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Four Powers for greatness Paul Scheele

Bill Cosby on Reading...
"But as I got older, my eyeballs must have slowed down or something!..."It wasn't until much later, when I was getting my doctorate, I realized it wasn't my eyeballs that were to blame. Thank goodness. They're still moving as well as ever.

"The problems is, there's too much to read these days, and too little time to read...

"Now, mind you, I still read comic books. In addition to contracts, novels, and newspapers. Screenplays, tax returns and correspondence. Even textbooks about how people read. And which techniques help people read more in less time.

"I'll let you in on a little secret. There are hundred of techniques you could learn to help you read faster. But I know of 3 that are especially good.

"And, if I can learn them, so can you—and you can put them to use immediately."

You'll find them in Four Powers For Greatness

Malcolm Forbes on Writing...

"The best place to learn to write is in school. If you're still there, pick your teachers' brains.

"If not, big deal. I learned to ride a motorcycle at 50 and fly balloons at 52. It's never to late to learn."

In a job you don't like?

Be truthful!

That's one of the biggest complaints I hear from customers, and one of the reasons we commissioned Professor Bennett to create "Four Powers For Greatness."

Improve your basic communication skills to get a better job.

When I've hired people at Learning Strategies Corporation, applicants with the better listening, reading, speaking, and writing skills got the job.

...and earn praise.
When Paul Scheele speaks, people give praise. He has become a world-class speaker earning international acclaim. He wasn't born that way -- he joined Toastmasters, took voice lessons, and worked with coaches.

Positive action = positive results.
"Four Powers For Greatness" is your next step. Take it. Learn from it. Reap the rewards. Call 866-292-1861 to order today or order from our secure website .

Pete Bissonette

Four Powers of Greatness Tour continued-

  • Five simple strategies for immediately building a greater and more powerful vocabulary.
  • How mastery of the English language enhances your self-confidence, self-esteem, and self-image.
  • How words dramatically affect your chances for career advancement and success.

The vocabulary component of the course complements Professor Bennett's Million Dollar Vocabulary Personal Learning Course that he also created for us.

Use your "whole mind" to internalize the Four Powers

Your Four Powers for Greatness Personal Learning Course includes a Paraliminal recordings crafted by Paul Scheele using his expertise in NLP, whole brain learning, and preconscious processing. It is designed so that you effortlessly apply your new communication skills, in all areas of your life, immediately.

This valuable tool can also help eliminate any type of procrastination, in any area of your life ... guaranteed. It is a must-have tool for breaking the procrastination habit. Now you can overcome the "I-will-do-it-later" attitude that assaults your ability to expand your horizons and create a brighter future.

What you get when you order today...

The Four Powers for Greatness Personal Learning Course includes everything you need to supercharge your communication skills for personal, professional, and business success. Paul and I stand behind it.

Your program also includes a course manual that is loaded with helpful strategies, tips, and techniques. In it you find supporting articles, skill building exercises, and practice tests. A feature most people appreciate is a complete review of each recording. Now you don't need to take notes while listening to the sessions. You can review each lesson quickly by referring to your course manual.

A guaranteed $1,250.00 value for significantly less!

You could easily spend over $800.00 and many months of your time buying different courses ... attending various lectures ... searching for the condensed wisdom you'll get in the Four Powers Four Greatness.

And perhaps you would end up with 1,001 techniques to become a better listener, reader, speaker, and writer. But do you need all those? Think about it. If you had 1,001 techniques, you would be forced to narrow them down. Perhaps to just a handful of the most powerful and useful.

That's what Dr. Bennett has already done for you. There is no other program available any where with the information that has been distilled into this course. It is an absolute must for any high school or college student, and unquestionably an invaluable resource for any adult who must listen, read, speak, or write.

Unlike a seminar or lecture, this is a Personal Learning Course. You can easily review the program as often as you wish. You set your own pace. Each time you come back to the lessons, you'll be learning from new ground, rising once again to new heights of accomplishment and self-confidence.

Get started today. Small gains in your personal effectiveness now can have a compounding effect on your future results. By beginning immediately, you will get the best return on your investment. Imagine this:

Say you make $24,000 per year. Ignoring other reasons why your income may increase, it's safe to say that improving your skill in any of the Four Power areas could increase your income by 2% each year.

For example, after LESSON I you become a more effective listener. Therefore, you'd earn at least 2% more each year because of your increased effectiveness and productivity.

Now add 2% more each for efficient reading, powerful speaking, professional writing, and an enhanced vocabulary.

All these skills complement one another. They have a synergistic effect on your personal development. Therefore, we don't add these 2% gains together, we multiply them. The result after 12 months is $24,000 a year x 102% x 102% x 102% x 102% x 102%, or $26,498. After two years, $29,256. Year three, $32,300. This continues year after year.

In this example, your income increased about $2,500 in the first 12 months. Now suppose this was just half right? This course would still be worth at least $1,250 in direct income to you, year one.

So please, review Four Powers for Greatness risk-free -- see what it can mean for you..

Paul and I are confident you will find Four Powers for Greatness an indispensable and vital addition to your personal development library. In fact, we want to do something extra special to get this course in your hands...

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