Your Healing Power

Explore an ancient healing secret that can erase pain, disease, and sickness.

Until recently, this practice called Qigong was kept private and made extremely complicated by its masters.

Teacher and healer Chunyi Lin discovered that its healing benefits could be achieved with a few precise movements and meditations. He stripped away the mystique and distilled the practice into an easy-to-use system called Spring Forest Qigong

Your Healing Power follows a 6-day retreat organized by Learning Strategies. You see practitioners use Spring Forest Qigong, hear their commentary and personal insights, and witness miraculous healings

You will learn:

  • A soothing chant that helps heal the body.
  • An easy way to reap healthful benefits of fasting.
  • Chunyi Lin's process for helping another person heal.
  • A powerful group healing method that you can use at home.
  • A sample exercise to experience the healing benefits of Spring Forest Qigong.
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