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Greater Success. Better Health.
Stronger Relationships.

Dear Friend,
You've heard how a butterfly flapping its wings in South America can affect the weather in your backyard… that is exactly why moving your couch can affect your financial wealth. You see, everything is energy.

Even your brain waves improve when you’re in a room with good Feng Shui!

Changing your life for the better has never been easier or more accessible. And if you are like the millions of people around the world who have suffered from finance, career, relationship, or health problems, you’ve come to the right place.

Your path to a better life begins today...
Enjoy the Diamond Feng Shui Fest!

Hosted by Marie Diamond, Feng Shui master and featured teacher in the hit movie, The Secret

The Diamond Feng Shui Fest is your opportunity to Feng Shui your home according to the teachings of this accomplished master. You will learn exactly what you need to do to attract positive energy, cure negative energy, create a commanding presence, and live in the flow of universal energy.

And the best part is: The entire Diamond Feng Shui Fest is presented to you free of charge. There are no obligations and no strings attached.

Simply sign up and mark your calendar for March 12, 2024.

The Diamond Feng Shui Fest features three days of exclusive content right out of the professionally produced home study course that thousands have paid hundreds of dollars to study. You will see how to address life's most nagging problems and support your greatest opportunities. You will get clear and concise ways to tap into the powerful energy influencing your life day in and day out.

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We can handle four million participants, so you know we'll have room for everyone. It is free of charge with no obligation whatsoever. It is brought to you by Learning Strategies, and we have been helping people just like you maximize their potential since 1981.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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Pete Bissonette

Here’s what is in store for you beginning March 12!

Diamond Feng Shui Essentials

Session 1

Discover how universal energy flows into your home or office… what it means for you… and how to harness it for success, health, relationships, and spiritual growth.

Notice what happens when you change the position of your bed. Are you immediately happier? Is your romance steamier? Do you sleep like a baby?

How about the position of your desk? Do you get more respect? Is it easier to focus? Do you make more money? Do you feel in control?

Today you will get what is absolutely necessary to make the power of Feng Shui work for your benefit. As Marie Diamond says, "You will feel as if you are the Queen or King of your life."

Feng Shui for Power and Wisdom

Session 2

In this session you learn how to use Feng Shui to increase your Power. As a result, you will:

* Have more impact with your actions, feelings, and thoughts.

* Feel safe and protected rather
than vulnerable.

* Attract more praise for your talents and accomplishments.

* Radiate more power and confidence.

* Be in a more powerful position in your job.

You will also learn to increase your Wisdom, which leads to:

* Feeling inspired.

* Having others resonate with your ideas.

* Easier studying, learning, and remembering.

Feng Shui for Love, Balance, and Harmony

Session 3

You will learn what you have to do in your home to:

* Bring in Love, Balance, and Harmony.

* Have better relationships with your family, friends, and colleagues.

* Be more in love than ever.

* Be more outgoing.

* Be more open to others.

* Gain insight to make the right decisions.

* Resolve conflicts.

* Keep conflicts from escalating.

* Have a stronger connection between who you are and what you do.

* Increase peacefulness in your life.

* Reduce drama, conflict, and stress in your home and workplace.

Feng Shui for
Purity and Health

Session 4

Learn to bring in the purest energy to create the highest level of abundance, energy, and health.

Activate Purity when any of the following conditions exist in your life:

* Your thoughts and feelings are cluttered or chaotic.

* You are addicted to something.

* You feel abused or that others violate your boundaries.

* Nothing moves forward.

Activate Health when you:

* Have problems with any aspect of your health.

* Want to attract the right solutions for your health and well-being.

* Have tried different doctors, medicines, and therapies with little long-term benefit.

* Have been hospitalized or had major surgery since you moved into a new home or office.

Feng Shui for
Forgiveness and Clarity

Session 5

Letting go of the past is a powerful form of Forgiveness. In this session you will learn how to use Feng Shui to:

* Let go of possessions, emotions, and thoughts that keep you stuck.

* Elevate the level of Qi in your home and in yourself.

* Invite new people, experiences, and opportunities into your life.

* Create space for good fortune to enter your life.

Today you will also learn to bring in Clarity to:

* Ensure your intentions are communicated to the Universe as well as those who can help you.

* Communicate more clearly in your relationships.

* Avoid misunderstandings.

* Express your needs and desires more clearly.

* Create impressive results from your efforts.

Feng Shui for
Focus, Joy, Abundance,
and Transformation

Session 6

Learn to use Feng Shui on four facets.

Focus helps deepen your concentration while improving your motivation, persistence, follow-through, and achievement.

Joy brings in happiness multiplied as you appreciate everything your senses experience and recognize the bounty in your life. When you lack joy, you feel sad or depressed.

Abundance helps you step more fluidly into an infinitely abundant ocean of energy, expressing it as wealth in any area of life.

Transformation activates earthly luck energy to:

* Change the way you feel in your surroundings.

* Change your thought patterns.

* Improve or change your career.

* Boost your romance.

* Make more money.

* Live consciously and aware.

* Get the support you need to pursue your dreams.

Here's How You'll Get Access:

You will be participating in the Diamond Feng Shui Fest as an Online Virtual Event.

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You will have access to each of the sessions by online audio for FREE. Get your Free Pass!

Here Are The Dates

For three consecutive days

Tuesday, March 12 - Thursday, March 14

ALL sessions will be available each day

Three days to Listen!

All sessions will be available beginning at 10:00 a.m. US Central time on Tuesday, March 12 until 9:30 a.m. US Central time on Friday, March 15.

The reason the event is structured this way is because we want everyone around the world to be able to listen, regardless of their time zone (and without having to get up in the middle of the night to listen!). You can listen to everything in one day or spread it out over the three days.

It is all available for FREE...

The "amazing" Marie Diamond created an easy-to-follow course to give you the same benefits as the rich and powerful

During the Diamond Feng Shui Fest, you will receive step-by-step instruction to use Diamond Feng Shui in your home. Through Marie's captivating lessons, you will learn:

  • The direction you personally should face when sitting at your desk, sitting in a meeting, or talking on the phone that magnetically attract success
  • How to get the quickest results from using Feng Shui
  • How to create a commanding presence for yourself so that people notice you, pay attention to you, and give you respect
  • How bad Feng Shui distracts you from seeing opportunities that are right in front of you
  • What kind of artwork can devastate your relationship
  • The direction to point your head during sleep when you need to improve your health
  • Where to place a bubbling fountain that can shift the energy when everyone in your home or workplace gets sick
  • One 4-minute task that attracts new people, experiences, and opportunities
  • A color to wear that makes you more desirable to any potential romantic partner
  • How to use Feng Shui to sell your home at a great profit
  • Why you might feel great in some rooms in your home, and what you can do to feel great in all your rooms

About Marie Diamond

Your host, Marie Diamond, has a fascinating background. Like how she began studying with spiritual masters when she was only seven years old and with Feng Shui grand masters in her teens. But what intrigues us the most is that she can literally see the energy flow.

Most Feng Shui "consultants" and "experts" are advanced students who repeat what their masters have told them. The expert might look at a spiky plant and say it can be harmful to your health, because that is what their master told them or because that is what they read in a book. Marie looks at the spiky plant and sees the energy shooting from the leaves.

She did not simply learn from books or other masters. She knows how the energy works, because she sees it. This ability makes what she says infinitely more credible and valuable.

Many New York Times best-selling authors, including Chicken Soup for the Soul co-author, Jack Canfield, waves of celebrities, and top executives have used her advice to have huge personal breakthroughs in their lives. And you can too.

The changes are real, easy, and immediate.
Here's what others have said about Diamond Feng Shui!

"I'm already seeing changes. Two business proposals had fallen through it seemed. I activated my goals for my professional life. Two days later, they changed their minds and a third client also came knocking at our door."
– Rachel P. of Barcelona, Spain
"As soon as I activated my best positions in my office I started receiving opportunities for more money, better career prospects, and freelance jobs."
– Lena of Sydney, Australia
"I paid off my credit card in less than a month, had a $4000 windfall, my husband is more supportive around the house and is actually doing the course as well, we are supporting each other in our weight loss and health ambitions. I am feeling more optimistic about everything for the first time in a lot of years."
– Rachelle of Brisbane, Australia
"Since doing that one thing I no longer wake several times during the night or plagued by disturbing dreams. We both noticed how we were better rested."
– Nancy O. of Billings, Montana
"My relationships with and between my children have been somewhat strained. Within three weeks my son called and suggested a vacation to New York; I was in shock! And VERY HAPPY!"
– Susan B. of Hayward, California
"I was having financial difficulties. I did the course and out of the blue I received a check that I did not expect. Then I received a call from a person that I did not know offering me a job opportunity with good pay. I went to the interview and he gave me the job."
– Cecilia of Yonkers, New York
"Marie made it sound so simple. I followed her advice. Immediately I felt calmer, more focused, in control and more organized! I no longer leave the house in a mad dash, forgetting things. Thank you so much for providing this easy to understand and implement guide!"
– Angie of Cliffside Park, New Jersey
"I will never forget the first day. Within TWO hours I received startling results. I thought to myself, 'this stuff is powerful!.' Four years later my husband and I have purchased our dream property. Most importantly, my youngest daughter, who had been diagnosed with a form of autism, is now improving in ways that we would have never thought possible. I am so grateful for this information."
– Holly F. of Austin, Texas
"Since I have been working with Diamond Feng Shui I have felt so much better. Sometimes I buy a ticket from the lottery, before I never won anything, now I have won a small amount 4 times in a row."
– Marina B. of Belgium
"The perfect job fell into my lap, I feel more energetic and happy, and I found a lotto ticket that someone had dropped, and it won 5th division in that night's draw! I can't wait to continue with the course."
– Wendy A. of Sydney, Australia
"Two days ago I moved my computer at work out of the corner so now I face my Health direction all day, and the first day when I walked home after work I was surprised to find I didn't feel half-dead like I normally did. I did not expect results that fast."
– Ingrid of Normal, Illinois
"When my friend plops herself on the sofa and comments about never wanting to live anywhere else because she feels so safe and peaceful here, I am grateful to all that Marie did to demystify Feng Shui. It does work!"
– Virginia C. of Cardiff, California
"When we first bought our home I never felt right in it. My husband could not understand my feelings and thought I was just being critical. After Diamond Feng Shui and figuring out our personal directions, I discovered that the house was very wrong for me and perfect for my husband. I implemented changes in the house which incorporated my good directions. The difference in the way I felt was immediate and profound."
– Gloria of Palm Beach, Florida
"I was amazed at how quickly the cures I have utilized to date have produced results. I have substantially improved my romantic relationship. I discovered my bed was in the worst possible direction for me and had other negative Feng Shui energies associated with it. By moving my bed I had an immediate improvement to my energy, spiritual life and better flow of energy."
– Sarah B. of Massachusetts
"I feel a sense of power that I never sensed before in my adult years. When I was very little, sometimes, when I was just by myself, I felt so whole, so integrated into my life that I literally felt like flying. This is how I feel now, times a thousand!"
– Alexandru D. of Bucharest, Romania
"Since I went through my house to check the positioning of objects in my best directions and I changed or added things, I have been blessed with a brand new car, I won a drawing at a Scottish festival, my overall energy within the house is improved, and my relationships have made a shift-------ridding myself of some friendships, and making new ones. I am a very blessed individual in all aspects of life."
– Anonymous