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Spring Forest Qigong Chunyi Lin
You'll get coaching and insights including:
What is the meaning of life.
How joy comes from the soul.
The best exercise for healing.
How patting the tailbone can help prevent Alzheimer's.
How to eliminate toxins.
How doing Qigong practice in front of different kinds of trees can help heal various organs (for example, if you have joint pain, find a pine tree).
How breathing helps yin and yang to communicate making healing possible.
How to make eating become healing.
How to improve visualization.
How to sit in the Lotus position for meditation.
What time of day is best to work on spiritual issues.
How to develop your spiritual mind while controlling your logical mind.
How to use colors to heal.
How color can affect depression.
Why some blockages come back, and what to do about it.

Healing Wisdom & Insights
Get more from your Qigong practice

Do you want to get better using Spring Forest Qigong? Do you want greater and more thorough healing? Would you like tips directly from Chunyi to make your healing easier?

Then you'll want the three video sets in a collection called Spring Forest Qigong: Wisdom & Insights.

Featuring almost four hours of informative and inspirational discussions with Chunyi Lin, you'll find yourself watching them over and over to better understand the power and intricacies of energy healing.

This program is packed with fresh insights and perspectives about Spring Forest Qigong so you can get more from your practice and more out of life.

Learn from the master himself. Increase your knowledge, boost your confidence, and improve your skill with Spring Forest Qigong. Order Wisdom and Insights today.

These DVDs support what you learn in the Spring Forest Qigong Basic Course.

Spring Forest Qigong: Wisdom & Insights
(3 DVD Set)

It's Risk Free!

SFQ Wisdom & Insights Digital Videos

It's Risk Free!
Video Set 1
In Chapter 1 of the first video set, Chunyi Lin explores the fundamentals of energy healing to help you create a strong foundation for your Spring Forest Qigong practice. In the five remaining chapters, you will learn how to choose the best exercise for your needs, the benefits of tapping the tailbone, the proper tongue position to use, and techniques to make your Qigong bouncing most effective. Chunyi Lin also talks about the Six-Word Chant and guides you through a practice session.
Chapter 1: Fundamentals for Healing
Chapter 2: The Best Exercise for Healing
Chapter 3: Patting the Tailbone
Chapter 4: Tongue Position
Chapter 5: Qigong Bouncing
Chapter 6: Guided Six-Word Chant Meditation
Video Set 2
In the eight chapters of the second video set, Chunyi Lin covers a wide range of issues, from using the proper breathing techniques to finding a great place to practice. He also discusses the liver and kidney systems and offers a wealth of information on nutrition, exercise, and weight loss.
Chapter 1: The Breath
Chapter 2: Your Environment
Chapter 3: Outdoor Qigong
Chapter 4: Finding Your Best Direction Anywhere
Chapter 5: Healing the Kidney System
Chapter 6: Healing the Liver System
Chapter 7: Exercise, Nutrition, and the Energy of Food
Chapter 8: Weight Loss Exercises
Video Set 3
In the third video set, Chunyi Lin discusses a wide variety of Qigong postures to help you explore what's available to you. He also includes a chapter on healthy—and not-so-healthy—fruits, and delves deep into the visualization process, offering a number of things you can do to improve your abilities. There's much more on these nine chapters, so enjoy and learn!
Chapter 1: Sitting Postures
Chapter 2: Healthy Fruits
Chapter 3: Best Time for Healing and Meditation
Chapter 4: Qigong and Yoga
Chapter 5: Improving Your Visualization
Chapter 6: Building Your Confidence
Chapter 7: Messages from Your Meditation
Chapter 8: Why Some Qigong Masters Get Sick
Chapter 9: Why Some Blockages Come Back




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