Morning Five Minutes by Deirdre Hade

Bring radiance and joy into your life with Deirdre Hade’s Morning Five Minutes

Would you like the perfect way to begin your day? Something that takes very little time or thinking, virtually no effort, but really sets up your day to deliver what you want from it?

It’s here, and it is yours. It is called the Morning Five Minutes. Simply push play, close your eyes, and relax.

During these five minutes you’ll set your personal intention for the day while calling in energy to support you with balance, clarity, and inner peace.

Carry forward the freshness of each new day

You can do the Morning Five Minutes when you first wake up, at mid-morning, or as noon approaches. It doesn’t matter. It is there to support you whenever you listen.

I have my iPod set to play it in my bedroom in the morning. What a beautiful way to wake up. You’ll hear three gentle chimes and then the welcoming "Good morning!" I cannot imagine a better way to greet a new day.

The Morning Five Minutes allows you to carry forward the revitalized freshness of a new day. You will be freer from stress all day long, which, besides promoting overall good health and wellness, simply makes you feel better. You’ll find it easier to be clear and focused, which benefits more than just your work day. You will find lightness and ease in all of your decisions and activities from solving a business dilemma to deciding what to plan for dinner to getting lost in a book. Life flows when you are free of tension.

About Deirdre Hade

When I first heard about Deirdre, I dragged my feet, because we already had plenty of phenomenal "inner" programs such as our Paraliminals and meditations, but friends and clients kept telling me how good she was, and they insisted that I talk with her. Finally I did a private meditation session with her, and soon I popped the question. I was delighted when she said yes, and doubly delighted about creating with her the Morning Five Minutes that we have for you to download right now.

It is exactly what I had been wanting for my life! It is short, quick, and powerful…and I can go right into anything else that I choose from exercise, Spring Forest Qigong practice, breakfast, or writing an email to you! I really think you’ll like the Morning Five Minutes.

Who is using the Morning Five Minutes?

Shortly after we had finished the recording, it was already on the iPods of some of Deirdre’s illustrious clients including superstars of film and stage, Olympic medalists, and accomplished visionaries. Normally I don’t pay much attention to big names, but these folks are the type I’d invite into my home for dinner. They have passion, heart, balance, and a wonderful sense of self-responsibility. They want their privacy, of course, so they are not keen on me writing about them and using their names.

However, one acclaimed business woman and fashion designer, Donna Karan, creator of the DKNY label and founder of the Urban Zen Foundation, said, yes, tell the world. Deirdre has been helping her work, through meditation, to raise awareness and inspire change in the areas of well-being, preserving cultures, and empowering children.

Blankets of serenity

The music you'll hear was specially created by David Young who plays his flute from his heart. For the Morning Five Minutes, he performed live as he listened to Deirdre’s meditation. Absolutely beautiful. David is a two-time Grammy-nominated musician, songwriter, and producer.

Spiritually fulfilling AND environmentally sustaining

The Morning Five Minutes is our first program published solely as a downloadable MP3. We want to reduce our carbon footprint by reducing the use of plastics and all of the oil to ship stuff around the world. It is great for you, because there are no shipping fees, no taxes*, and you get it immediately. All we need is your email address. And if you ever lose your download, we’ll do our best to get another one to you.

I have the Morning Five Minutes on both my iPod and my iPhone…it’s with me all of the time. It was perfect on a trip to England when I didn’t have time for longer meditations. Much more convenient than a CD ever was. And the quality is absolutely superb. When you order, you’ll immediately receive download instructions. If you have any questions, we’ll be there to support you.

Order today and you can be listening to your Morning Five Minutes tomorrow when you awake. What a radiant way to create a welcoming, bright future.
For your personal best,
Pete Bissonette
Pete Bissonette
Publisher &
Great fan of Deirdre Hade’s Morning Five Minutes

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The Morning Five Minutes meditation was created by Deirdre Hade so that anyone can set their intention for the day while calling in energy of support, balance, clarity, and inner peace. Simply push play, close your eyes, and relax away stress and tensions.

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