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Four Powers for greatness Paul Scheele
Effective Listening
Raise the value of all your personal and professional relations.
Improve listening comprehension and retention.
Gain more value from each listening opportunity.
Avoid the most common pitfalls to effective listening.

Efficient Reading
Read 200% to 400% faster with better comprehension.
Eliminate bad reading habits.
Sharpen your concentration.
Maximize the time you spend reading.
Dramatically improve your speed and efficiency.
Activate PhotoRead material.
Powerful Speaking
Build confidence and make more money.
Add credibility to your ideas and thoughts.
Increase your ability to influence and persuade.
Eliminate fear and anxiety.
Grab your audience's attention.
Keep on track and focused.
Save time and avoid hassles developing a message.
Find all the free information and supporting material you will ever need to prepare a talk.
Professional Writing
Develop your writing skill and confidence.
Improve your writing technique.
Leverage your time and efforts.
Consistently touch all the bases when writing letters.
Write a business letter that will get results.
Write a resume that lands the job you want.
Eliminate "writer's block."
Help your reader get your intended message.
Overcome the fear of making embarrassing errors.
Become a master speller.
Building An Extensive Vocabulary
Build a greater and more powerful vocabulary.
Achieve more power, prestige, and wealth.
Double and triple your earning ability.
Achieve greater impact with all your communication.
Enhance your self-confidence and self image.
Increase your chances for career advancement.
Paraliminal Learning Sessions
with Paul Scheele
Effortlessly begin using your newfound skills.
Eliminate any type of procrastination in your life.
Expand your horizons and create a brighter future.

Four Powers of Greatness Tour continued-

...doctorate degree in reading. He is one of the nation's leading experts. As you may know, Paul and I PhotoRead at speeds in excess of 25,000 words a minute. Even so, we were both impressed to learn that Professor Bennett's technique of "skittering" is great for activating PhotoRead material. Also, I find his "rhythmic perusal" technique valuable.

The Third Power for Greatness   

Whether you are speaking to a packed auditorium, a board meeting, a prospective client, or someone you deeply care about, LESSON III on Powerful Speaking can build your confidence and make you more effective. It reveals

  • How to add credibility to your ideas and thoughts ... and enjoy an increased ability to influence and persuade others.
  • Four simple steps to eliminate fear and anxiety.
  • What you must ALWAYS do before speaking.
  • The 7 essential steps for planning, preparing, and presenting.
  • How to grab your audience's attention immediately.
  • How to keep on track and handle distractions.
  • How to save time and avoid hassle in developing an audience-specific message that commands attention.
  • How becoming a confident speaker can make you more money.
  • Where you can find all the information and supporting material you'll ever need to prepare for your topic ... free of charge.

You may know that Paul Scheele is a world-class speaker. Companies pay him tens of thousands of dollars for him to talk with their employees. "Professor Bennett's advice matches my strategies," says Paul. "I could not teach it better."

The Fourth Power for Greatness   

Have you ever longed for the respect and prestige great writers enjoy? LESSON IV on Professional Writing will develop your writing skill and confidence. Improving your writing technique can leverage your time and efforts ... both personally and professionally. And the rewards can be substantial—Learning Strategies Corporation is successful partly because Paul and I write well. You can too. That is why we've commissioned Professor Bennett to create this course. Let him show you...

  • Seven proven formulas to consistently touch all the bases when writing letters.
  • How to write a business letter that will get you anything you want, whether it's an interview, a sale, or a concern put to rest.
  • How to create a resume and get that job you want.
  • How to eliminate "writer's block."
  • How to help your reader get your intended message.
  • How to become more confident by overcoming the fear of making embarrassing writing errors.
  • Proven techniques to transform yourself from a poor speller to a master speller.

You also get a bonus "fifth power"

It's a little known secret, but ... when you know the meaning of more words, you achieve more power, prestige, and wealth. Simply put, big incomes go hand-in-hand with an exceptional vocabulary.

Throughout each of the Four Powers for Greatness lessons, Dr. Bennett has seamlessly incorporated a bonus fifth lesson, intended to help you automatically Build An Extensive Vocabulary.

Research shows that someone with an exceptional vocabulary (regardless of formal education) normally earns three times more than someone with an average vocabulary. Building a larger vocabulary can have a profound and everlasting impact on all your communications -- whether it's listening, reading, speaking, or writing. So go beyond the Four Powers. Discover...

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