Seeds of Enlightenment

Meditation 1
Conscious Awareness in the Present Moment
Experience your life without the mind interpreting, judging, and limiting you. The day-to-day mind is a wonderful tool, but it cannot experience enlightenment. Its very function is to discern, extract, and separate one thing from another. Faced with an energy that is indivisible, the mind cannot compute. The mind can barely imagine the energy, let alone deal with it. The tool for the job is your awareness.

As you do the first meditation, you become conscious of your awareness by sitting in the present moment. You experience firsthand how you create your moment-to-moment reality. It doesn’t happen to you, you create it through the Sea of Awareness. (In Spring Forest Qigong, Chunyi Lin calls this the emptiness.)

You come to know awareness as you become conscious of it, again, by sitting in the present moment. Consciousness reveals awareness. Consciousness is the aspect of awareness that knows itself. Enlightenment is when you are continuously conscious of awareness, and awareness takes precedent over any chatter in your mind.

Meditation 2
Intention and Feedback
Every single thought or intention that you infuse into the Sea of Awareness is duty bound to come into being. Thought and intention create sensations that can be felt. During this meditation you learn how to read the feedback through your sensations so that you can discern their meaning. The more aware you become of your intention by examining the feedback from your sensations, the more you recognize whether you are in alignment. This is how you navigate your moment-to-moment reality.

When you dwell as the Sea of Awareness, create through intention, and decipher the simultaneous feedback, you understand the precise mechanism by which all existence comes into being. You are then able to engage in that creation fully. This is an experience of enlightenment.

Meditation 3
Overcoming Limitation
You hold all possibility within yourself. You’ve heard that many times before. With this meditation you will recognize that it is true.

Let’s say you have a belief that limits you, such as “I’m not good enough.” When you work with the energies of openness and clarity, you allow for natural expansion, which reinstates the natural flow and automatically overrides limitation. The shadow of “I’m not good enough” disappears.

You will be able to reproduce this ability to override limitation in any situation of your everyday life. When you are in a stressful, negative, or contracting situation, you can merely pause and use intention. You can do this with your eyes closed or your eyes open. You’ll find the stress draining immediately as natural expansion flows through the situation. This is very, very powerful.

Being free from limitations, open to all possibilities, is an experience of enlightenment.

Meditation 4
Energy Centers
The energy centers of your body are windows into your being. These windows reveal different aspects of your nature. They are places for you to access your special gifts. As you open your energy centers, you optimize the natural flow of energy. You heighten your ability to see fully into every aspect of your being.

You notice pleasant side effects in your life. You become less likely to be trapped by your emotions and less likely to have your mind try to control every situation. You find it easier to love yourself and others. You find that your ability to communicate grows and develops. You find your intuition blossoming. And you find it easier to connect with the Sea of Awareness.
If you look at the illustration contained elsewhere in this packet, you’ll see the energy centers as concentrations of color through the center of the body.

Meditation 5
Energy Bodies
Your physical body is contained within your energy bodies, all of which are integral to the Sea of Awareness. Your energy bodies represent your being as seen through the differing frequencies of the energy spectrum.

Use intention to create optimum flow within the energy bodies. Optimum flow in the energy bodies facilitates states of being from joy and love to peace and wisdom. They are the many faces of alignment with the Sea of Awareness.

If you look at the illustration contained elsewhere in this packet, you’ll see the energy bodies as layers of color and texture surrounding the body.

Meditation 6
Trust and Surrender
This meditation helps you create attraction and alignment by experiencing the power of trust and surrender.

The first element of trust is Openness -- your ability to reach a state of expansion and being open to all possibilities. The second is Willingness -- the earnestness to take the steps needed and use techniques that shift your beliefs. The third is Courage -- the courage to move beyond what you previously thought possible. The fourth element is Surety -- the certainty that everything is okay even when you do not have proof. When you extend trust in this way, you bring forth the fifth element of Safety.

Surrender means letting go of what holds back your good. It brings in greater flow, clarity, and understanding of your true being.

Meditation 7
Changing the Paradigm
Some people lead lives of quiet desperation. Others meet life with abundance and joy. And there are all sorts of responses in between. In this meditation you examine how your day-to-day thoughts maintain your individual identity and how this identity trys to keep you separate from the Sea of Awareness. This meditation assists you to experience your true identity. Remember, enlightenment is continuously and consciously dwelling as the Sea of Awareness. When we move from an individual identity to a universal identity, we experience a Universal Consciousness.

When the busyness of the mind and the barrage of day-to-day happenings create distraction, the deeper truth stays hidden, and you cannot perceive the truth of universal consciousness.

These meditations gently reveal what’s been there all along -- that you and everyone on this planet, are joined as the Sea of Awareness. When you truly experience this with your whole being, without a shred of doubt, you are enlightened. The light of Truth illuminates your being. Your true nature is universal intelligence, harmony, expansion, love, and peace. Presently, your human identity keeps this hidden from you, but this is about to change.

Meditation 8
Benevolent Intelligence
Universal Intelligence, which you are welcomed to call God, handles everything for you ceaselessly. Your body and your environment, the nature that surrounds you.The Earth, all of the changing of the seasons, the weather. It takes care of the vastness of the universe, the heavens, the stars, and the mystery of all that we cannot see. This intelligence knows itself. It is so full of trust in itself, it can allow itself to assume any form. And…it assumed the form of you.

Universal Intelligence is beautiful in its endless giving, and it never withholds its nature. It is whole-heartedly benevolent. When you are appreciative of your existence in this way, you experience a deep, never-ending, always-growing gratitude for life.