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How can you affect the world around you? How can you have a better life for you and those you care about?

Consider the Law of Attraction. Not the blink-of-an-eye, cartoon version, but the actual version of aligning your emotions, thoughts, and actions with a clear vision of what you want in your life.

That’s the mission of Paul Scheele’s Paraliminal Retreat coming up this fall. While it will be virtual in presentation, your results will be in-person and real-life practical.

Let’s look at what he has designed for the nine sessions of your 3-day immersion:

Living the Law of Attraction

(Session 1)

You could also call it, “Be the change you wish to see in YOUR world.”

The universe loves and supports you and can only say “Yes” to the thoughts, feelings, and behaviors you create. When you love yourself as much as the universe loves you, you raise your energetic frequency, and anything is possible.

It is difficult to create what you want when being in lower, contracted frequencies such as those felt when in lack, fear, or anger.

Paul will help you through the LIVE Paraliminals he will perform for you.

Throughout the live video retreat Paul will play specific Paraliminals where you will be hearing a voice in each ear speaking to different parts of your brain. He will add an additional voice live to highly customize the experience so it fits beautifully with the purpose of the retreat.

Your first live Paraliminal will be based on Paul’s Self-Love creation.

Present Positives

(Sessions 2 & 3)

Session 2 will help you realize what is positive in your life right now. You will recognize that your trajectory in life has brought you here to this moment.

You will acknowledge the good that has come your way and accept your power to create your future.

Paul’s live Paraliminal for this session will be based on his New History Generator, Session A.

The next session will be from a position of clarity and confidence in the abundance around and within you, so that you can ASK for full access to the greater good awaiting you… so you can focus on what you are choosing to create.

This is one of the crucial ask-believe-receive elements of the Law of Attraction. Paul’s live Paraliminal comes from the Asking Paraliminal he created with Jack Canfield. This is in Jack’s Effortless Success personal learning course.

Present Negatives (Not as bad as it sounds.)

(Sessions 4 & 5)

Session 4 helps you recognize things in your life that you do not want. Paul will help you raise your vibration whenever you feel yourself dropping into an emotional funk.

In part, it is about surrounding yourself with people who are able to support your vision and are already living in the desired future you choose to create.

The live Paraliminal for this session comes from Positive Relationships, Session B.

The following session: As you confront the feelings of lack or limitation surrounding the “not yet attained” goal, Paul will guide you to hold the simultaneous representations of your ideal future and present situation to initiate the path of least resistance. This will help you flow toward your future positive and relentlessly BELIEVE you will attain it.

The live Paraliminal track will be spoken over Jack and Paul’s Believing Paraliminal from Effortless Success. Unless you have Effortless Success, you have not heard the regular version of this Paraliminal, let alone a live version!

Future Positive (What you want.)

(Sessions 6 & 7)

Session 6 has an important theme to embrace: Every day is an opportunity to create your life anew.

The live Paraliminal will be Power Thinking, which Paul originally created with Law of Attraction master Bob Proctor.

The next session holds this guidance: Every day remember to open your arms wide to the universe supplying your every need and RECEIVE the good that is trying to flow your way.

Paul’s live Paraliminal will be based on Receiving. This is the third Living the Law of Attraction Paraliminal that he created with Jack. It is both part of Effortless Success and the Ultimate You Library of Paraliminals.

Future Negatives (Again, not as bad as it sounds.)

(Sessions 8 & 9)

Session 8 will tell you something you already know: No matter your intentions, something is bound to happen to try to mess things up. They can be experienced as setbacks and the common syndrome of doubting that you’ll ever arrive.

You’ll learn on a deep inner level how to take heart and stay in the race.

Depending on the needs of the participants, Paul will create live Paraliminal sessions from Euphoria! or You Deserve It!, which he created with Lisa Nichols.

In the final session of your retreat you will remember the great fullness available to, and the abundance that is yours to enjoy. This is much more than an intellectual experience. You will experience it through every cell of your body and particle of your being.

As in the previous two sessions, Paul will decide on Sunday which Paraliminal will be best for you. It will be either Gratitude or Happy for No Reason, which he created with Marci Shimoff.

What a weekend you have coming your way. Perhaps you can identify with T.K. who wrote us after a previous Paraliminal Retreat, which was a complete reboot for him:

“I was exhausted by my stressful job and am at a turning point in my life. The word reboot was the clincher for me- exactly what I felt I needed. (I was right!) The weekend was extremely beneficial for me. I also feel that I understand now, how to give myself a mini reboot at home as I need it.” T.K., CEO

Paul Scheele


It is all about YOU
activating and living the
Law of Attraction

Paul will help you find the calm at your center as he guides you through nine live Paraliminal sessions. They will encompass your entire being and revitalize everything good about you.

The weekend clearly will impact your most important goal of the year in ways you may not have imagined. Paul has designed it so you will see real results in your first week after the retreat whether you want a more purpose-driven life, better relationships, a more satisfying career, or perfect health and well-being. Your goals and intentions are your choice, and Paul will help guide your inner mind to support you in every way possible.

This is Paul’s fifth Paraliminal Retreat, each with differing themes. They were here in Minnesota, Australia, and Europe. This is the first virtual retreat, which means you can experience it from the intimacy of your home.

Many of our past virtual retreats have been filmed with five cameras, where you see everything going on in the room. This one will feel it is just you and Paul. It will be like he is talking and guiding and inspiring and motivating just you. Very cool.

Here’s what Paul says:

Imagine selecting one major goal or up to four smaller ones. These are important enough that when achieved, the world changes for you and you notice it.

We will have mini-sessions throughout the weekend that illuminate your gifts and talents and allow your nonconscious mind to reveal an emerging energy tagged with possibility.

We will capture that in the live Paraliminals. This will lead to deep changework throughout the weekend.

As we sit together with headphones, ready for a Paraliminal session, you set your intention, close your eyes, and relax.

Everyone joining our retreat will experience the same session, creating the real gem of our gathering. Our brains will synchronize around the world to the exact same Holosync frequency at the same moment, creating a resonance field that amplifies the impact and benefits of the inner work we do.

It’s like linking dozens of supercomputers together at once. The power becomes amazing.

At the same time that everyone’s brains are vibrating at such a deep level of learning and change, I will do a live “third voice” to each Paraliminal that brings you the biggest value of all.

Not only will you hear two versions of me in the headphones from the recording, but I’ll be bringing in a live third version. This version will be one that ties each Paraliminal to each other so that as you go through the nine sessions, they stitch together like multiple engines on a train working to bring you to your destination.

The weekend retreat is a Paraliminal come to life.

You already appreciate the power of the Paraliminals in guiding your nonconscious mind. Now they become supercharged with me working for you in person to achieve your dreams.

You will not have to study anything. You will not have to learn theories. Come with an important goal or intention, relax, and bask in the experience. When the retreat is completed, you re-integrate into your life with a refreshing new outlook, knowing you are a new person ready for a new set of experiences.

“As result of attending the Paraliminal retreat, I was able to remove obstacles, while also gaining renewed energy toward reaching my desired outcomes.” M. Sands, Lorton, Virginia


A mini-retreat with all of the benefits
of a full retreat

“The live Paraliminals make it possible to get all of the benefits of a week-long retreat in simply three days,” said Paul.

Paul designs the weekend to provide you complete immersion into five life-enhancing opportunities that are mostly missing from most of our day-to-day lives: Relax. Reflect. Repair. Re-energize. Re-inspire.

Live Paraliminal sessions, deliberately selected by Dr. Paul and personally guided, are your golden ticket for the perfect weekend retreat of activating the Law of Attraction. There is nothing else like it anywhere.

That’s why 62% of last year’s participants signed up to join you and Paul this fall.

It was that powerful.

Yes, you will learn how to keep the Law of Attraction activation and amplifying in your life … and, you will learn more effective ways to use Paraliminals on your own … but, the weekend with Paul is something else … something powerful.

What you will experience will weave through your entire life, supporting your goals in ways you may not have considered.

Not only do you see immediate results from fully recharging your brain, body, and emotions—and activating the Law of Attraction, you also see how the magic of Paraliminal technology generates the up-leveling of your life when you return home.

You will know you cannot fail, you can only win.

And that’s what this weekend becomes for you. A living, breathing bridge to help you achieve your biggest and most important goals.

"I am at a major transition in my life without a new road map and knew that attending would give me a lot of direction and guidance, which it did....I think we all just wished it didn't have to end so soon.” - JC, San Diego, California

Relax, Transform, Achieve
(and save $200 today)

Can you join us?

Here are the dates and times:

Friday, Saturday, & Sunday

October 16, 17, & 18

10:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. US Central Time

Tuition is $880.

  • Save $200 when you enroll by September 16.
  • Save an additional $200 if you attended one of our four prior Paraliminal Retreats.
  • Place a $180 deposit to reserve your spot. The balance will be processed on October 9 by the same payment method used for your deposit unless other arrangements have been made.
  • Your deposit will be fully refundable until the class starts. We’re giving you as much flexibility as possible, so you can enroll now knowing that you can cancel up until the last minute if circumstances in your life change.

You will receive videos of the training for on-going review and renew in your online digital Library.

To enroll, please make a $180 deposit today. You can make your deposit by clicking on this link or calling our office during Minneapolis business hours at 952-767-9800.

“After the retreat I immediately found myself taking more action towards my goal. I was initiating conversations with people, being more confident with people, and being more calm in stressful social situations. I will definitely come back for the next one.” - Kenneth Kuo from Schaumburg, Illinois

Your Super Powers, Super You Bonus

You will have immediate access to Super Powers, Super You in your online digital Library when you enroll in Paul’s retreat.

In these seven video sessions, Paul shows you how to activate the super powers deep in your nonconscious mind so you can step out of your limitations and achieve extraordinary things in your life.

The session titles are:

Session 1 – Abundance & Money

Session 2 – Super Connection With Others

Session 3 – Super Results

Session 4 – Super Powers

Session 5 – Super Body

Session 6 – Super Emotions

Session 7 – Super Mind

These professionally produced sessions will help prepare you for…

Your weekend retreat-at-home
for real-life results

If you’ve ever attended a live event with Paul Scheele, whether virtual or in-person, you already know why people rave about the immense value they receive.

Coming up, Paul will help you effortlessly shake uneasiness out of your life with a course correction and regeneration. You’ll experience multiple inner mind “massages” that direct your nonconscious mind toward raising your energetic frequencies as you fully embrace all of the positives of the Law of Attraction.

And it sends you out in the world primed to make significant progress toward your goals.

All in three days. Make your $180 deposit to stream the weekend live from your home. We’ll follow up with more details when you enroll including how to make your at-home experience memorable, transformative, and life-altering.

Please let us know if you have any questions. We look forward to you being with Paul at his Paraliminal Weekend Retreat designed to activate the Law of Attraction.

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October 16-18, 2020
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