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Staying Grounded

by Pete Bissonette

There are moments in all of our lives when staying grounded is the secret to sanity.

Major celebrations and holidays … moving time … changing jobs … huge projects … illnesses and tragedies … life passages …

Those are times when it’s important to be fully present in the moment. To consciously understand why you are doing what you are doing.

The Simplicity Paraliminal helps you slide everything into perspective so you can more easily live through those periods feeling grounded and in alignment with your highest values and ideals.

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Find Your Bliss Amid the Holiday Stress

by Pete Bissonette

Holiday shopping is now underway, can you shield yourself from the stress it’s been proven to bring?

A biometrics study by eBay has shown that heart rates of shoppers increased by 33 percent during just a 60-minute shopping excursion, an increase akin to running a marathon, reported the Daily Mail.

Of 100 London shoppers fitted with Lightwave tech devices that measured various physiological responses while shopping, a whopping 88 percent experienced tachycardia, a higher than normal resting heart rate.

As you’re running from store to store in search of that perfect gift for someone you love, there’s no need to get stressed. Decades of biofeedback studies have shown you can will yourself into bliss by directing your feelings and thoughts in ways that energize your mind-body connection.

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The Magic of Joy, Love, & Peace

by Pete Bissonette

Through the window of your own thoughts, feelings, and actions, you can see what you are creating in life.

Are you seeing what you want?

Would you like to create something better?

Decide how you want to feel. Think of the results you want to create. Imagine what you will achieve.

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Holiday Sanity

by Pete Bissonette

“Oh, the weather outside is frightful…”

Those lyrics from “Let It Snow” describe for a lot of us what’s going on inside our minds and emotions this time of year.

But the rush and stress and budgets of our lives do not need to constrain the free spirit you truly are–the perfectly whole, gifted being–ever free, pure, and wise. Really.

Simply take a deep breath, listen to our Holiday Cheer Paraliminal, and access the essential nature within you. It gently prompts your inner spirit through the use of rhythm, melody, and metaphor—that’s what Paul Scheele is so good at when he creates a Paraliminal.

In a simple way, using Holiday Cheer helps you relax and find a peace-filled rest. In a deeper way, it helps you reconnect and heal the mind-body-spirit.

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Follow Rules or Passion?

by Pete Bissonette

Following rules gets you the greater success in schools. But following your passion gets you the greatest success in life. They are at opposite ends of the spectrum.

Schools reward perfection. They require playing it safe and following rules.

Careers reward courage. They require taking risks and following passion.

If you want more success, play with letting go of any perfectionist tendencies. Get outside of your comfort zone and be open to new possibilities—that’s being courageous.

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