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Who's In Your Room? with Stewart Emery

Join Stewart Emery live in six weekly sessions over the telephone or on the internet with his Who's In Your Room? program on an exploration of who is in your room, what that means for your life right now, and what to do about it in the future.

In Who's In Your Room?, Stewart Emery leads six conversations to help you understand who you become as a person and whether or not you are successful depends on who's in your room. Really.

Who's In Your Room? begins August 26, 2016. Each of the six weekly sessions will be between one hour and two hours.

There are no prerequisites. If you miss the live sessions, you will be able to download the recordings. These recordings will always be available for you through our digital Library at no additional charge.

For more information, click here

Living by Intuition with Echo Bodine

Join professional intuitive, psychic, and ghost buster Echo Bodine live in six weekly sessions over the telephone or on the internet with her new Living by Intuition program to help you activate your intuitive intelligence.

In Living by Intuition, Echo Bodine leads six conversations to help you understand your intuition, trust your intuition, and follow your intuition.

Living by Intuition begins August 4, 2016. Each of the six weekly sessions will be between one hour and two hours.

There are no prerequisites. If you miss the live sessions, you will be able to download the recordings. These recordings will always be available for you through our digital Library at no additional charge.

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4 brand-new Paraliminals — Stimulate your nonconscious mind in four impressively useful ways!

No self-help tool is easier to use or gets better results than the relaxing Paraliminals, the keys to unlocking the great resources of your mind. There are no exercises that you have to do... Nothing to practice... No homework!

Just listen with headphones and relax as you gently activate your inner mind to make your life better and better. Paraliminals average 20 minutes each, which means in a matter of minutes you can be making changes that can significantly impact your life.

Our #1 goal is to help you get better at living life, and these four brand-new Paraliminals are going to be your new favorites! Go to this page: http://www.paraliminal.com/brandnew.

Financial Security (in 24 minutes): Create financial well-being and strength

Overcoming Overwhelm (in 19 minutes): Act with calm, clarity, and effectiveness

Seeing the Unseen (in 25 minutes): Uncover new answers, insights, and ideas

Gratitude (in 21 minutes): Welcome the magic and fullness of life

Plus, get a cool free bonus! We've created a special adult coloring book based on the metaphors and stories woven deep within our four new Paraliminals. Coloring automatically releases stress, brings on calm, and puts you into a receptive state for accessing the resources of your inner mind.

You can download one of the pages from our new coloring book right now and experience what it is like to color images aligned with your positive intentions. Simply go to our website and look for the coloring link in the right column. Go to this page: http://www.paraliminal.com/brandnew.

Year of Diamond Feng Shui Retreat

Good Feng Shui turns your home into a living, breathing, multi-dimensional Vision Board.

Join Marie Diamond at our first Feng Shui retreat in 11 years. She will help you take your real-life Vision Board to the next level of power, effectiveness, and positive manifestation.

Plus, to turbocharge your retreat experience and the ideal Feng Shui for your home, we have a 12-session teleseminar series for you that you can participate in over the telephone or Internet.

Minneapolis Year of Diamond Feng Shui Retreat, August 11-14

Spring Forest Qigong Healing Retreat

If you are new to Spring Forest Qigong, Chunyi Lin's fall retreat will help you learn how to use simple movement, controlled breathing, and focused concentration to help heal yourself.

If you've been with us before, come back to enjoy Chunyi's healing energy, meet like-minded friends, and take your practice to a higher level.

New for 2016, Chunyi Lin will delve into an exploration of "Wisdom of the Body, Emotion, and Spirituality" during six powerful days of healing sessions, meditations, and opportunities to be with Chunyi.

Minneapolis Spring Forest Qigong Healing Retreat, September 25-30


Your state of mind influences the choices you make, the results you achieve, and ultimately the life you create

How you feel is largely a product of your state of mind.

It's a complex set of pictures and feelings that shapes your attitudes and moods as you go about your day.

Paul Scheele's brand-new program, Resets, helps you shift from one frame of mind to another, from one mood to another—in as little as 12 seconds.

The Resets give you maximum choice about how you feel so you can access full resourcefulness on demand.

Choose the emotional state that supports you when you need it—Calm, Focus, Adventurous, Radiance, or Success—and accomplish what you truly want with greater ease, joy, and satisfaction.

To learn more or to purchase the program, click here.

Discover who you are, how you function,
your purpose, and how to accomplish it

The brand new Unlimited Futures teleseminar series helps you undo stress that blocks your success. It helps you strengthen your nervous system so the life-changing principles and processes can be used by you to live a life of ease and abundance, success and happiness.

This brilliantly simple 12-session teleseminar series evokes a feeling of wisdom rather than appealing to your intellect, working with all areas of the body, mind, emotions, and spirit simultaneously.

You will automatically start making better choices and achieving powerful goals. You move out of a life of limits into an unlimited future.

To learn more and enroll in the new Unlimited Futures that begins on August 25, click here.

Freedom 301 with Jeddah Mali

Join Jeddah Mali live in 9 monthly sessions over the telephone or on the Internet with her new Freedom 301 program to understand what life is all about.

In Freedom 301, Jeddah Mali leads 9 conversations exploring how understanding the nature of existence leads to a greater understanding of the bigger picture—and a greater alignment with life itself.

Freedom 301 will be delivered live by Jeddah Mali beginning in September, 2015. Each of the 9 monthly sessions will be between one hour and two hours.

There are no prerequisites. If you miss the live sessions, you will be able to download the recordings. These recordings will always be available for you through our digital Library at no additional charge.

For more information, click here.

"Future Mapping" is now available

Future Mapping reverses existing ideas on goal achievement, making it more likely you will achieve your goals.

It is different from other methods in two significant ways: first, it uses the unexpected power of altruism, which is an "unselfish regard for the welfare of others," and second, it captures together conscious and nonconscious thoughts to reduce interference from your limited conscious mind.

Developed by Paul Scheele and Masanori Kanda, Future Mapping is also a remarkable tool for problem-solving, creativity, and innovation. For more information and to try the new Future Mapping program, click here.

PhotoReading & Future Mapping

Paul Scheele will again present a spring PhotoReading seminar in Minneapolis. You can learn to use your whole mind to read with greater speed, comprehension, and enjoy from the developer himself. It is by far our most popular PhotoReading seminar of the year.

When you attend this seminar, you can stay for a free bonus day on Power PhotoReading, and you can follow that with Paul’s out-of-the-box new, two-day Future Mapping seminar. You will turn goal setting upside down by drawing out both conscious and subconscious thoughts onto a chart that maps your future.

Minneapolis PhotoReading, April 17 - 19, 2015
Minneapolis Power PhotoReading, April 20, 2015
Minneapolis Future Mapping, April 21 & 22, 2015

Plus we have PhotoReading seminars coming up in Dallas, Washington D.C., Denver, and Toronto. You can learn more here:

Paul Scheele to teach "Guardians of Change"

You know you were born into the world with vast internal resources, a genius ability to learn, and a remarkable freedom to create your life as you desire.

But what happened to that magnificence and those inborn super powers?

In one word: Life.

Responsibilities. Expectations put on you. Barrage of programming. Evolution.

Your brain is actually hardwired to keep you from your powers by the reptilian, mammalian, and neocortex brain structures. Paul Scheele calls them the three Guardians of Change.

They are not trying to stop you. They are trying to protect you from the perceived danger of change.

We need that vigilance. We need that level of observation to actually serve us, to become our ally, but not block the road. And that's what Paul Scheele will teach you during the Guardians of Change seminar in Los Angeles on Saturday, April 25.

For more information and to enroll, please click here.

Write Well, Write Fast, Write Now with Sam Horn

If you need to write in your life, the new Write Well, Write Fast, Write Now program will help improve your skills. As a result:

* Have your thoughts flow out so fast your fingers can hardly keep up.
* Never again struggle with writers block.
* Stay centered and focused on your writing so you finish what you start.
* Feel confident of your ability to clearly express your ideas and intent.
* Be able to share your story and legacy message, easily and effortlessly.
* Get published and be read by many.

Whether you need to write a short email or a big book, a business report, fund-raising proposal, Mommy blog, The Great American Novel, a love letter, memoir, website copy, or most anything, you will learn to apply the best practices of accomplished writers while accessing the full potential of your genius mind.

You can join Write Well, Write Fast, Write Now any time and catch-up by listening to recordings.

The program starts January 28, 2015. Learn more and enroll.

Everyday Genius by Paul Scheele

The Everyday Genius will be delivered live by Paul Scheele beginning on Monday, January 12, 2015. You will join us on the telephone or on the Internet once a month for around 90 minutes.

If you miss the live sessions, you will be able to download high quality recordings. Even though the live sessions are delivered over the phone, we make high quality recordings for you to reference as needed. These recordings will always be available for you through our digital online Library at no additional charge.

Does your life stink? Seriously. Nothing breathes freshness into life more than lifelong learning. Taking time, focusing on yourself, and learning exciting ways to use your mind new opens worlds of possibility.

We cannot encourage you enough: stay engaged in always being, doing, having, and getting the best. And one of the best ways to do this is by joining Paul Scheele each month of an exploration and wildcat tapping of your genius capabilities.

Click here to learn more.


July, 2014

Introducing Numerology, a brand new personal learning course by an astonishing man named Gordon Taylor Spowart. Gordon, an engineer by training and early career, has studied the significance of numbers since 1982. Numbers live in his head. He dreams of numbers.

Numerology is a discipline — some say a magical discipline — that studies the influential properties of numbers on your life. Your birthdate, for example, can influence the flow of money in your life.

Numerology gives you clues as to why things are working for you, why other things may not be working, and where to look for the flow and success you want in your life. It clearly shows you whether you are living to your purpose or off your purpose.

Click here to learn more.

Spiritual Codes

May, 2014

We are incredibly pleased to announce a brand new course called Spiritual Codes. We worked with Marie Diamond over five years to create this one-of-a-kind course, and we know you will absolutely love it.

When you know your Spiritual Codes, you understand your innate drive. You uncover a deep understanding of your life leading to great professional rewards and immense personal satisfaction.

After all, when you are in alignment, everything in life supports you. Things fall into place. It is easier to solve problems, stay motivated and upbeat, and enjoy life. But when you are out of alignment, nasty struggles, crises, and difficulties rise up. All because of what is driving you on a deep spiritual level.

Click here to learn more.

Freedom 201 with Jeddah Mali

Begins June 10, 2014

Join Jeddah Mali live in 12 monthly sessions over the telephone or on the Internet with her new Freedom 201 program to understand how to navigate the challenges and joys of living a conscious life.

In Freedom 201, Jeddah Mali leads 12 conversations through the common areas where we can get caught, where forgetting is strongest in our daily lives. She will help bring the light of consciousness to these areas, so we can notice, experience, and enjoy both the physical and non-physical forms of awareness. So we can live within the full spectrum of possibility available to us.

Freedom 201 will be delivered live by Jeddah Mali beginning in June, 2014. Each of the 12 monthly sessions will be between one hour and two hours.

There are no prerequisites. If you miss the live sessions, you will be able to download the recordings. These recordings will always be available for you through our digital Library at no additional charge.

For more information, click here.

Deep Healing for Health Conditions with Chunyi Lin

Begins April 17, 2014

For the first time ever, Chunyi will detail what he has learned for over 180 health conditions in his 30 years of practice, study, and research into energy healing and natural healing techniques. This will be presented in a new teleseminar series called Deep Healing for Health Conditions.

In this new program, Chunyi will teach new details such as:

  • Finding energy blockages. You will learn how to look for blockages associated with the health condition. Blockages may be with the physical body, emotions, and spirit.
  • Healing the specific blockages. You will learn where to send energy. In most cases, the instruction from the Level 2 Spring Forest Qigong personal learning course will help heal the blockages.
  • Age and gender. Various health conditions affect the body differently depending on age and gender. Blockages can be different and ways to help heal the body can be different.
  • Emotional/mental and spiritual perspective. Different health conditions can find their roots or aggravation in the emotional/mental as well as spiritual sides of an individual.

Deep Healing for Health Conditions will be presented live. You will be able to listen on the telephone or through the Internet. Chunyi will present for an hour and then take questions for a half hour.

When you enroll you will receive monthly reminder emails with dates, times, and listening instructions.

Click to learn more or to enroll

Paul Scheele releases 4 new Paraliminals

Have you explored the four new Paraliminals that we just released yet? You owe it to yourself to check them out! You’ll love how you feel after listening.

The four new Paraliminals are:

Conscious Time – No more frittering time away when you can do what really makes your life special

Letting Go – No more letting emotions get the best of you

New Action Generator – No more struggling to make the best choices or follow through with the best action

Recover & Reenergize – No more living with a tired and sore body

We’ve been creating Paraliminals since 1988, and they truly keep getting better. Paul Scheele, Ph.D., pours his big heart and impressive brain power into the creation of each Paraliminal so you get the results you want.

Quickly, easily, and effortlessly.

Each of these four Paraliminals can be explored in detail here:

Check out the Paraliminals.


May, 2013

Introducing the brand new Walkabout program, where you will become aware of how your body is functioning, what is in sync and what needs correction.

By simply walking in a certain manner and following a specific breathing pattern, you can achieve an ideal state for learning.

This means during any walk, you can access the deep resources of your inner mind for many reasons including: learning anything such as a foreign language; making plans—whether for a trip, new project, or a huge celebration; finding solutions to a vexing problem; planning your new novel; or figuring out what you want to do for the rest of your life.

Click here to learn more.

Aura Seeing by Brian Osborne

May, 2012

You can learn to see auras. Not in seven years. Just a couple of days

Introducing the Aura Seeing personal learning course, our groundbreaking new program that will have you seeing auras in as little as one weekend. Not seven years...one weekend. Brian Osborne, Paul Scheele, and our team of writers and program developers spent the last year creating an amazing course that you will have to check out. You will see auras.

Seeing auras involves a combination of training your eyes to see subtle energy and opening your third eye. As you go through the course, you will be gazing at charts to train your eyes, helping you build depth of field in your vision. By the end of the first time through the course, you will have the experience of seeing auras.

Click here to learn more

Diamond Feng Shui (Level 4) by Marie Diamond

January, 2012

Introducing Level 4 of our hit program, Diamond Feng Shui by Marie Diamond. When we first started using Diamond Feng Shui, we moved Paul Scheele's desk to face a direction that Marie Diamond said would bring more recognition to his work. Within days, the American Music Awards asked if they could give Paul's Genius Mind DVD to the winners of the show.

Check out this incredible program to discover how you can harness this wonderful power.

Feng Shui means "wind" and "water". The ancient Feng Shui masters told the emperors that the wind and water carried energy that could bring them fortune as well as misfortune. Today, brilliant advancements by Marie Diamond and Paul Scheele make Feng Shui more accessible, more powerful, and more useful than ever.

Click here to learn more

Paul Scheele releases 4 brand new Paraliminals to make your life easier, richer, and more interesting - "Abundant Money Mindset," "Intuition Amplifier," "Self-Discipline," & "Sleep Deeply/Wake Refreshed"

June, 2011

These four new Paraliminals are straight-to-the-benefit difference-makers for your life. Everyone can benefit from them…quickly and easily. All you need to do is close your eyes, listen with stereo headphones, relax for about twenty minutes, and let Paul guide your inner mind. And then notice as powerful change takes place in your life.

Learn more at http://www.learningstrategies.com/MoneyIntuitionSleepDiscipline

Pure Energy by Deirdre Hade

April, 2011

When all it takes is 5 minutes, you DO have the time

With our brand new Pure Energy 5-minute meditations, you get much of the power of longer meditations wrapped into a beautiful, short, and relaxing five minutes. It's so relaxing, you might just be surprised that it was only five minutes.

You know the medicinal value of meditation. Study after study says that meditation can be better than pills. It can alleviate stress and pain, promote sleep, enhance focus and concentration, and even increase longevity. And now you can get many of the benefits of meditation in only five minutes thanks to the eight – noticeably powerful – sessions of Pure Energy by Deirdre Hade.

Click here to learn more

Introducing Infinite Grace by Jeddah Mali – the 3rd and final volume in the Changing the Paradigm Series

August, 2010

Infinite Grace allows you to understand, and experience, the nature of existence. By exploring the qualities inherent to all life—expansion, light, harmony, love, beauty—you experience awareness as the source of all form. Your being becomes an expression of these qualities. Recognizing this truth is the key to creating a future world that is harmonious, peaceful, and loving. There are nine teachings in this volume. These meditations are encoded with specific energy frequencies to help you experience direct resonance with Awareness itself

The nine meditations are encoded with higher frequencies to encourage your practice to incorporate the frequencies of the 5th, 6th and 7th realms (if you are not familiar with these frequencies, you can find the explanation in “Energy Centers” and “Energy Bodies” in Seeds of Enlightenment).


Jeddah Mali’s Recognizing Truth: Transforming the Five Illusions

March, 2010

Learning Strategies presents Jeddah Mali’s newest 3-DVD set, Recognizing Truth: Transforming the Five Illusions. It is a complement to the rest of Jeddah’s programs and helps guide you towards being in a continual state of awareness.

Recognizing Truth: Transforming the Five Illusions was filmed at Jeddah Mali’s 2009 summer retreat. The DVD set consists of five presentations; one for each of the five illusions (Stress, fear, doubt, struggle, and separation) that keep us from recognizing the “truth to our existence:” By simply recognizing truth and bring in its energetic vibration, the five illusions drop away. It then becomes more and more effortless to recognize truth, freeing you up to operate as the sea of awareness in each and every moment.

On these DVDs, Jeddah unravels illusion from awareness, so that you can live as awareness clearly, each moment of every day.


Manifest your ultimate desires with Diamond Quantum Colors

August 27, 2009

Marie Diamond, Feng Shui Master and star on The Secret DVD, has released a fascinating and effective program to help you with the Law of Attraction.

In Diamond Quantum Colors, she shows you how 24 specific colors powerfully affect the energy around you in a simple 1-CD program. Marie says these colors are like keys that open the doors to the universe, where manifestation happens instantaneously.

You will see how the 24 colors relate to specific qualities of life such as Joy, Power, Forgiveness, Love, or Compassion. Diamond Quantum Colors provides the code to minimize the time you need to manifest your ultimate desires for the most meaningful experience possible.

With this knowledge you can:

  • Bring honesty to a situation when you or others have been less than honest.
  • Release tensions and stresses that have bound you up.
  • Get help and collaboration from others when you really need it.
  • Turn an air of sadness into feelings of compassion.
  • Turn feelings of helplessness or thoughts of “what do I do now” into power.
  • Bring passion into your relationship.


Use ancient symbols to expand your life with Diamond Hexagrams

August 27, 2009

In her newest program, Diamond Hexagrams, Feng Shui Master Marie Diamond shows you how ancient symbols reveal what your house, your door, your desk, and even your bed, attract into your life.

Diamond Hexagrams uses the ancient Chinese symbols of the I Ching, the world’s oldest and most revered system of personal guidance and prophecy. Marie makes the I Ching’s complex system of symbols and oracles easy to use so you automatically impact your success, health, relationships, and spiritual growth through energy.

This single-CD program explores the powerful study of energetic vibration where you will learn to take control and manifest your desires. With Diamond Hexagrams, you will learn:

  • What your front door is attracting to you.
  • When the code on your front door is not expansive, positive, or attracting what you want, how you can easily change it to achieve another outcome.
  • How to alter the effect energies have on you while sleeping and working.
  • What options are available to your specific home or workplace and how to exercise your options quickly and easily.
  • What the energy is saying about your life so that it supports you.


Sonic Access Four Seasons

August 6, 2009

Learning Strategies introduces the latest program in the Sonic Access series of next generation Paraliminals: Four Seasons. These Paraliminal Meditations draw on the wisdom of Masters Chunyi Lin, Marie Diamond, and Jeddah Mali to help you understand the subtle influences at work in our benevolent universe.

Sonic Access Four Seasons gives you four extended Paraliminal meditation sessions, one for each season of the year. It helps you tap into the unique frequencies and qualities of the seasons so that you can apply them to your life, your career, your projects, your relationships, your everything. Working with the energies of the four seasons helps bring greater ease in the creation of success, increased balance and health, improvements in your relationships, and a delightful grace to your spiritual and personal growth. http://www.LearningStrategies.com/Seasons

After Seeds of Enlightenment comes Embracing Freedom

June 16, 2009

Learning Strategies Corporation is proud to introduce Jeddah Mali’s newest course, Embracing Freedom. It is the gentle and beautiful extension to Seeds of Enlightenment, Jeddah’s original lessons and meditations.

Embracing Freedom deals with "what you do with who you are." This series of 12 lessons and 12 meditations takes the foundational understanding that you now know and helps you apply it to your day-to-day life. Jeddah looks at the common causes of forgetting what you've just learned and slipping into old patterns. You’ll learn the influences that affect you every single day. Jeddah helps you discover the elements that restrict your ability to experience freedom and how to operate freely from these restrictions.

You will learn how to:

  • Recognize what is standing between what you have and what you can have.
  • Invite effortless creation by entering into an active state of acceptance with positive expectation.
  • Find clarity of focus. Increase trust and confidence.
  • Decipher mixed signals so you can make conscious decisions that align with your highest good.
  • Recognize how consciousness held steady in awareness is enlightenment.
  • Break illusions and misconceptions about the mind that hold you back.
  • Let go of negative, restless, and agitated thoughts that perpetuate limiting beliefs.
  • See how calm, gentle thoughts invite contentment and peace and how they open your mind to a new perspective that has no limits.
  • Rely on feedback from your sensations to better understand what you experience in your day-to-day life. Notice what is working at any given moment in any area of your life--as well as what is not working.
  • Discover how to be free from the expectations of others.
  • Experience greater love and compassion for others.
  • You will accept people more easily for where they are at without judging them, chastising them, or making them wrong for what they are doing.
  • Self-correct any thought, feeling, action, situation, or event that feels imbalanced. http://www.learningstrategies.com/Enlightenment/Embracing/Home.asp

New Empowering Courses!

Learning Strategies has teamed up with several leading transformational leaders to bring you three new and powerful programs:

Step into Your Greatness with Lisa Nichols

Sept 20, 2008

Climb any mountain no matter how deep the valleys with this the brand new course from breakthrough specialist Lisa Nichols. In No Matter What! Lisa teaches you how to be your own inner coach and use the lessons of your life to shift into high gear.

Lisa, a star in the mega-hit The Secret, is the founder and CEO of Motivating the Teen Spirit and a dynamic advocate of personal empowerment for people of all ages. Her exuberance and her uncanny ability to transform lives have been bottled in five amazing Coaching CDs. The course includes a Self-Work CD and Self-Work Journal with powerful exercises that move you from reflection to inspired action.

Through inspirational stories, thought-provoking messages, and practical self-work activities, you will bounce back from setbacks faster, step fully into your authentic power, remove limitation, and push back any fear. Lisa also teamed up with Paul Scheele to create a powerful Paraliminal session to ensure that what you learn takes root and flourishes.


Generate Lasting Happiness with Marci Shimoff

Sept 20, 2008

In Happy for No Reason: 7 Steps to Being Happy from the Inside Out, transformational teacher and happiness expert Marci Shimoff shows you how to instinctively experience more happiness, joy, and well-being in your life.

You don’t have to win the lottery, lose weight, or have happy genes. Marci shows you the specific practices to raise your happiness set-point, so you can become happy right now. The natural result is greater success, wealth, and health, and more fulfilling relationships.

Marci is the #1 New York Times best-selling author of Happy for No Reason, co-author of several books in the Chicken Soup for the Soul series, and host of a PBS documentary on happiness. Her course includes eight CDs and a 100-page guidebook to help you learn practical, down-to-earth strategies based on the new science of happiness. Paul Scheele, Chunyi Lin, Jeddah Mali, Hale Dwoskin, John Assaraf, Jack Canfield, Lisa Nichols, Lynne Twist, and John Gray join Marci to share their unique insights for creating true happiness for the rest of your life.


Gain Unfettered Access to the Universe with Jeddah Mali

Sept 20, 2008

Learn how the universe operates while meditating with Jeddah Mail in Seeds of Enlightenment: Changing the Paradigm Series. In this unmatched collection of eight meditations, Jeddah directs you to understand and interact with the universal energy that for most people lays largely undiscovered.

She makes the invisible world of spirit real and accessible with direct and immediate implications for your everyday life. You merely close your eyes and listen in a relaxed environment to Jeddah’s beautiful words and music. In meditation, you will experience what she means in real time -- there is no better way to learn this.

Jeddah is a spiritual master and mentor who helps you explore the nature of being, leading to complete inner freedom. Through these powerful meditations, you make a shift from living as “a human being having a spiritual experience” to living as a “spiritual being having a human experience.”


Best-selling Author Jack Canfield and Paul Scheele Introduces Brand New Success Course

May 30, 2008

Jack Canfield, #1 Success Coach and co-author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series, and Paul R. Scheele, Master of the Mental Makeover, partnered up to create the brand-new course Effortless Success: Living the Law of Attraction.

Introduced in early May 2008, this personal learning course works to align your intentions with the universe to create non-stop abundance in your life. With its three breakthrough Paraliminals, Effortless Success will prove to be one of Learning Strategies’ most powerful programs to date.  In the exclusive learning materials, Jack and Paul work with you to create powerful goals, access your inner guidance, and tap the inner positive energy to create goal-inspired action.

Superstars such as Lisa Nichols and Michael Beckwith from The Secret join you in the course and share their insights on using the Law of Attraction, a pivotal focus of the program. The program comes in Standard, Premium and Elite editions, each with a variety of help tools to help you on your path to success.


The Superstars of “The Secret” Introduce Brand New Paraliminals

October 10, 2007

This past September, Learning Strategies introduced four brand new Paraliminals into its rapidly growing library of popular self-improvement CDs. Paul Scheele teamed up with four results-driving individuals (three are stars of ‘The Secret’ DVD) to create four unique Paraliminals to help make it easier than ever to live the best life possible.

Each of these four Paraliminals are specially designed with a clear focus in mind to help you unconsciously focus on your goals, rightfully embrace success, live a law of attraction, and be the happiest person you can be.

Paul Scheele and Jack Canfield, author of Chicken Soup for the Soul(r) book series and a star on ‘The Secret,’ teamed up to create the first “Living the Law of Attraction” Paraliminal. The CD is designed to help both attract what you need to live a fulfilling life as well as empower you to create abundant wealth and life-long happiness.

To learn more or to order, go to Living the Law of Attraction.

The second Paraliminal, “You Deserve It!” with Lisa Nichols and Paul Scheele, focuses on the power of belief. Lisa, who has personally helped more than 75,000 teens with alcohol, drugs and sex, encourages listeners to name their dreams and to claim them rightfully. In the Paraliminal, she acknowledges our right to receive the highest levels of love, prosperity, health, and happiness. She is also a best-selling author and another star of ‘The Secret.’

To learn more or to order, go to You Deserve It!

Paul teamed up with yet another best-selling author and star of ‘The Secret,’ Marci Shimoff, in the “Happy for No Reason” Paraliminal. Marci explains how happiness helps raise physical, emotional, and mental energy, which in turn makes it easier to attract everything else of a higher energy. The new Paraliminal is designed as a perpetual happiness generator to spontaneously bring greater life happiness. It also includes a fresh and innovative approach for discovering your true natural state of peace and joy.

To learn more or to order, go to Happy for No Reason.

The fourth Paraliminal, called “Focus and Concentration,” with Brian Tracy and Paul Scheele, explains the importance of staying focused on top goals. Brian helps you focus your thoughts, feelings, and actions on what is absolutely consistent with achieving success and enjoying the life you choose. He emphasizes that these consistent actions lead to progress and personal belief and success.

To read more or to order, go to Focus and Concentration.

If you are interested in other Paraliminal programs, click here to view the entire list