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Find Your Bliss Amid the Holiday Stress

by Pete Bissonette

Holiday shopping is now underway, can you shield yourself from the stress it’s been proven to bring?

A biometrics study by eBay has shown that heart rates of shoppers increased by 33 percent during just a 60-minute shopping excursion, an increase akin to running a marathon, reported the Daily Mail.

Of 100 London shoppers fitted with Lightwave tech devices that measured various physiological responses while shopping, a whopping 88 percent experienced tachycardia, a higher than normal resting heart rate.

As you’re running from store to store in search of that perfect gift for someone you love, there’s no need to get stressed. Decades of biofeedback studies have shown you can will yourself into bliss by directing your feelings and thoughts in ways that energize your mind-body connection.

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Making bad choices?

by Pete Bissonette

So often we know what to do, but we still make lousy choices that fly in the face of our own best interests.

* We have health issues, and we eat greasy fried food.

* We have major repairs to do on the house, but we work on hobbies instead.

* We know there are projects we can do at work to increase our value to the company, but we take the easy way out.

* We know we shouldn’t drink and drive, but we always stretch it with one more drink.

Okay…we know we are making bad choices. How do we act differently?

Use the New Action Generator.

Dr. Paul Scheele created it specifically for those who take the easy way out.

If this is you, make this Paraliminal your friend.

Session A of New Action Generator brings you clarity on which choices and actions support your highest good, and Session B helps you make these choices and take those actions.

Life is too short to keep making bad choices, especially when such a useful tool is available to you right now. Paraliminals work with your nonconscious mind to make it easier to create the changes you want.

One of the secrets of the New Action Generator is it helps you stay focused on the rewards. These “wins” reinforce your confidence and motivate you to make choices and take actions that bring you profound benefit.

To learn more about New Action Generator and all our other Paraliminal programs, please click here.

Success that Lasts

by Pete Bissonette

How do you be successful year after year? How do you ensure your success isn’t short term?

By creating a life that matters to you…and makes a difference in the world.

If you want it to endure, success can’t just be about you and your achievements. It has to include making life better for others, and you have to hold this intention in your heart as an important value.

It’s not about being a saint. You don’t have to be perfect. You will make mistakes and probably do things you regret.

But when you align your thoughts and actions with your passion, you create a life that matters to you and makes a difference for others. This will bring you greater joy and fulfillment every day as you build your dreams.

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Is Money Scarce?

by Pete Bissonette

Unconscious beliefs about scarcity lead to… scarcity.

Releasing those beliefs gives rise to prosperity.

But how do you do that?

We recommend listening to the Soul of Money Paraliminal first thing in the morning, because it works with your nonconscious mind to set an abundant mindset as a replacement for one of scarcity and lack.

If that is all you did, you’ll notice shifts right away. But if you follow the listening by making gratitude the theme of every opportunity, interaction, and situation you engage in, the shifts will be greater, and momentum will take over.

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Recognize the Value of Your Memories

by Paul Scheele

Memories—good and bad—guide us throughout our lives, often because they remain unresolved.

When revisiting Paris 46 years after my first adventure in that glorious city, I stood in the presence of things I’d seen as a child.

I wondered at the magnificent Eiffel Tower, enjoyed the Louvre’s bronze sculpture of Hercules fighting the serpent, and gazed in awe at the Arc de Triomphe commemorating Napoleon’s imperial victories.

What was so amazing is that there I was suddenly having a physical realization of my youthful experience, remembering it all from my child’s mind, but as an adult. That mindful awareness gave me a sense of complete resolve and a wonderful feeling of peace and perspective.

You can achieve that same sense of calm and completion even when you stand in witness to troubling childhood memories.

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