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Are You Worthy of Success?

by Pete Bissonette


But it is so easy to believe you are not. Negative beliefs, self-talk, patterns, family members, co-workers…it can be tough.

That’s what I love about the Paraliminals. They support your wholeness, magnificence, vast capabilities, and great promise on a deep, deep nonconscious level.

If you have any doubts whatsoever that you deserve it all, listen to the You Deserve It! Paraliminal today.

Paul Scheele and Lisa Nichols came together to create this godsend of a tool. It is one of my favorites, because as you listen to Lisa’s voice, you feel she believes in your greatness through every particle of her existence. You can’t help but believe in yourself, in the divine presence within, and in your worthiness to experience the best life has to offer.

Paul’s brilliance in working with your nonconscious mind brings the experience to the highest levels of completeness.

Listen to it today, listen daily for as long as you need, and come back to it whenever you feel you need a boost. You deserve it!

Other supportive Paraliminals include Belief, Automatic Pilot, New History Generator, and Self-Esteem Supercharger.

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Grim Determination??

by Pete Bissonette

When a kid shoots hoops past sunset to get better, that is not grim determination.

When someone gets up two hours early to write a book, that is not grim determination.

When I spent days working with raw cherry wood to meticulously build a tongue and groove wall in my home, that was not grim determination.

When you listen to a Paraliminal every morning, that is not grim determination.

When you practice qigong every day for your health, that is not grim determination.

Not at all! We do it because it is important to us. We love it. It is of high value to us.

Someone might look at us and call it grim determination. We call it self-discipline. And for us it flows naturally from the strength of clear purpose and living in alignment with our values.

If you want that, use the Self-Discipline Paraliminal.

It will help you eliminate energy wasters and develop a disciplined habit of taking consistent action on the things you need to do.

It will help you on a very deep level channel your intentions, values, actions, and habits to create the life you choose to live.

Someone will look at you and think, “Now that’s self-discipline.” But you will know you’ve unlocked energy so that your life flows.

Begin by using it daily for a week and you might just find yourself PhotoReading a book every day, getting really good at playing the guitar, painting your home, making more money than you dreamed, and achieving your heart’s desire.

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Accelerate Your Success with Daily Reviews

by Pete Bissonette

Inventor and philosopher Buckminster Fuller suggested the importance of living your life in “day-tight” compartments. By completing each day saying, “This I want to keep, this I release,” you unburden your brain, freeing it for creativity and the clear pursuit of your goals.

Do your days just seem to run together in one unending blur?

Or, do you look back and review your day to gain clarity about where you’re at and where you’re heading?

At the end of each day, I like to do what I call a check-in, a quick review of the last 24 hours. It gives me a chance to review the decisions I’ve made, honor my successes, and consider other options that will serve me better.

It’s an important strategy we use with great success in our New History Generator Paraliminal. It can multiply the benefit of all you learn today and accelerate your personal and professional development.

In his famous autobiography, Benjamin Franklin reported that a mental review of his day was the single most powerful self-development tool he ever used. His technique involved developing one of thirteen personal “virtues” each day for two weeks. For 14 days he would focus in the morning on developing one virtue and then at the end of his day mentally review how he did.

Discover how this daily process can immediately contribute to your success. Try it right now.

Sit back and relax. Recall yourself in the different situations from your day—don’t judge yourself!

Notice how you responded to events. Recognize and acknowledge the thoughts, words, actions, or feelings that helped you progress in a positive direction.

  • Did you do things to move in the direction of your goals?
  • Did you miss any opportunities to progress?
  • Did you make choices that led you astray?
  • What might you do differently if faced with a similar situation?

Taking stock of your choices automatically helps you act more decisively. And acknowledging your successes increases your self-confidence and level of trust within yourself. Your brain will automatically work to create more success in your life.

Your successful day today is a series of successful thoughts in any single moment in time. These moments of success combine to form your day, your week, your months, and year. Each successful year combines to create the life you’ve imagined and the success you desire.

To help focus your energies on what you want to create, I recommend you listen to the New History Generator Paraliminal. It includes two sessions, one to help you take stock of your day and another to help you release limitations and envision the future you desire. Simply push play, close your eyes, relax, and listen. This closed-eye process activates your “whole mind” with a precise blend of music and words to help you get the most out of every minute.

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Undone Projects

by Pete Bissonette

A friend is paralyzed by how many projects he has at home. Nothing ever gets done.

He’s always busy, but not on the tasks at the top of his list. He’s easily sidetracked with smaller projects he enjoys, hobbies, the internet, and other distractions. When an extended family member needs something, he’s always there to help.

He seems happy, but the undone projects are tearing at his soul.

When my project list becomes daunting, either at home or here at work, I go to advice Paul Scheele gave me back in the 1980s.

Discover a deep emotional reason why you want it done, imagine it fully, and the project will get done.

That was a game-changer for me. Let me give you a few examples:

* I wasn’t getting a wall in my home painted. But then I focused on how annoying marks on the wall would be gone, and how I would feel better about it. I imagined how I loved the look of the freshly painted wall and how the color fit beautifully with the surroundings. I spent only a few minutes visualizing it, and immediately I wanted to get it painted.

* There was a major project in my flower gardens I wasn’t looking forward to tackling. I thought of the summer party I’d have with dozens of friends enjoying the colors in the garden. I imagined the smells of the plantings. I imagined the butterflies and hummingbirds, and how much I would enjoy looking at the gardens. It worked! I got the garden project finished in no time.

* Here’s something current: An out-of-town chef will visit next month, and we’ll spend the weekend cooking. My butcher block kitchen island needed three hours of sanding and refinishing to set a beautiful stage for our weekend. I could see how gorgeous it would look. I heard what he would say about the butcher block. I imagined the food we would be cooking. I got the project done, and I thoroughly enjoyed doing it. (And yes, part of it was I didn’t want to hear him lecture me about properly maintaining the butcher block. Sometimes it is about moving away from pain, other times about moving toward something you really want.)

* I had a half day of assembling and analyzing statistics ahead of me at the office to determine whether we should take on a new initiative. It loomed. I didn’t really want to do it, but then I had a conversation with someone else here about the project, and we talked about the potential and excitement of the initiative. I was immediately jazzed about the project and I eagerly took on the statistics. It wasn’t a drudge. I wasn’t worried about how I would do it. I simply dove into it, and it all flowed.

That’s how you move undone projects onto the done list, and how to enjoy every part of it.
In all these cases, I found the joy in the project. Now whenever I have a project, I automatically ask myself, Why do I really want to do it? What could it mean for me? Then I do it, and I don’t think twice.
Try it on an undone project of yours. I know you have one.

If you want a little help, use the Get Around To It Paraliminal. It helps you immerse your mind in images and feelings that align with your values, goals, and priorities—and the benefits of achieving the results you desire. Just like what I do.

You see, using the Paraliminal gets your sensory experience to fuel your will to create! It harnesses emotional power into willful action.

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How to Lose Weight

by Pete Bissonette

Weight is clearly an issue for many people.

If you want to lose weight and keep it off, it’s critical you get your nonconscious mind aligned with your intentions.

For the most part you already know what foods to eat and what to avoid. You also know you need movement and exercise. What we recommend here will make it all easier, because you will be using your nonconscious mind to help you more naturally shift your body weight.

Here’s what you do:

Listen to Ideal Weight daily for at least eight days, alternating Session A with Session B. This will help get your body into a natural balance as you reconnect with your innermost ideal self and become more aware of the signals your body already sends you. You’ll find yourself losing 1 to 2 percent of your body weight a week.

Then listen periodically whenever you feel you need support. It might be weekly, monthly, or once a quarter.

For sure listen to Session B before any holiday weekend or big celebration. I never ever overeat on holiday weekends when I use Session B in advance.

Be clear on this: Ideal Weight is not magic. It is an authentic approach of self-love and clear choices. You must persistently desire and willingly act to change your weight. Ideal Weight then frees you to achieve the size and shape of your body according to your natural ideal.

These Paraliminals can also help: Self-Esteem Supercharger, New Behavior Generator, New History Generator, Anxiety-Free, Break the Habit, Self-Discipline, and Get Around To It. Come to think of it, all Paraliminals can be supportive.

Ideal Weight leads you through a gentle, steady process that works because it helps you adjust your weight at a rate that is natural for your body. This helps you maintain your ideal weight permanently.

Paul Scheele says, “Getting back into balance can be remarkably easy. Your success begins with love and relaxation. Re-establishing connection with your inner nature invites your infinite intelligence to open again. You end your struggle by choosing self-love, focusing on what is true, and providing what you need physically. Ideal Weight is the perfect facilitator to bring you back to your best self.”

The next step is yours. Begin today.

To learn more about Ideal Weight and all of our other Paraliminal programs, please click here.