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An uplifting novel about friendship and adventure…

Clues within the novel led to a real treasure hidden somewhere in the United States. Someone found the treasure in July 2017 and was awarded the $50,000 prize on August 14, 2017. Then we released a riddle that took five years to solve.

Aiden, Bailey, Amy, and Coy Lothrop found the Magic Suling from Breakfast Tea & Bourbon.
Pete Bissonette Hides the Treasure
Where was the treasure hidden? Go to the media page to watch one of the videos where you can meet the Super Hunters. Why not say here? Just in case you want to read the book and try to solve it on your own. The treasure is gone, but the experience of seeking and finding is still open to you.
Clues woven into Pete Bissonette's new novel “Breakfast Tea & Bourbon” will guide you to a hidden real treasure of $50,000.
Breakfast Tea & Bourbon
a novel
(and a treasure hunt)
After experiencing enough losses for a lifetime, Nels Ware does not take things for granted, especially his family of friends. So when a $50,000 treasure hunt grabs his attention, he recruits them for the rollicking quest.
Nels is certain he has deciphered the clues to the treasure’s location. But has he? Is he leading his friends on a cross-country wild-goose chase? Can their dilapidated RV even deliver them to the treasure? Or will someone else beat them to it?
A reader has found the $50,000 treasure…what inner treasure will you find?
Woven within the pages of the novel are clues leading to an actual treasure hidden in the United States worth $50,000.
Breakfast Tea & Bourbon is an adventurous fiction novel, an intriguing puzzle and treasure hunt, and a guide for those looking for a more meaningful and joyous life.
Breakfast Tea & Bourbon was written and created by Pete Bissonette, president of Learning Strategies, a personal development training and publishing company. In his new novel Pete shows a way to inner joy and happiness through an outer game that demands from creativity, ingenuity, and resourcefulness. It's a free-spirited novel, a treasure hunt with a substantial cash prize, and a road-trippers guide to the universe.
How It Works & Then The Riddle
Author Pete Bissonette and one of the stone frogs in his labyrinth, dubbed the Frogyrinth, and brought to life in Breakfast Tea & Bourbon.
Breakfast Tea & Bourbon is first and foremost a novel to enjoy. The characters in the story seek out a treasure worth $50,000, and woven within the pages of the book are real-life clues that led to an actual treasure worth $50,000.
The treasure was found during the summer of 2017, and we shortly released a riddle for you to solve. The riddle was an Armchair Treasure Hunt that could be solved at home. It was eventually solved by Larry Gladd during the summer of 2022, and Larry won a case of Buffalo Trace bourbon.
Here is the Breakfast Tea & Bourbon riddle:
I fly like a realized Bourbon Red
with a pointy head
and feathers on my butt.

Where am I?

Clue, December 2017 – The Fifth.
Clue, November 2017 - The book's main character, Nelson Ware, has said, "Every word is important in my writing."
Clue, March 2019 – Focus on the word “realized.” There is one definition that can change how you look at the riddle in a BIG way.
Clue, March 2020 – A massive endeavor points to your case of bourbon.
Clue, April 2020 – Bourbon is for celebrating the riddle, not finding the solution.
Clue, May 2020 - I fly [What flies?] … like a realized [What does that mean?] … Bourbon Red [What is that?] … with a pointy head and feathers on my butt. [Everyone gets that.] … Where am I? [Well?]
Clue, June 2020 – The Bourbon Red is the Rudolph of the bird family. “With the sleigh full of toys…”
Clue, July 2020 – Fly on! Put a stamp on it. Let’s get the riddle to its destination!!!
Clue, August 2020 – Los Angeles Atlanta
Clue, September 2020 –

Clue, November 2020 – For those who are so close (and you know it), study the first sentence of the June 2020 clue.
Clue, August 2022 – I haven’t posted new clues, because dozens of people are so close, it’s as if someone is just minutes away from the realization that points to the proper location. To get you there, I offer three simple words. Use this new clue to find the location. It stands by itself. Then reverse engineer to find the thinking behind the original riddle, and share it with me (remember, to use the email address in the Introduction of the book). What three words? reactors pints unloaded. I’m sure there will be those who throw up their arms and say, “Yet another riddle!” Let me assure you, those three words are not a riddle. Good luck!

Solved in August 2022.

As we get closer to the release date, check here to see what notables say about Breakfast Tea & Bourbon.
“I love this road-tripper's guide to the universe…and good bourbon.”

Kevin Farley, actor and comic

“Magical. Funny. Friends for life at their best.”

Chaka Khan, 10-time Grammy Award winner

“As the creator of Chicken Soup for the Soul, I love stories. This is a fun, wild ride of discovery and intrigue with an opportunity to win $50,000.”

Jack Canfield, creator of Chicken Soup for the Soul, which has sold over 500 million books

“A clever, engagingly comic novel with a hero's journey that is part Gonzo road trip and part spiritual voyage. Pete Bissonette exploits his flair for wildly funny observation to tell a tender story of seeking and finding.”

Barnet Bain, director of Milton's Secret, and author of The Book of Doing and Being: Rediscovering Creativity in Life, Love and Work

“I want to invite everyone in the book over for the weekend! Breakfast Tea & Bourbon is for anyone who believes in magic, greater possibilities, and the deep love of friendship. It lit up my life.”

Sandra Joseph, keynote speaker/singer and workshop facilitator who starred for 10 years as Christine Daaé (a record!) in The Phantom of the Opera, the longest-running Broadway show of all time

“A perspective so generous, hilarious, and bursting with real, tangible ways of looking at and living a better life. Beautiful. Wonderful writing.”

Kevin Kling, playwright, NPR humorist, and bestselling author of The Dog Says How

“I love this book. It's a wonderful story about friendship, the twists and turns of life, and finding treasure. Some reader will win $50,000! Amazing.”

John Gray, New York Times bestselling author of Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus

“I am crazy about Breakfast Tea & Bourbon. It is positive, uplifting, fun, and quirky. Okay... you can have the $50,000 prize. I want Sue's gold-chained belt with the 31 rubies!”

Lisa Nichols, New York Times bestselling author of Abundance Now and featured teacher in The Secret

“Five friends take a profound journey hunting for a treasure of $50,000, and what they found surprised even me. Breakfast Tea & Bourbon is an undeniable story of celebration I welcome into my life.”

Sonia Choquette, New York Times bestselling author of Walking Home and The Answer is Simple

Breakfast Tea & Bourbon takes readers on a most unpredictable adventure into physical, philosophical, and inner worlds. It provokes contemplation, inner searching, and outward growth – in an unusually fun fictional tale – crackling with humor and brilliance throughout.”

Mike Dooley, New York Times bestselling author of Infinite Possibilities and featured teacher in The Secret

“Except for maybe the pizza and barbecue, I love the way they eat. The olive spread and wild salmon recipes made my mouth water. Yes! A novel with recipes! And a $50,000 prize! What could be better.”

JJ Virgin, New York Times bestselling author of The Virgin Diet and Miracle Mindset

“Part road trip, part treasure hunt, part memoir, Pete Bissonette's Breakfast Tea & Bourbon is a quirky, intriguing adventure tale that rolls along at a good clip. Filled with spiritual insights, humor, and touching moments, this is a memorable story by a unique voice—and the prospect of a cash prize for some clever reader only adds to the fun.”

Susan Fraser King, bestselling author of Lady Macbeth and Queen Hereafter

“I couldn't put the book down. I read Breakfast Tea & Bourbon in one evening nonstop. I loved it, and boy was I surprised by the twist that turned the whole story upside down. And the best part? It's a story within a story. The folks in the book are on a treasure hunt, and so is the reader. Clues in the book lead to a hidden treasure worth $50,000. Brilliant. What fun!”

Raymond Aaron, Polar Race adventurer and New York Times bestselling author of Chicken Soup for the Parent's Soul

“Like fine wine, this novel satisfies. Pete Bissonette takes you on an adventure that shines light on some basic truths of life. It's a welcomed break from the craziness of the world.”

Lynne Twist, bestselling author of The Soul of Money

“This novel is truly fascinating—and I love how lessons are woven in such a gripping story—and love the recipes—will try some of them. The only other book I had more dog-eared notes was Robert Heinlein's Stranger from a Strange Land… one of my fav books of all time. Just when I think I know where the characters are going, there's another little twist… definitely a page-turner. Perfect combination of teachings and entertainment. And it goes fast—I wish it had been longer! Plus, there's some serious cash at the end of the rainbow!”

Dame DC Cordova of Money & You and Excellerated Business School for Entrepreneurs

“At times I laughed, at times I mused. I fancied what it would be like to find the treasure. And then the story flipped, and I wondered how the heck they did it. The answer: friendship.”

Jonathan Odell, bestselling author of The Healing

“I love this book! First, it's an amusing and upbeat story that's delightful to read. And second, it offers an amazing opportunity to find a treasure worth $50,000. That's two ways that reading Breakfast Tea & Bourbon will make you happy for good reason!”

Marci Shimoff, New York Times bestselling author of Happy for No Reason and Chicken Soup for the Woman's Soul

“I've just discovered a treasure!!! No, it's not the $50,000 treasure available to readers of this book (though I’m on the hunt…), it's this book itself! Masterfully written, engaging, funny, it's a delight to read and full of meaning and hope. A must read!”

Nick Ortner, New York Times bestselling author of The Tapping Solution

“Do you love treasure hunts? If so, you'll love this book. Breakfast Tea & Bourbon is the best of both worlds — a rollicking read AND a real-world treasure hunt where you have a chance to win real money. Best yet, you'll be inspired to get up, get outside and make life the fun, connected adventure it's supposed to be.”

Sam Horn, bestselling author of POP!, Tongue Fu! and Got Your Attention?

“What could be better than an adventure story? An RV adventure story with five warm friends and plenty of cool drinks along the way and a treasure at the end. In Breakfast Tea & Bourbon, Pete Bissonette takes the reader on such a trip and the drive is more than just frolic and fun, it's enlightening.”

Mary Logue, author of the Claire Watkins mystery series and Sleep like a Tiger

How Pete Bissonette's new novel “Breakfast Tea & Bourbon” brings joy and happiness in your life.
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