Jeddah Mali's
Seeds of Enlightenment

If you were given the actual structural design for how the universe works, how would you use it?

What would you create with it? Who would you be? What would you do differently?

I'm not referring to the Law of Attraction or anything remotely similar, but to what becomes possible when you plant the Seeds of Enlightenment.

Dear Friend,

Qigong Master Chunyi Lin uses the design of the universe to direct energies of the body to help people heal themselves. FengShui Master Marie Diamond uses it to direct energies of the environment to help people live in harmony and good fortune.

When you understand the natural mechanism of all existence, you can apply it to anything. Creativity … finance … visualization … relationships … manifestation … productivity … stress management … parenting … the possibilities are limitless. As I found out.

But how can you reach this level?

In early 2007 I met Jeddah Mali, a Spiritual Master, and I devoted an entire year to study with her personally. Just as I felt compelled to share Chunyi Lin with our clients when I met him and experienced Spring Forest Qigong in 1997… just as I had to introduce Marie Diamond when I met her and experienced Diamond FengShui in 2004, I must introduce you to Jeddah Mali and her unique ability to give you unfettered access to the universe.

I have spent the last few decades reading thousands of books, attending seminar after seminar, and listening to a gadzillion tapes and CDs. Never have I experienced anything quite like what I've experienced with Jeddah Mali.

Jeddah's ability to crystallize esoteric topics into everyday understandable words is equaled by no one I've met. When she speaks there's no New Age jargon, or gobbledygook as I call it, which can be prevalent in spiritual teachings.

She makes the invisible world of spirit real and accessible with direct and immediate implications for your everyday life.

I am thrilled to announce that after many requests from students around the world you can now get the first volume of Jeddah's teaching in an unmatched collection of eight meditations called Seeds of Enlightenment.

You will learn how the universe operates while meditating with Jeddah. You merely close your eyes while sitting in a relaxed environment. Follow along and witness in real time what she teaches. As she will speak, you will experience what she means immediately in the meditation. There is no better way to learn this.

You'll discover how every alteration in your thoughts affects your awareness, the energy all around. Change your thoughts, change your world. This is not about using your mind to change behaviors. It is much easier. It is about using your mind to change your energy so that the behavior automatically changes. The same holds true for every area of your life.

This kind of transformation can only occur through direct experience. It is of little use to read about it, talk about it, or even have a thorough intellectual understanding of it. You need to actually do it. As Jeddah guides you through the process, you simultaneously experience its transformation. That's why Jeddah teaches while you are in meditation.

As you use Seeds of Enlightenment, layer after layer of resistance dissipates.

Limitations fall to the wayside.

Restricting beliefs about your life and everything in it disintegrate.

Automatically. With no effort.

You'll see why the Law of Attraction works, and you will go much deeper. Because you will be working on an energetic level, you will be working with thought and intention before it comes into being on the physical planes.

This gives you the opportunity to engage in creation as it happens. You will be creating an ideal energetic environment that affects everything in the physical world. That is a huge distinction, and I hope you get it.

It does not matter whether you are having strife with your neighbors, romance problems, or work pressures, you can use intention to set the powers of creation, the powers of the universe, to work on your behalf.

No matter what area you need help in, if you follow the guidance of Jeddah during the meditations, you will see an immediate result in your life.

No homework, no study … just relax, close your eyes, and be guided by Jeddah's beautiful words and music.

Best of all, you don't need to go through long, complex exercises or repeat mental processes over and over to make changes in your life. It happens instantly! When you understand how we are designed and how that design works, there is no limit to what you can experience.

This is a whole new look at self-improvement. When you work on the energetic level through meditation, you will see that your thoughts and intentions immediately transform the energy. As Jeddah says, "The energy is duty bound to respond." It cannot not respond.

These are the most exquisite meditations I have ever heard—the language is absolutely perfect. The music, created to dance with each word, adds a rare dimension that is missing in other meditations. I dare say that the pleasure you will receive from these meditations is beyond anything you have experienced in your life.

Beyond the pleasure and wonder of this work, however, is a tremendous freedom that surpasses the value of anything you might manifest with the program.

As a natural by-product of the work you do with Jeddah and Seeds of Enlightenment, no longer will you get caught up in the annoyances of life, the emotions, dramas, and tragedies of others, expectations, financial issues, or other concerns that arise. You will see them for what they are, and any grip they might have had on you loosens and disappears.

This is so freeing that it is beyond what most people conceive freedom to be! It gives you the ability to live your life -- even make decisions -- with a clear mind without your own emotions or that little voice in the back of your head getting in the way.

And with this freedom comes contentment so thorough and pervasive that it peaceably settles through every cell of your body for all time. You will find contentment waiting in line at the grocery store, sitting through staff meetings, mowing the lawn, doing your taxes … in anything you do.

You will still have difficult times and challenging situations, but the suffering aspect will be gone. Vanished! This is the end of suffering for you.

This is the beginning of your enlightenment.

As you do the Seeds of Enlightenment meditations you will make a shift from living as "a human being having a spiritual experience" to living as "a spiritual being having a human experience."

You will sense your body as a body of energy. You'll see how emotions are forms of energy.

You will know intentions and thoughts are energy, and how they instantly change all energy as soon as you make an intention or thought.

You'll explore how your energy actually expands beyond your physical body -- about six feet all around you. You'll play with the different layers of energy, you'll see how they interact with each other, and you'll see how they interact with the rest of the universe in ways that will impact your daily life.

With Seeds of Enlightenment you travel the pathway to enlightenment where you are one with all energy

As Chunyi Lin says with Spring Forest Qigong, "I am in the universe. The universe is in my body. The universe and I combine together." Experiencing that as truth, not just knowing about it, creates enlightenment. …when you realize the truth in every moment of every day that you and the universe are one. It brings you immense freedom from the trials and tribulations of everyday life and freedom to create whatever you want for yourself.

I wrote every word in this letter from my own personal experiences, and I highly encourage you to try it out for yourself. It is absolutely for real. Get your very own Seeds of Enlightenment today.

Pete Bissonette
President, Publisher
Student of Jeddah Mali, and great fan of Seeds of Enlightenment

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Seeds of Enlightenment Course (Digital)
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P.S. When your package arrives, listen to Jeddah's introduction, and then begin with your first meditation. Jeddah recommends that you use Seeds of Enlightenment as an eight-week course. Focus on a different meditation each week, following them in order. Do so without pressure or the need to accomplish anything. You have nothing to prove to yourself or anyone else. This is an exploration of your existence, not a race or list of things to do. You are planting and nurturing seeds that will bloom throughout your life.

P.P.S. There is only one way to know whether Seeds of Enlightenment is right for you: follow your intuition. If you sense you will find personal benefit in these meditations, then order your private set today. When we here at Learning Strategies chose to work with Jeddah Mali to bring these meditations to the world, we had someone like you in mind. While we ardently believe that everyone should experience life through the enlightenment that this work gives you, we understand that not everyone is ready. If you're ready, order today. We are ready to support you. Here's what others are saying.

"These are the best meditations I have ever listened to. I ordered eight more sets and have been giving them away to friends. I have found myself living more in the 'Now.' Whenever I find myself with a problem, I now know to change my intention and surrender it much more quickly. I was going to South Africa and was concerned about our safety. I used the 'Trust and Surrender' meditation a lot. We had a fabulous, safe, and extraordinary trip. I think this course is absolutely fantastic!"
– Susi Haviland, Verona, Wisconsin

"Now I know what heaven tastes like!"
– Arne Bjellebø, Norway

"I listen to Jeddah Mali's meditations almost every day. While my life is still stressful, I am calmer. I handle 'crises' in my life with more grace and serenity. I was well on my way to a stomach ulcer, but these meditations have helped considerably. I have a better understanding of how the universe works and am finding my way to a happier, more peaceful life. Thank you!"
– Marjorie Anderson, Blandon, Pennsylvania

"I have been in Iraq since the end of 2005 as a civilian contractor. A lot of life-changing events have happened to me that might cause most people to fall apart. Something has always kept pulling me or pushing me to where I need to go. So I keep going no matter what. Lately my mind had been very full of random thoughts, and I was not able to get into a good meditative state. Seeds of Enlightenment has helped me open up my heart again and be a more whole person. I can't thank you enough."
– Josh Carriere, Camp Ramadi, Iraq

"Seeds of Enlightenment has helped me to cope and be at peace with the sudden death of my beloved husband. Experiencing the sea of awareness in a meditative state brings me comfort and serenity."
– Cindy Mackey Nevada City, California

"Before starting Jeddah Mali's course, I had problems at home and work that stressed me. My temper had worsened. I felt anger easily. I became less happy and distanced myself from friends and family. I realized I had to put a stop to it all this. I started to meditate, which I had never done before, and the results are amazing. I am happier, calmer, and less angry, and my friends noticed that I was more friendly and fun to be around—all this from only the second meditation. Thank you for bringing this course to me."
– Ching Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

"I have been meditating for years. With other meditations, I often got bored and frustrated, as my mind has a difficult time slowing down. Jeddah Mali's meditations allowed me to relax and get to levels I had not gotten to before. I felt an amazing sense of peace and freedom. This is the only meditation set that I completed all the way through, even though sometimes the only time I had was in my car at lunch breaks. I see changes all over my life. My job and coworkers are both more enjoyable and much less stressful than before. At first I thought it was a fluke or a coincidence, but I have a deep knowing now that it is not. My relationship is deeper and happier, where before there was doubt and anger. People have become friendlier and more helpful. I can actually see how my actions and thoughts affect my life, even through the lives of others, where before it was hidden. Where I have changed, I find this change in my world, and it just keeps getting better. Thank you!"
– Silvia, Annapolis, Maryland

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