Improved brain functioning leads to...
Peak Performance, Pain-Relief,
Joy & Enthusiasm

Dear Friend,

Tell me if this at all sounds familiar…

Karen is in her 50s and works a desk job. Her weight’s okay, she’s reasonably active, but she is “feeling her age.”

She’s none too happy about it.

Her neck and shoulders are often tight, joints can ache, and overall stiffness can cause her to wince just getting out of her chair.

The days that are really frustrating are when she cannot even reach her shoes to tie her laces.

Know anybody like that? What would your advice be?

Would it be, “Try harder. Stretch! Stretch! Stretch!”?

That was my first thought. But I was wrong.

It’s probably not the worst advice you could give her, but that’s not the core problem. It is not stretching.


It's not the muscle's fault.
It's the brain's!

You see, no matter what Karen tries, she’s stiff and can’t stretch because the problem is not in her muscles (and it’s not her age!).

The problem is in her brain.

Her brain has forgotten how to “feel” parts of her body, her back, hips, and certain connections, because of a lifetime of unconscious movement.

The brain just becomes no longer aware of those parts. It cannot successfully direct the muscles to move in certain ways.

Your brain is doing the same thing.

But if you show your brain how to “perceive differences” a miracle can happen.

Your nonconscious mind will begin perceiving in all dimensions, which gets it the information it needs to map the body. It helps evolve your ability to think, feel, and move freely once again…just like in your younger days.

Let us show you simple movements that will immediately give your brain this new ability. Yes, immediately! You will see superfast results. And we will show it to you free of charge.


My mind-blowing experience

Over the past two years it became more difficult, even painful, for me to sit in the cross-leg position. And I’ve sat cross-legged to meditate for years. It was second nature. But something changed.

I tried everything from qigong to yoga to chiropractic, and it seemed to be getting worse and worse.

Then a woman named Anat Baniel, who I had known for 10 years, offered to guide me through her simple movements. Within 20 minutes I was sitting cross-legged without pain or discomfort! In just 20 minutes!!

Here’s her technical explanation: The human being always works as one system. When you want to improve, you have to address all aspects of yourself and provide the information for the brain to map and organize on an increasingly more complex and skillful level your movement, thinking, feeling, and emotions.

In other words: If you want to improve your ability to tie your own shoelaces (or sit cross-legged), it is important to bring your whole body and the rest of the self into the action to access more fully the remarkable capacities for healing, learning, and growing. We all possess these capacities already! We need to access them.

If you just work at trying to bend over, most likely you’ll find your improvement to be limited and you might begin experiencing pain in the process.

You have to do a wide variety of gentle movements that include all the body. You have to consciously become aware of your entire body and how it feels and moves. Then, when you have the brain perceiving differences and integrating more parts of yourself, the improvement is fast and transformational.

Anat Baniel will teach you these movements, which is called NeuroMovement, free of charge. I’ll tell you how you can do it in a bit.


This improved brain functioning leads to
Peak Performance

Doing the movements leads to growth and improvement of brain functioning.

With this method you don’t try to change behavior, but you help upgrade the functioning of your brain itself to become a more skilled brain.

A more skilled brain means performing at peak efficiency, because any skill requires continued process of differentiation, refinement, and increased complexity in the brain.

With a better, stronger brain, positive changes occur in all aspects of your life that otherwise may not be possible.

So, yes, doing these simple movements can help heal traumatic injuries to the aches and pains of daily life to reaching new levels of performance no matter your profession or avocation.

Competitive Athlete – Musician
Corporate Executive – Writer – Artist
Computer Coder – Welder – Race Car Driver

You can quickly and pleasurably go to heightened levels of performance while inspiring greater creativity and ease in both body and mind.


This improved brain functioning leads to

If you suffer from chronic pain…

If you have increased aches and pains…

If you are recovering from injury…

You can rapidly help relieve pain from injuries, chronic back pain, neck pain, joint pain, and problems from repetitive movements... returning you to a state of maximum harmony, ease, and pleasure in the body—and higher performance.


This improved brain functioning leads to
Joy & Enthusiasm

Do your days seem like every other day?

Do your dreams no longer matter?

It’s easy to get in a rut. By doing these simple movements, you wake up your brain, revitalize your life, begin to recognize possibilities, and have the vitality to explore them.

This means better relationships, increased fitness and well-being, better health, more vitality and vigor, and a new lease on life.

Simply doing these movements with attention that gave me back the ability to sit cross-legged in 20 minutes.

Science now shows that by activating the brain, we can continue to positively evolve and transform physically, mentally, and emotionally to experience a general increase in overall performance, energy, and enthusiasm.

I don’t know about you, but I want that…


Here's how to get it Free

Get your Free Pass today. Then, join us on June 15 when we will stream the sessions from Anat Baniel's NeuroMovement for Whole Body Fitness.

We are thrilled to make this free opportunity available to you with Anat this June. You will be able to show your brain how to "perceive differences" and successfully direct the muscles to move in certain ways.

For your personal best,
Pete Bissonette
Pete Bissonette

Here's How You'll Get Access:

You will be participating in the NeuroMovement Healingfest as an Online Virtual Event.

Online Video
You will have access to each of the sessions by online video for FREE. Get your Free Pass!

Here Are The Dates

For six consecutive days

Monday, June 15 - Saturday, June 20

New sessions will be available each day.

24 hours to Watch!

Each session will be available for 24 hours. Day 1 will be available beginning at 10:00 a.m. US Central time on Monday until 9:30 a.m. US Central time on Tuesday. We will continue this pattern throughout the week.

The reason the event is structured this way is because we want everyone around the world to be able to watch, regardless of their time zone (and without having to get up in the middle of the night to watch!).

It is all available for FREE...

Here is what is in store for you
beginning June 15...

9 Essentials video and
Lesson 1: On Back Folding Chest and Spine

Monday, June 15

9 Essentials video and
Lesson 2: On Side Moving Arms and Legs

Tuesday, June 16

9 Essentials video and
Lesson 3: On Back - Your Pelvis

Wednesday, June 17

9 Essentials video and
Lesson 4: On Belly - Twisting to Sitting

Thursday, June 18

9 Essentials video and
Lesson 5: Side Sitting - Head/Hip Connection

Friday, June 19

9 Essentials video and
Lesson 6: Whole Body Integration into Easy Swift Movement

Saturday, June 20

Introducing your mentor...

About Anat Baniel

Anat Baniel is the founder of Anat Baniel Method NeuroMovement, a powerful practice that takes advantage of the brain’s remarkable ability to change itself to heal body and mind. She studied clinical psychology and statistics, was trained as a dancer, and was a close professional associate of Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais. While still living in Israel, Anat worked with wounded war veterans, helping them recover lost mobility, overcome pain and limitation, and experience enhanced wellbeing.

Over the past 30 years, Anat has helped thousands of people from stroke patients to high-performing athletes overcome pain and reach new heights of performance, both physical and mental. She has seen remarkable outcomes in people with chronic pain, physical injuries, traumatic brain injuries, and limitations due to stroke or aging, as well as in high-performing athletes, musicians, dancers, business people, and others.

Anat’s work is at the forefront of the emerging brain plasticity field, helping wake up the brain to its greater potency for learning and change throughout life. Her innovative, scientifically based approach provides concrete and easy-to-use tools—the Nine Essentials—that enable adults (and children) to move beyond their limitations, making the seemingly impossible possible.

Anat is the author of the bestselling book Move Into Life and the acclaimed Kids Beyond Limits. She has trained hundreds of practitioners in this method. Anat and her team are currently collaborating with neuroscientists and technology experts on developing a neuroscience, neuroplasticity approach to rehabilitation. She and her team work out of the Anat Baniel Method Center in San Rafael, California.

Here are stories from those who have used Anat Baniel Method NeuroMovement

“I absolutely love your new NeuroMovement for Whole Body Fitness videos. I just did lesson #3, the Pelvic Clock. So delicious!!!! I felt beat up and had a back ache from moving boxes and furniture for three days. After the lesson, my pain is gone and I feel ready to deal with the next portion of my move. Thank you so much!!!”
– Birgit Jung-Schmitt, ABM Practitioner

“I have been practicing your method almost daily for over eight years, at first doing a lesson at a time and later 20 minutes a day plus 20 minutes of other exercises. I am now 85 years of age and last year I had an ‘acute’ stroke in the ‘pons’ area of my brain which affected almost all areas to some degree. My doctors were amazed at how well I responded to their initial examinations, the pressure and strength I had in my hands and legs. They are also amazed at my quick recovery less than four months later.
I immediately started doing ABM movements in the hospital and continued when I got home. My most challenging areas were balance and speech. I remembered your discs, Healthy Necks, Vol 1, CD 4, Imagination and Head Structure, particularly the mouth and tongue. Also Healthy Backs, Vol 1, CD 6, The Power Center, Breathing and Oscillating….
To make a long story short, on my third visit, I was ‘discharged’ by my Occupational, Physical, and Speech Therapists. And by continuing their therapies and your methods of awareness, concentration, isolating of muscles, and determination, I was walking unassisted within weeks and driving within two-and-a-half months.”

– Grace L.

“I recently purchased three ABM DVD programs which I received only last Saturday. I’ve started the Healthy Backs program, and already I am amazed at the results! In just a few days my chronic back pain has been greatly reduced, plus the freedom of movement in my back and pelvis is greater than it’s been in years, plus so many other benefits I’ve noticed. I’m just so excited about ABM and what it can do.
I want to add that since finishing Healthy Backs myself, my back is completely pain-free. After more than 25 years of chronic back pain, I thought this could never be possible! I am so grateful to Anat and ABM. I am telling as many people as I can about it. The work you’re doing is nothing short of miraculous.”

–Joe I.

“With the very first ABM exercise I did, I felt like my body that was dead for so long had come to life! I could feel the pain dissipating and something was happening on so many levels. Now, as I have progressed through three of your ABM DVD programs, all the physical pain and aches I have suffered in my life and have been carrying for so long are gone.”
–Maria N.

“I ordered the Healthy Necks and Shoulders DVD and started doing lessons the day after it arrived….I noticed almost immediately after starting the lessons that I was sleeping better. I also feel like I’m moving better and that I have more energy and focus….the movement is helping loosen up areas that have been stiff and/or stuck for many years….So, I thank you for this incredible method you have developed…..IT’S WORKING!!”
–Jennifer H.

“After the first lesson on the [Healthy Backs] DVD, I felt the tension in my jaw release. (I didn’t even know I had tension there!) I went through the DVD a number of times and by the last time, I was able to do all the movements and my hip pain was gone!
What I have noticed since then is that I move totally different. My whole body moves more fluidly and I pay much more attention to what I feel as I am moving….I am a 55-year-old woman and I no longer believe that pain and slowing down cognitively or physically are unchangeable outcomes of aging.”

– Christine B.

“I have had back problems for many years and these lessons have been a tremendous help. As a 2nd degree black belt, at age 51, it has been very beneficial to my martial arts. I plan to continue learning and doing this method for a variety of reasons including the ones mentioned, reasons not mentioned, and reasons I have yet to discover!”
– Laura M.