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Seeds of Enlightenment: The Truth of Universal Consciousness

Seeds of Enlightenment will help you understand the natural laws that govern your existence. You will discover that enlightenment is a state of being. Not only that but it is the state of being that you have been all along. Discovering this allows us to live in harmony with the universal laws that govern existence, leading to greater inner peace, joy, and love in each moment.

Seeds of Enlightenment MP3 Course
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Embracing Freedom

Embracing Freedom takes the foundational understanding that you know from Seeds of Enlightenment and helps you apply it to your day-to-day life. It looks at the common causes of slipping into old patterns. It looks at the influences that affect you every single day. It looks at the elements that restrict your ability to experience freedom, and it shows you how to operate free from these restrictions.

Embracing Freedom MP3 Course
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Infinite Grace

Infinite Grace allows you to understand, and experience, the nature of existence. By exploring the qualities inherent to all life—expansion, light, harmony, love, beauty—you experience awareness as the source of all form.

Your being becomes an expression of these qualities. Recognizing this truth is the key to creating a future world that is harmonious, peaceful, and loving.

Infinite Grace MP3 Course
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