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“I do believe. I do believe”

May 18th, 2017 by Pete Bissonette

No you don’t.

Otherwise you would be achieving your hopes and dreams.

You and I both know it is not easy to believe with all the negative input coming at us every day, but there is hope.

When you listen to the Belief Paraliminal, your nonconscious mind is directed to believe in yourself.

It works on a deep, deep level so that you believe in your own capabilities to achieve whatever you want.  Romance. Recognition. Wealth. Peak performance.

You already feel at some level you are magnificent, but that magnificence doesn’t always show up in your life. As you use the Belief Paraliminal, it will.

1) Think of what you want to achieve.

2) Think of a belief you might have that keeps you from achieving it. Then listen to Session A.

3) Think of a belief that will help you achieve what you want. Then listen to Session B.

You gain control, self-esteem, and emotional freedom from the past.

You steel-strengthen belief in your abilities to achieve your desires.

Life is good. You believe it. You know it. You live it.

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