Learn the art of self-healing with
Spring Forest Qigong

Master Chunyi Lin guides you through practicing Spring Forest Qigong for your personal health. You will learn methods that you can begin using immediately to alleviate pain and sickness in your body.

Spring Forest Qigong Basic Course (CD/DVD and Digital)
This product or event is no longer available

Spring Forest Qigong Basic Course (Digital)
This product or event is no longer available

Contents of your Spring Forest Qigong Level 1 (Basic)

4 -- audio sessions of Chunyi Lin discussing how to bring the power of Spring Forest Qigong into your life

  • Session 1
    A - The Miracle of Qi Energy
    B - Transform Your Life with Qigong
  • Session 2
    A - The Secrets of Qigong
    B - The Keys to Your Success with Qigong
  • Session 3
    A - Exploring the Active Exercises
    B - Tips and Guidelines
  • Session 4
    A - Understanding Sitting Meditations
    B - Helping Others Heal

2 -- audio sessions of the Active Exercise and Sitting Meditations. Listen to these sessions when practicing Spring Forest Qigong

  • Session 5 - Qigong practice

    A - Active Exercises
    Beginning of the Universe
    Forming of Yin & Yang
    Moving of Yin & Yang
    Breathing of the Universe
    Joining of Yin & Yang

    B - Active Exercises
    Harmony of Universal Energy
    Seven Steps of New Life
    Ending: Harvesting Qi

  • Session 6 - Qigong practice
    A - Sitting Meditation, Small Universe
    B - Sitting Meditation, Self-Concentration

1 -- video of Master Lin demonstrating each of the Active Exercise movements. You will also meet several students who have experienced remarkable healing through their practice of Spring Forest Qigong.

1 -- 40-page course manual with detailed descriptions of each movement and meditation plus:

The Essence of Qigong
The Health Benefits of Qigong
Understanding the Healing Power of Qigong
What is Spring Forest Qigong?
Six Factors that block Qi
Three Secrets of Practicing Qigong Effectively
Three Vital Elements of Qigong Exercise
Six Keys to Success
Discover the Beauty of Life

30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

BONUS Audio Set -- 1 set of original music called Inner Beauty. Master Lin created this audio set as background music for your practice.

Carol felt "euphoria" when listening to the Active Exercise audio session
"The first time I listened to the Active Exercise recording I felt euphoria, and it lasted long after the session finished," says Carol Matthews of Spencerville, Ohio. Her friends noticed a change in her as well as her husband. "He was on the cell phone and asked what I had done, because I sounded different. He said, 'You're so positive.' "

She practices Spring Forest Qigong several times a week and is looking forward to other benefits.