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Holding your light for others

August 30th, 2012 by Marie Diamond

The Law of Attraction was at work on a grand scale during the London Olympics. Although the flame has extinguished, the games remain a wonderful expression of how we hold our light for others and collectively make our world a better place.

In ancient times the flaming torch was more than a symbol of peace between warring cities and regions. The passing of the light was seen as cleansing the energy, the karma, between people, creating a friendly and harmonious space to compete, not fight.

The moment the torch is lit, it changes something energetically—it says we are attracting the energy to be the best we can be as human beings with each other as we focus on the light of harmony.

So often with our vision boards and activations, we focus on what we want as individuals. But remember, we are all interconnected in this quantum world. Every thought, feeling, or action you do has an impact on the world.

During the Green Revolution in Iran, a young woman who had seen The Secret movie told me she was urging others to see it in order to change the government they hated. “But that’s not how it works,” I told her. “As long as you see the government outside of yourself, and you hate the government, then you hate yourself, because you are your government.”

She found that tough to digest. And it is—knowing you are connected to the people doing harm. So I asked her to connect in with the souls, the higher selves, of the people in government:

“They have light. Everyone has light—a universal frequency light that is always present, even if 99 percent within is darkness. Focus on the light. If enough of you do this, it will have an impact. I’m not sure when, but as you do this, the light in yourself becomes stronger. At the same time, the 1 percent light in the others grows stronger. You will see the energy shift. One percent becomes two percent becomes five percent. It’s easy to see the light in something positive, because it already resonates with you. But when you can see the light in something negative, that’s where you’ll see a shift.”

A couple of months later the woman told me: “I got it. I could see the 1 percent light in the leaders of my country. The moment I could see it in someone else—and be grateful for it—I started understanding that something in me was shifting. I started having different people around me, a different job. Solutions came for the people I’d been praying for. People taken away by the government were returned to their families. Miracles started happening!”

I encourage you to hold the light for others every day—even for just five minutes. It will make it easier to hold the light for yourself.

This is something people in the self-development, self-help world often forget. It’s not just about you, it’s about all of us. It’s the collective Law of Attraction. What you wish for others will come back to you multiple times.

Holding the Light Meditation

Radiate your love and light with this candle meditation. You can do the visualization in just a few minutes.

  • Have a candle at hand, but do not light it just yet.
  • Sit comfortably, close your eyes, and relax your breathing.
  • Feel yourself align with the love and light within you and within our world that has accumulated over thousands of years. Say, “I am connected to the love and light.”
  • Visualize light coming into your hands, and pick up and hold the unlit candle, infusing it with your blessing of love and light. Feel how you become warmer.
  • Then open your eyes and light the candle, saying, “I am love and light—for myself, for others, and for the world.”
  • Close your eyes and connect with your God, your master, or the angels and saints in your personal belief system, and become a vessel for their light. Take a deep breath in, and let go, releasing the sadness, anger, and pain of the world, reducing the darkness, increasing the light.
  • Hold your hands with your palms outward at the level of your heart, and send the love and light out of your heart, through your hands, and into the world. Connect with the love and light of another person, situation, leader, country, or the world. Feel how much warmer you become, how much lighter and more joyful.
  • Next, place your palms over your heart, and imagine love and light coming into every cell of your body. Receive love and light for yourself, saying, “I now receive the love and light from all the people who have been sending it out to the world. Thank you.” Breathe into it, let it go, and relax.
  • When finished, open your eyes, feeling peace and love.
  • Extinguish the candle gently with wet fingers or by covering the flame with a bell. Do not blow the flame out, because that is like telling the light you do not support it.

This is a powerful exercise. Do it daily. The more love and light you send out, the more you’ll experience in your own life.

– Marie Diamond

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