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Activate your "nonconscious" mind
to release "super powers"

Your nonconscious mind is extraordinarily powerful, and Paul Scheele, PhD will how you how to effortlessly access these Super Powers in an online video training. And you can attend as our guest.

Customize what you learn to
make your life extraordinary

If MONEY is important to you, turn your nonconscious spotlight to your finances.

If RELATIONSHIPS (or a special relationship) are important, keep them at the heart of your nonconscious.

If YOUR CAREER is your focus, harness the powers for your life's work.

If you need support for YOUR HEALTH…
If you need to balance your EMOTIONS…
If you need to CONTROL YOUR MIND…

The Super Powers, Super You online video training will give you what you need to concentrate the powers of your nonconscious mind toward your life. Get your Free Pass today, and attend this breakthrough training.

Your teacher and mentor Paul Scheele is an acclaimed expert of the nonconscious mind. He knows how to activate it to get astonishing results. And he is opening his super powers to help you release your super powers.

The program is entertaining, impactful, and completely practical. Join me and thousands of others.

It is time to access your super powers to get out of your limitations and achieve your biggest and best goal. You can watch the full program on your computer or device with no tuition charge.

What goal would you achieve if you knew you could not fail?!

Do you want to earn more? fall in love? have more energy? be more effective? achieve a breakthrough goal? get more from life?

Come to Super Powers, Super You with that goal or intention in mind. See it transformed within yourself during this very special training.

It is all part of the brand-new Totally You Mindfest! You also receive…

What are you overlooking
that could give you
vitality, long life, and robust health?

Are you effectively tapping the vast internal resources of your nonconscious mind? That’s a super power worth developing!

Dr. Paul Scheele shows you how in the six video episodes of Brilliant Health, all part of the Totally You Mindfest. You will learn how to:

* Take back your health

* Find emotional balance and well-being

* Get your weight right and keep it right

* Move beyond illness, disease, and pain

* Age with vitality and grace

* Live brilliant health every day for the rest of your life!

You want that, right? So…Get your Free Pass today to Brilliant Health and all of the Totally You Mindfest video programs.

Paul Scheele is co-founder of Learning Strategies, which produced these three video series. Millions of people have used his self-improvement and personal transformation programs all over the world. They include PhotoReading, Genius Code, Future Mapping, Abundance for Life, and the Paraliminals. And now you get free viewing access to three powerful and enlightening video programs through the Totally You Mindfest, including:

What is your “habit of expectation”
when it comes to prosperity?

If a bank sends you a thin letter in the mail, what is your immediate thought?

Is it, “Awesome, they found money that I didn’t know that I had!”

If not, you need the Prosperity Accelerator to learn to direct your nonconscious mind to full-on prosperity and abundance.

In these five video episodes, which are all part of the Totally You Mindfest, Dr. Paul Scheele guides you to:

* Blow away fears about the future, eliminate shame about your past, and produce the results you want. You’ll notice a shift right away.

* Squash poverty consciousness and replace it with unbridled possibility and opportunity.

* Crush financial anxieties.

* Soar past hesitations and indecision.

* Fuel momentum. Let it drive your prosperity.

Get your Free Pass today to Prosperity Acceleartor and all of the Totally You Mindfest video programs.

Over 100,000 people have already
watched these programs.

It is your turn!

Activate your nonconscious mind to develop YOUR super powers, live with brilliant health, and enjoy prosperity and abundance. It is easier than you think.

As your mentor Paul Scheele has said many times, “Life is too short to leave personal growth to chance.”

I encourage you to learn from one of the best teachers in the world. Get your Free Pass right now to the first-ever Totally You Mindfest.

For the TOTAL You,
Pete Bissonette
Pete Bissonette
Totally You Mindfest director

Here is what is in store for you
beginning September 13...

Program 1
Super Powers Super You

Nearly nine hours of training will be presented. Watch the Introduction to learn what to expect and how you can access and apply the inner gifts, resources, and talents you possess to create the life you desire.

Abundance & Money
Super Connections with Others
Super Results
Super Powers
Super Body
Super Emotions
Super Mind

Program 2
Brilliant Health

In Brilliant Health Paul shows you how to use the power of your nonconscious mind to bridge the body/mind connection in ways that help you achieve greater physical, emotional, and mental health.

Taking Charge of Your Health

 Mental Stress & Anxiety

 Paul’s Morning Routine

 Ideal Weight 


 Beyond Illness, Disease, and Pain

 Aging with Vitality and Grace

Program 3
Prosperity Accelerator

Learn how to accelerate your success and create a dynamic flow of real-life wealth you can expect right now.

Your New Life of Success
Abundant Money Mindset
Crush Financial Anxieties
Accelerating Prosperity
Fueling Momentum

Here's How You'll Get Access:

You will be participating in the Totally You Mindfest as an Online Virtual Event.

Online Video Player
You will have access to each of the program by online video for FREE. Get your Free Pass!

Here Are The Dates

For five consecutive days

Monday, September 13, through Friday, September 17

ALL of the programs will be available each day.

5 days to watch!

All of the programs will be available 24 hours a day for 5 days beginning at 10:00 a.m. US Central time on Monday until 9:30 a.m. US Central time on Saturday.

The reason I've structured the event this way is because I want everyone around the world to be able to watch, regardless of their time zone (and without having to get up in the middle of the night to watch!).

It is all available for FREE...

Introducing your mentor...

About Paul Scheele, PhD

Paul R. Scheele, co-founder of Learning Strategies, guides people to achieve extraordinary results in relationships, work, money and health. Paul is an expert on learning how to learn to tap the other 90% of your mind. He believes everyone has an inner genius just waiting to be awakened.

Paul shows you how to access your full potential using powerful learning strategies. His unique combination of expertise includes degrees in Biology and Learning and Human Development plus a rich background in neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), accelerated learning, preconscious processing, and universal energy. His programs provide the rare experience of tapping the vast innate potential of the mind to attain more success in life. Sharing how to activate these rich resources within the mind and connecting this natural power with spiritual wisdom is Paul's passion.

Here are stories from those who have used Paul's Programs and the Paraliminals

“Thanks to Paul, I am finding it easier to find momentum on my current projects related to wealth creation and the law of attraction.
– Nick P.

“I have more money, better thinking , and calmer feelings.”
– Alex T.

“Paul helped me develop a very strong prosperity/wealth consciousness.”
– Mike Pearson

“I have found my mate and manifested wealth. Thanks, Paul!”
–G. Gerber

“I am now reasonably wealthy. Thank you.”
– Derek

“Thanks to Paul’s teachings, I have a better salary and better benefits. I develop more confidence and better abilities to do my new job. My income increased 50%.”
– Laura G.

“I have been using the 10-Minute Supercharger, I am amazed at the incredible amount of energy and total get up and go I have in me.”

“I am in the car a lot and most days I will take a break and listen to one. I've probably used the 10-minute Supercharger more than anything else, and I do always feel revitalized afterwards.”

“I listen to the 10-Minute Supercharger every day after 3:00 p.m. I feel so much rejuvenated, and have so much energy that carries me through the rest of the afternoon and evening. Before I learned of the Paraliminals, I usually will begin to feel tired and less-focused after 2:00 p.m., and so I will look for more coffee or energy drinks like 5-Hour energy or pills of Focus factor. But the first day I listened to 10-Minute Supercharger Paraliminal, I noticed instant rejuvenation. And since I started using it everyday, I have stopped drinking coffee in the afternoon, and have completely stopped drinking energy drinks and focus factor pills, which for several years were part of my afternoon rituals. The 10-Minute Supercharger is like magic! Thank you for inventing that CD.”

“I like the 10-Minute Supercharger during the day because it helps me get refocused as well as energized.”

“Last Thanksgiving I was expecting family and friends for dinner. They were to arrive at 3:00. By 2:30 I had everything ready, but I was exhausted! So I got out my 10-Minute Supercharger Paraliminal, put on my earphones, and stretched out on the chaise. When the doorbell rang, I was ready! My sister later made a comment about how organized and energetic I was. When I told her about the Paraliminal she couldn't believe that I had done this.”

“I knew that I had to workout but it was 7:00 p.m. and I was exhausted. I decided to listen to the 10-Minute Supercharger. While listening to the Paraliminal, I said my intention was to have the energy to do this workout. After listening, I got up and put my exercise DVD in and was amazed at the energy level that I had!! I couldn't believe it. 10-Minute Supercharger is one of my favorite Paraliminals.”

“I often have long days with little sleep and good nutrition. I need energy and balance to make it thru the day. The 10-Minute Supercharger has helped me stay refreshed and focused on my job.”

“I listened to Get Around To It and I felt like I had an injection of super enthusiasm. I achieved more than I thought, without the stress and fatigue.”

“The Get Around To It really helped me put things into perspective on a big goal I was striving for, and I am so close to achieving it that I can literally feel it happening.”

“Every time I feel lazy at doing something I listen to Get Around To It and in the minutes that follow, I have the desire and power to execute the task. And I always do it (myself)!”

“I listened to the Get Around To It to motivate myself to do housework and other household projects at a time when I was exhausted and grieving the loss of a loved one and it has assisted me in getting out of my comfort chair, or bed, and getting some of the things accomplished.”

Get Around To It is my favorite Paraliminal. It has helped me get motivated to do some of the projects I have been procrastinating and sticking to the task until finished. Whenever I have trouble tackling a difficult project I listen to the Get Around To It Paraliminal and it helps me get started.”

“Listening to the Get Around To It Paraliminal has had a remarkable effect on, you guessed it, getting things done. Without even thinking about it, I am accomplishing things I have put off for months and years. Amazing. Thank you.”

“I have had my new Paraliminal, Get Around To It, less than 24 hours, and already I know it has had a very helpful effect. It sounds like it was made specifically for me and the issue I have been neglecting.”

“I'm using the Belief Paraliminal more than any at the moment as I know my fear and nervous beliefs keep me unhappy and fearful. I have noticed I'm a more outgoing and am much more relaxed. More confident too.”

“I used Belief to help me get into the university.”

“My son plays basketball but often lacks confidence in his own skills. He has listened to Belief and I have seen an improvement in both his self belief and performance on the court. I am encouraging him to use the Paraliminals more regularly as I believe they will continue to help him in these areas.”

“My self confidence has grown and I now have more belief in myself and what I can achieve. All the goals I have written down are becoming a reality, and I believe my life would not be taking the direction it is now if not for Belief. I would recommend this to anyone wanting to change their life for the better.”

“Just wanted to drop you a note to tell you that I just signed my first million dollar deal from a single client. It would not have been possible without applying what I learned in Self-Esteem Supercharger.”

“I listened to the Self-Esteem Supercharger and Belief Paraliminals before I had to deliver a eulogy in memory of my late mother. It was an emotional time, and I was unsure whether I had the confidence and composure to speak in front of the whole church. However, listening to the Paraliminals the night before and the morning of the church service helped to put me in the right frame of mind and carried me through the eulogy, for which I received lots of praise for my effort.”

“I have used Belief to move beyond my limiting beliefs about myself. I have noticed that I am now willing to take action to achieve the goals I set, rather than wanting it to come to me without any effort at all on my part. I am taking responsibility for where I am and what I feel.”

“With the help of Belief, I've gone from an unhappy, fearful, and quite often angry person who blamed everyone else for my negative feelings, to someone who has changed my beliefs about myself. Subsequently I am so much happier and open to the love and abundance life is making available to me.”

“I started using Automatic Pilot. I listened as I went to bed, and the very next day I amazed myself by automatically getting things done that I would have ordinarily procrastinated.”

“I couldn't recommend Automatic Pilot enough. Most success comes from a person's ability to be in the moment and engaged. This takes you there in a matter of minutes and eventually it becomes your habit without effort or thought.”

“My mind chatter isn’t talking me out of my success any more thanks to Automatic Pilot. I simply do not hesitate like I used to.”

“Of all the Paraliminals that I used, by far the best for me has been the Automatic Pilot. When I set my destination, and made use of the automatic pilot, I found myself getting there faster than I imagined, and by a method that I wouldn't have thought! The others are good, but for me, that one is the ‘killer app.’”

“My confidence and self-esteem was never very strong and plummeted six years ago when I was diagnosed with cancer. Through repetitive listening of your Self-Esteem Supercharger Paraliminal, I have been able to overcome adversity, increase my self-development goals and continue on a positive journey of self improvement.”

“I began using Self-Esteem Supercharger because I felt I was sometimes too self-conscious and not in the moment in social situations. Often my words wouldn't come out right. I'd be pre-censoring my responses in my head before I spoke or was afraid to say anything risky in case I blundered. Since listening to the Self-Esteem Supercharger continually for a couple weeks I found that I'm not intimidated by people at work (I'm a waiter) and I have an easier time standing up for myself. I'm more at ease and conversations flow easier. I’m thinking less and doing more socially. I feel more comfortable in my own skin.”

“Using Self-Esteem Supercharger (my favorite Paraliminal), I am better able to face problems and challenges without being hard on myself.”

“I really found the Self-Esteem Supercharger beneficial. I immediately felt more confident and self-assured.”

“I no longer feel so insecure. I have more assurance and self-esteem. I can handle difficult situations much better.”

“I realized a big chunk of my stress came from my low self-esteem and my fears - fears of rejection and committing mistakes because of my perceived inadequacies. Listening to Self-Esteem Supercharger gave me confidence in my learning abilities and helped me re-condition my negative thought patterns into more positive and self-affirming ones.”

“Following a crushing divorce, my self-esteem was on the floor. I needed reminding, that if I didn’t value myself, and wonder at the marvel of my own life, nobody else would. I learned to love me and accept me as I am, and that has done wonders for the quality of my life.”

“My husband and I had listened to the Self-Esteem Supercharger for four days when I asked my son if he noticed any difference in us. He said yes and that we looked happier and nicer...after our son listened to it, he had an ear-to-ear smile. He said he saw a small lake with brownish water and a little stream trickling into it. He was in such a good mood afterwards, and now looks forward to listening to it.”

“A funny but true story is that when I started using the Prosperity Paraliminal after the first week I won $1200 in the local lottery. I thought WOW this stuff does work.”

“I used Prosperity to get an interview, do well in an interview, and get my new job!”

“I have been trying to put together a very innovative business plan for over a year and was really struggling with it. After listening to Prosperity a couple of times, the whole thing came together in about two days.”

“I have made over $12,000 in the last three months, which I attribute to the Prosperity Paraliminal. I thought that was pretty cool.”

Prosperity has helped a lot too. It is very powerful and makes you think more clearly about what you really want and then motivates you to work towards it.”

“I am financially much better off over the last 3 years since listening to Prosperity. It just happened!”

“I found instant results from listening to the very first Paraliminal I got which was Prosperity. It gave me a comfort and feeling that there was true Abundance in the Universe and I had a right to claim what was mine.”

“I have been using the Prosperity Paraliminal and I have less anxiety about money. I am feeling a lot more hopeful about my finances.”

“After listening to the Prosperity Paraliminal nightly before bed for 1 week I received an unexpected check for $475.”

“I used the Prosperity Paraliminal to try and attract some people who could use my help. When I checked my email several minutes after finishing the session, I had three new emails from people who were interested in an ad for my services I had posted earlier that week. It was out of this world!”

“The biggest change I noticed was in my husband after 10 years he finally made significant changes to our natural health business. He started attending seminars, and changing his thinking about how to do things from the hard way to smart and effortlessly. He teaches students, has doubled his clientele and provides a better service with less effort to him. He had listened to the Prosperity Paraliminal every night for two weeks, and it opened his thinking to so many creative possibilities. Thank you.”

“After listening to Prosperity consistently I began to see immediate changes whereby I have sold 14 units in the past two months and am amazing everyone with my outstanding sales.”

“I began listening to Prosperity and my tips as a waiter immediately increased.”

“I was listening to Prosperity each night before bed. I attracted to me a business opportunity that has the potential to create an immense amount of wealth and the courage to take it on board.”