Watch Master Lin demonstrate Spring
Forest Qigong on television

Listen to the "American Health Report" radio program featuring Spring Forest Qigong - FREE!

A Minneapolis television station aired an 8-minute special newsreport on Master Chunyi Lin and Spring Forest Qigong. You see him teaching Qigong and healing other people. You will see people practicing Qigong, and you will hear their remarkable stories.

The American Health Report program features 25-minutes of interviews and information. You will hear many stories about how others have used Spring Forest Qigong for health and healing and gain insight into how to you can also use this ancient healing secret that can erase pain, disease, and sickness at amazing speeds.

If you are interested in learning Spring Forest Qigong, but are not convinced to purchase the course we will send you this video for free. But, with our six-month money-back satisfaction guarantee, you would receive much more benefit if you simply start with the actual course. Don’t use the video as a way to delay your experiencing Qigong.

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CD-ROM with the News Report and Radio Program Watch the News Report on your computer, or listen to the Radio Program in your CD player or computer

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