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Are you pickin’ up good vibrations?

July 20th, 2010 by Janie Solarski

There’s a lot to be said for “lovin’ good vibrations,” according to the Beach Boys.

Dr. Masuru Emoto actually demonstrated it in his groundbreaking research on our conscious connection to water. The photos in his book, Messages from Water, depict what happens to water when it’s exposed to various forms of music and words and then frozen.

Water comprises 60 to 70 percent of the human body, and every cell in our body depends on it to transport oxygen and nutrients and remove wastes and toxins.

But according to Dr. Emoto, water does so much more. It carries vibrations or “messages” throughout our cells and bodies.

When exposed to positive words such as “love” and “gratitude” and to classical music and healing chants, water formed beautiful crystals upon freezing.  Heavy metal music, on the other hand, produced warped crystals.

Emoto says the vibrations of beautiful words, thoughts, and music can help our minds and bodies heal.

What kinds of vibrations is your body picking up?

What internal messages are running through your mind as you go about your day? Are they self-defeating or self-affirming? Are the words you speak negative and demeaning or positive and encouraging? Is the music you listen to jarring or uplifting?

As you read in Paul Hoffman’s recent post on the power of music and meditation, the music of Sonic Access was specially created with vibrations to align your body for a personal transformation.

Additionally, the use Paraliminal technology to send multilevel messages to each hemisphere of the brain. You hear a variety of supportive and effective messages coming into each ear. Because your conscious mind finds it difficult to process two voices speaking simultaneously, it shuts down, putting you into a deeply relaxed, clear-headed state—which leaves your inner mind to absorb the message at a deep level.

When you listen, the words, music, and vibrations of the meditations gently guide your mind to support your health and well-being. If Dr. Emoto took a photo of your cells, you just might get a glimpse of those lovin’ vibrations!

– Janie Solarski

6 Responses to “Are you pickin’ up good vibrations?”

  1. Jaffra says:

    I found great pleasure in the Sonic Access recording I purchased many moons ago. I also have derived great benefit from the Paraliminals, and Jeddah Mali’s brilliant programs. But I had to come forth about the Quantum element of Dr. Emoto’s findings. In my reply to Wally, above, I spoke my truth based upon my own extensive experience in listening to, and being thrilled by, the perfect dissonance of Stan Kenton, the heavy metal violin of noted symphony violinist, Rachel Barton Pine, the entire works of Philip Glass, and the depth of heart expressed in the music and lyrics of the Heavy Metal band, Metallica.

    I believe we each have within us the power to love, allow and accept every experience we create for ourselves in our personal holographic illusion called Life. I also believe that there is no one genre or form of music that is better than any other. There are agreements by many that some music is “better” for them, but the individual human heart is ever-unique in what it is currently able to experience comfortably and without resistance at any one time in their lives. Learning Strategies is a source of greater understanding, and greater fulfillment of the often-hidden longings of the human heart, and I will continue to purchase your products as long as you are selling them. Thank you, Paul and all the others.

  2. Izzy says:

    Heavy metal upsets every cell of my body even if it has positive words, because the music is so heavy it doesn’t let you absorb the words, it drives me crazy!

  3. wally says:

    Iv’e read this before about heavy metal. Being in a heavy metal band myself it’s quite a blow to hear. I have to say i think possibly the lyrics and the feel of the song would have to be taken into a account. There is lots of positive heavy metal out there. So to put it all in one box is a little uneducated i think. :)

    • Jaffra says:

      Wally, I’m 80 years old, and I’m Metallica’s oldest female fan, I’m sure. When I read about Dr. Emoto’s study, I immediately saw the fallacy of his findings. How can I say that? Because Quantum studies have PROVEN that the listener or viewer affects the outcome of EVERY experiment. (Read all the data found by Lynne McTaggart in her groundbreaking journalistic history, The Field.)

      YES, for the average person who is likely to be in some state of “resistance” to what feels to them like unnecessary or inharmonious noise, their resulting crystals will show the designs that such resistance produces, automatically. However, when I hear Metallica playing Nothing Else Matters, even without the San Francisco Symphony, I experience DEEP spiritual alignment with its lofty lyrics and harmonious melodies, and with the musicians themselves. I go into a state of ecstasy EVERY TIME. In that state there is ZERO resistance — only love and deep pleasure, and I’d love to see what design that deep ecstasy would produce in crystals.

      Quantum science says the answer is NEVER in the music itself; I know from learning the basics of Quantum Physics that the lab results will always be affected by the person EXPERIENCING the music. Take heart, Wally, your music is there in your heart for a reason, and who you are — especially as a musician — is so very valuable in the world. The more you live, the more your heart opens, the more your music will find its alignment in the hearts of others.

      I can only say this with conviction and certainty because I’ve been studying for a long time the nature of resistance and how it affects everything … everywhere. Unconditional Love contains NO resistance. Notice what you love unconditionally, and that’s where your heart is in alignment with your Higher Being. If each sound you make in a band is made with no resistance, there’s Love going on. Watch Metallica’s autobiographical documentary, Some Kind of Monster, and see what they were willing to experience together and apart in order to continue creating together. They love their life, and don’t resist anything they create (or if they find they have, they don’t record it).

      However, there IS music that finds the LEAST resistance in the MOST individuals, and its popularity is based upon its power to leave most people feeling refreshed and invigorated, as Jim Schutte has experienced. There is the “right” music for every ear, and no one can say otherwise.

  4. Jim Schutte says:

    I agree with this and I find that listening to meditation music while lying in the bath I always feel so refreshed and invigorated that life is beautiful again after a strenuous day.
    Thanks and keep up the good work

  5. Nicholas Socrates says:

    Sonic Access is absolutely brilliant; so soothing and wonderfully inspirational – so so so good. Paul Scheele is a pure genius. Thank you so much, so helpful. Lots of love :)

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