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Minimum/Target/Outrageous method of goal setting

July 27th, 2010 by Pete Bissonette

If there has ever been a breakthrough method for goal setting, this is it. MTO – Minimum, Target, Outrageous. We’ve been using that at Learning Strategies for years, and I’d like Raymond Aaron, who developed the system, to tell you how it works.

This method has been incorporated into many of our programs including Clear Mind, Bright Future, Abundance for Life, and Effortless Success. Have you used it? Let us know what you think.



4 Responses to “Minimum/Target/Outrageous method of goal setting”

  1. Catherine says:

    I love it! I always overwhelm myself by setting my goals too high. Therefore I resist setting goals. I think it is the mind’s way of coping with failure. Now, I can’t fail. Brilliant!

  2. Stephanie says:

    I will be trying this strategy on my Goals. I can start projects but often get overwhelmed and distracted by another Shiny Object so I’ve been very disappointed in my lack of success in my business. This idea does seem simple. Thanks .

  3. Arthur Kendall says:

    The more I watch/listen to these techniques, the more I realise I have been instinctively doing much of what they teach. Now I’m formalising my instincts into more tangible techniques and strategies.

    For example, I’ve been using my own version of MTO for years (you should hear my life O goal!), but am often not disciplined enough to make them concrete, to formalise and record the successes. So while I don’t usually feel bad for missing (because I never actually “miss” a goal), I don’t celebrate success enough, or remember and build on that success enough.

    The best ideas are always the simplest ones, they work because they are simple – to understand and to implement. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Margie Field says:

    I now feel confident to declutter my home. Thanks.

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