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Spring Forest Qigong Basic Course includes:

(Level One)

    Spring forest qigong
  • 4 compact discs, giving you the fascinating background of Qigong and a strong foundation to begin harnessing the power of Qi in your life.

  • 1 compact disc with two sets of Qigong exercises. Play this CD while you learn the exercises. Master Lin gently guides you through the different movements to build confidence.

  • 1 compact disc with two Qigong meditations. My favorite is called "Small Universe."

  • 1 DVD with Master Lin demonstrating the exercises. We produced the DVD in the tranquil Noerenberg Gardens on the shores of Lake Minnetonka. The calming natural surroundings offers an ideal setting for learning Qigong. Master Lin also demonstrates how to send energy to heal others.

  • 1 course manual. This manual provides you with the key points of Spring Forest Qigong, descriptions of each exercise, and photographs to aid your learning.

    And, as a bonus for you...

  • 1 compact disc of inspiring original music, called "Inner Beauty", which you can play in the background while exercising or meditating. The music came to Master Lin during a five-hour early morning meditation. "A diamond studded piano fell from the heavens like a shooting star," he said. After the meditation he copied the music he heard and gave it to musicians to play.

30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

We guarantee your satisfaction with your course. If you are dissatisfied for any reason, you may return any time within 30 days from purchase for a full refund, less shipping and handling. That should give you plenty of time to try it out.

If you are intrigued, then you owe it to yourself to check it out. We’ve done what we can to make it risk-free.

Qigong corrects a heart defect and 12-year-old boy named MVP 1999

Imagine a 12-year-old soccer-loving boy with a heart defect that diminished stamina. He could only play a few minutes before his energy depleted and his face reddened with exhaustion.

That was Eric McVeigh, who was diagnosed at birth with aortic stenosis. This is a narrowing or obstruction of the aortic valve, causing it to open/close improperly and to obstruct the flow of blood from the left ventricle of the heart to the aorta. This valve disfunction caused contaminated blood to leak affecting his overall stamina. He fatigued easily and found it challenging to keep up with kids his age and size.

Eric and his mother, Pat, travelled to Minnesota for Qigong healing sessions with Master Lin. Immediately, Eric’s stamina increased. An ultrasound exam revealed significant growth in the defective valve and that it had thinned substantially. The leakage of contaminated blood had almost stopped.

In the fall Eric made the championship soccer team of Calgary’s North Division and was named Most Valuable Player. He is able to play an entire game with normal rotation and without exhaustion.

Eric’s mother also noticed that he is not tired at the end of the school day as he always was in the past thanks to his work with Spring Forest Qigong.

And Finally, the conclusion...

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