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Five Elements Healing

by Pete Bissonette

For thousands of years the Five Elements of wood, fire, earth, metal, and water have served as the foundation of Traditional Chinese Medicine. This energetic system helps balance the vital energy of the body so the body can heal itself.

Through our work at Learning Strategies and in using the practice of meditation and qigong, we’ve seen miraculous healings when the body can move into balance.

We’ve seen people heal from pain, sight problems, kidney dysfunction, anxiety, diabetes, heart issues, cancers, lung problems, digestive issues, arthritis, and many more health conditions.

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Grim Determination??

by Pete Bissonette

When a kid shoots hoops past sunset to get better, that is not grim determination.

When someone gets up two hours early to write a book, that is not grim determination.

When I spent days working with raw cherry wood to meticulously build a tongue and groove wall in my home, that was not grim determination.

When you listen to a Paraliminal every morning, that is not grim determination.

When you practice qigong every day for your health, that is not grim determination.

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Wealth Motivator

by Pete Bissonette

Wealth. There’s no secret for attaining it. But there is a process to accelerate it:

* Make a choice for wealth. Find a deep desire inside yourself and shape a clear intention for the wealth you choose to create.

* Visualize your goal fully achieved. Using your imagination, go forward in time to when the goal is achieved. Imagine it fully in action.

* Enjoy a sense of deep gratitude for the abundant resources already around and within you. This will fuel motivation. It becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

* Focus your mind on the abundance expanding before you to continually align your energies.

* Claim and expand your wealth.

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Snooze So You Can Lose… Fat

by Pete Bissonette

If you’re working to lose excess body fat, try not to lose any sleep over it. If you do, you may be defeating your purpose.

Inadequate sleep significantly reduced the amount of fat loss among participants in a study at the University of Chicago’s Clinical Resource Center.

The study, published in the Annals of Internal Medicine, followed overweight but healthy volunteers placed on balanced diets with calories restricted to 90 percent of what each person needed to maintain his or her weight without exercise, about 1,450 calories.

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Undone Projects

by Pete Bissonette

A friend is paralyzed by how many projects he has at home. Nothing ever gets done.

He’s always busy, but not on the tasks at the top of his list. He’s easily sidetracked with smaller projects he enjoys, hobbies, the internet, and other distractions. When an extended family member needs something, he’s always there to help.

He seems happy, but the undone projects are tearing at his soul.

When my project list becomes daunting, either at home or here at work, I go to advice Paul Scheele gave me back in the 1980s.

Discover a deep emotional reason why you want it done, imagine it fully, and the project will get done.

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