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Four Powers for greatness Paul Scheele

"Thanks so much for allowing me to be one of the first to receive Dr. Michael Bennett's new course, Four Powers For Greatness...WOW!

"As you know, I am a strong advocate for ongoing personal development. You'll rarely find me in my car without an expert teaching me some new tip and technique for achieving my personal and business goals.

"But the Four Powers For Greatness Personal Learning Course is just what I needed ... a condensed course on the most valuable strategies anyone can use to improve all their human communications.

"I simply don't have time to hunt down all the best books and courses on each of the "four powers for greatness". And now I don't have to...thanks!

"You have a real winner here. This course has opened my eyes to a whole new world of opportunities."
-- Richard M. Roop, President, Bottom Line Results

Four Powers of Greatness Tour continued-

...called him for over 30 years. His expertise on human communication is well established. He has been honored with several awards for his accomplishments researching and teaching effective human communications.

In fact, Professor Bennett became associated with Learning Strategies Corporation after a television station here asked him as a reading scholar to critique our PhotoReading whole mind system for an investigative report. Intrigued and impressed, Dr. Bennett has since worked closely with our Paul Scheele on several projects.

Paul and I are excited to have Dr. Bennett condense his best tips, strategies, and techniques for being a peak communicator into a few short lessons ... that anyone can use.

Incredible but true, Professor Bennett's four lessons compare to 160 to 320 hours of college level instruction, yet they are condensed onto four audio sets. We include two additional for a total of 6 sets. You can listen to all the recordings, review the written material, and complete the course in 8 hours or less.

And it gets better. We have combined Dr. Bennett's work with the accelerative whole mind learning technology developed by Paul Scheele. More on that in a minute.

When you complete the Four Powers for Greatness, you will be able to quickly and efficiently absorb thoughts, ideas, and feelings by becoming a more effective listener and reader. Plus, you will enjoy the ability to express yourself with powerful new speaking and writing skills.

How can the Four Powers for Greatness help you actualize your dreams ... unlocking the door to a prosperous and more satisfying future?

The best way to answer that question is to delve into each of the four powers ... plus a fifth "Bonus Power," included in your personal learning course. Professor Bennett teaches each of the four powers in a separate lesson. Each lesson is less than one hour. You can listen to them while driving, relaxing, or exercising.

The First Power for Greatness

Do you suffer from what Professor Bennett calls "hysterical hearing?" You may hear others talk, but do you always listen? LESSON I reveals how Effective Listening can raise the value of all your personal and professional relations. I've found that effective listening is the best way to gain respect from others with the least amount of effort. Discover...

  • Specific techniques to increase your comprehension and retention, whether to an individual or a group.
  • Simple strategies to help you concentrate, actively listen, and gain more value from each listening opportunity.
  • The most common pitfalls to effective listening, their dangerous result on your effectiveness, and how to avoid them.

The Second Power for Greatness

Inferior reading skills slow your momentum and can prevent you from shaping the destiny you desire. LESSON II covers Efficient Reading. Studies have shown that skillful readers earn twice the money of average readers. Let Dr. Bennett teach you

  • How to read 200%-400% faster ... with better comprehension ... guaranteed.
  • How to eliminate bad reading habits, rivet your attention ... and get handsomely rewarded for your time spent reading.
  • The best known reading techniques to dramatically improve your speed and efficiency.

Professor Bennett is one of the few scholars in the world with a

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