to be. A loving parent, bestselling writer, successful business person, corporate trainer—whatever. It does not matter. What you dream for your life will be easier to create with what you will learn.

All of this through a time-tested process that moves you into a new level of function and experience.  You actually experience moving out of a life of limits into an unlimited future.

Getting concrete results in your life

Bobbie is committed to making sure you see results in your life right after the first session on Monday November 11th, the first day of the Unlimited Futures Mindfest. You may not get that BMW Tuesday morning, but you will know something is changing in your life for the positive.

The six days of the Unlimited Futures Mindfest will help keep you accountable to your own success. They will help keep you on track. They will help bring Bobbie’s teachings into your life.

To have results like Jean, follow the assignments Bobbie gives you between each session (there are two sessions each day). They relate to your life, your goals, and the choices you want to create.

Yes, you can skimp on the assignments, but we know the best results have come from those who have followed Bobbie’s advice to the letter.

These assignments include mental exercises, creative visualizations, mini-meditations, and energizers. Energizers are yoga stretches designed to strengthen your nervous system to better create your choices in life. We’ll have a video of energizers for you to watch.

How to Enroll
The First Day of the Unlimited Futures Mindfest is Monday November 11th.

Click here to register for FREE:

Take the journey!

You will come to understand how to create unlimited futures in your life.

  • The role we each play in creating our own experiences.
  • Beliefs – where they come from and how they affect our lives.
  • How to increase your capacity for success.
  • The difference between moderately successful people and highly successful people.
  • How to develop your intuition.
  • Creating optimal health.
  • Change – how to enjoy it, rather than being overwhelmed by it.
  • Empowerment – discovering your own inner power.
  • Seven steps in the creative process, and how we can work with them to create whatever we want.

If you want to create a magnificent life for yourself, take a deep breath in, smile, and commit. Get your Free Pass.

For your unlimited futures,
Pete Bissonette
Pete Bissonette

Here are your sessions
of the free Unlimited Futures Mindfest...

Day 1
November 11

How We Manifest and Why It’s Possible
The Creative Process

Day 2
November 12

Choices and Meditation
Expanded Awareness, Seeing Possibilities

Day 3
November 13

Beliefs Create Our Experiences
You Are One with the Wholeness of the Universe

Day 4
November 14

You Are Perfectly Suited for Fulfilling Your Purpose
Bring Your Internal World to the External World

Day 5
November 15

Choose to Become a Master Receiver
Money is Just Energy

Day 6
November 16

Relationships and the Seven Steps
Keep It Going

Here's How You'll Get Access:

You will be participating in the Unlimited Futures Mindfest as an Online Virtual Event.

Online Audio Player
You will have access to each of the sessions by online audio for FREE. Get your Free Pass!

Here Are The Dates

For six consecutive days

Monday, November 11 - Saturday, November 16

New sessions will be available each day.

24 hours to Listen!

Each session will be available for 24 hours. Day 1 will be available beginning at 10:00 a.m. US Central time on Monday until 9:30 a.m. US Central time on Tuesday. We will continue this pattern throughout the week.

The reason I've structured the event this way is because I want everyone around the world to be able to listen, regardless of their time zone (and without having to get up in the middle of the night to listen!).

It is all available for FREE...

Meet your mentor...

About Bobbie Stevens

Bobbie Stevens, Ph.D., is the founder and CEO of Unlimited Futures, LLC, an organization that has been providing programs for the development of human potential for over thirty years. She holds doctorates in psychology and business management.

After a successful business career, she founded The American Institute for Creativity, Health and Productivity. Dr. Stevens' work has resulted in a higher quality of life for thousands of individuals. Her executive development programs have made outstanding contributions to many Fortune 500 firms, as well as numerous smaller companies.

Many years ago Dr. Stevens made a discovery that totally changed her life; the results of which inspired her to create and provide programs for the development of the unlimited potential we all have within ourselves.

She has written a book entitled Unlimited Futures: How to Understand the Life You Have and Create the Life You Want, to share this discovery with many more people. Unlimited Futures helps people to understand the role they play in creating their own life experiences, and to use the innate ability we all possess for taking charge of our lives. With specific examples, Dr. Stevens shows us how our limited beliefs keep us in the “same old ruts.”

Here are stories from others who have used Unlimited Futures...

"Energizer aspect makes your meditation experience more profound."
—Shakila Nargis from Pakistan
" Bobbie helped me understand how my physical wellbeing is instrumental to my ability to connect to Devine intelligence and that has been transformative in my spiritual journey. I therefore think this is a wonderfully effective program and I would encourage everyone to do it."
—Rose James from Silver Spring, Maryland
"For many years, I have been like a caterpillar, focused only on what I could put into my gut. After all, the caterpillar must consume enough to have the energy to complete metamorphosis. Some consume 27,000 times their body weight. I ingested more than just food – the weight of endless projects, worries, and debts. Like a caterpillar, which increases its body mass by as much as 1,000 times or more, I gained size and mass, not only in weight, but in stress and health issues. I tried to keep track of everything at once. Like a caterpillar, I thought I had 12 eyes, but that did not help my vision. I could only differentiate between light and dark and could not see beyond that. I did not put much value on my talents. Like a bagworm caterpillar, I used silk to join dead foliage together for a shelter to hide in. Like a caterpillar, I had 10 pairs of legs that went every which way, but only 3 pairs were true legs that allowed me to climb. It was really slow going, inching forward day by day and sometimes sliding back.
"Finally the darkest of times came, and I found myself locked in a cocoon. I longed to emerge as something new, but how could that be? But now, new ideas are beginning to weave their way in. Metamorphosis is beginning. A colorful butterfly is emerging with a new passion for life’s purpose."
—C.K. South Milwaukee